US, Europe Reach Agreement On Chip Supplies, China, Tech Rules

Inaugural agreement between US and Europe to deepen co-operation centred around chip supplies, rules governing big tech, and trade with…

2 weeks ago

Microsoft Warns Cloud Customers Of Potential Breach

Leaky cloud storage bucket. Thousands of Microsoft Azure customers are warned of data exposure risk in Redmond's Cosmos database

2 months ago

UK To Overhaul Data Protection Rules, Targets Cookie Pop-ups

Government to refresh the UK's data protection rules, and poaches New Zealand's Privacy Commissioner to replace outgoing Information Commissioner

2 months ago

Government Welcomes EU Data Protection Agreement

Personal data will continue to 'seamlessly flow' between the United Kingdom and Europe, after European Union agreement

4 months ago

Clearview AI Sued In California By Immigrant Groups

Another legal headache for facial recognition firm Clearview AI to halt use of its tech, despite ban in some Californian…

7 months ago

Police Delete Database Containing 150,000 Records

Police database falls down some stairs. British coppers accidentally delete data on 150,000 people from the Police National Computer

9 months ago

The Tech Of Crime Part 2: Policing And Data

Much of the work being done today to fight crime is analyzing the vast quantities of data every police force…

1 year ago

British Passport Data Exposed On Unsecured AWS Bucket

Who is to blame? Unsecured Amazon Web Services S3 bucket held passport scans and other sensitive personal data, but the…

2 years ago

The Promise of the Blockchain

The blockchain could become one of the most disruptive technologies ever created. However, with sluggish uptake, what is preventing the…

2 years ago

Safra Catz Confirmed As Oracle CEO After Mark Hurd Death

Larry Ellison confirms Safra Catz as the sole CEO of Oracle going forward, after the tragic death of fellow CEO…

2 years ago

SAP’s Bill McDermott Steps Aside For Two Co-CEOs

McDermott steps down from enterprise software giant, as SAP immediately appoints two CEOs

2 years ago

Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd Takes Medical Leave Of Absence

Former CEO of HP is to take leave of absence for unexplained medical treatment, as Oracle financials miss expectations

2 years ago

ASCO Sends Workers Home After Ransomware Attack

Aeroplane parts manufacturer sends home 1,000 of 1,400 workers after being crippled by ransomware

2 years ago

TSB Hires New Transformation Boss After Epic IT Failure

Poisoned chalice? Mark Curran “looking forward” to be responsible for IT restructuring at bank

2 years ago

Microsoft Deletes Facial Recognition Database Over Privacy Fears – Report

Responding to privacy and ethical concerns, Microsoft deletes facial recognition training database

2 years ago

Microsoft, Oracle Partner For Cloud Push At AWS

One time bitter rivals Microsoft and Oracle agree to make their cloud services work together

2 years ago

Facebook Privacy Case Will Be Heard At ECJ

Europe's top court will finally hear privacy case against Facebook, after Irish Supreme Court ruling

2 years ago

Database Contains Millions Of Dating App Records

Database contains 42.5 million dating app profiles discovered that contains thousands of American records

2 years ago

Microsoft Value Hits $1 Trillion After Cloud Growth

Strong results for the software giant see its market valuation briefly reach $1 trillion for the first time

2 years ago

Google Partners For Open Source Tech On Cloud Platform

Google announces 'strategic partnerships' with seven open source companies, as CEO questions rivals' attitudes

3 years ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Takes Aim At Rivals Over Data Privacy

Are you listening Mark? Tim Cook calls for federal privacy law and vows to protect users’ data and privacy

3 years ago

Oracle Results Miss Expectations As Cloud Growth Slows

Software giant blames currency fluctuations for weaker than expected financial results

3 years ago

Former Cambridge Analytica CEO Nix Grilled By MPs

Alexander Nix admits obtaining Facebook data from Cambridge researcher in testy exchanges with MPs

3 years ago

GDPR Arrival Sees Certain US Websites Blocked

Certain well known American news websites temporarily unavailable in Europe as GDPR rules kick in

3 years ago

Oracle Promises Arrival Of More Blockchain Products

May will see arrival of more Oracle products utilising Blockchain digital-ledger tech

3 years ago

Majority Of British Businesses Unprepared for GDPR

Less than a month before GDPR, majority of UK businesses remain unaware of data processing law

3 years ago

TSB Boss Apologises For Online Banking Meltdown

IT upgrade chaos as data transfer of millions of customer records, results in customers locked out of their accounts

3 years ago

SAP Admits ‘Misconduct’ In South African Deals

An internal investigation of the German software giant's South African public sector deals has uncovered 'indications of misconduct'

4 years ago

MongoDB 4.0 To Offer Multi-Document ACID Transactions

No need to choose relational databases anymore, says MongoDB, with upcoming addition of ACID transactions

4 years ago