Boeing Starliner Test Flight Readied For Tonight

Third time the charm? Main rival to SpaceX's Dragon capsule, the embattled Boeing Starliner spacecraft, set for launch tonight

3 hours ago

UK Can Legally Launch Cyberattacks Against Hostile Nations, Says AG

Chief legal advisor to government says UK can legally launch cyberattacks against hostile nations, and calls for international “rules of…

11 hours ago

Google’s Russian Unit To File For Bankruptcy – Update

Google subsidiary in Russia has its local bank account seized by authorities, and responds by announcing intention to file for…

1 day ago

Government Surveillance Commissioner Warns Of Chinese-made CCTV – Report

UK's surveillance camera commissioner warns government, public bodies, and local authorities, against buying Chinese-made CCTV cameras

1 week ago

Biden Announces Discounted Internet For Low-Income Americans

President Biden announces commitment from 20 US Internet Service Providers for discounted monthly connection for those on low-incomes

1 week ago

NCSC Confirms Russia Responsible For Viasat Hack

British and US intelligence officials say Russia was behind cyberattack on Viasat communication system – hours before Ukraine invasion

1 week ago

Elon Musk To Reverse ‘Stupid’ Twitter Ban Of Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump could be returning to Twitter, after Elon Musk says he would reverse 'morally wrong' Twitter ban

1 week ago

Nvidia Charged By SEC For ‘Inadequate Disclosures’ About Crypto Mining

US financial regulator charges GPU giant Nvidia for “inadequate disclosures” concerning the impact of crypto mining on the company’s gaming…

2 weeks ago

German Government Touts $14.7bn State Aid For Chip Factories

Minister in German government says the country wants to attract chip makers with 14 billion euros ($14.71 billion) in support

2 weeks ago

Killnet Threatens To Shut Down Hospital Ventilators, After London Arrest

Russian cybercrime hacking group Killnet reportedly threaten to shut down ventilators at British hospitals, after gang member arrest in London

2 weeks ago

EU Antitrust Head Calls For Global Approach To Tackle Big Tech

Europe's antitrust boss Margrethe Vestager says there needs to be a global approach to tackle the power of big name…

2 weeks ago

US VP Kamala Harris To Meet Amazon Labor Union At White House

Biden support for unionisation. Grassroots Amazon trade union, as well as other trade unions are to meet with the American…

2 weeks ago

NCSC Warns Of Threats Posed By Malicious Apps

Millions of people install apps to manage smart devices, but UK's NCSC warns of risk posed by fraudulent apps containing…

2 weeks ago

Industry Groups Drop Challenge To California Net Neutrality Law

Legal challenge from American ISP's to California's strict net neutrality law to protect open Internet, has been dropped after courtroom…

2 weeks ago

Global Nations Sign Declaration For Free, Open Internet

Multiple nations including US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, launch 'Declaration for the Future of the Internet' to safeguard open and…

3 weeks ago

Online Safety Bill May Pose Risk To Startups, Suggests Regulator Boss

UK's forthcoming online safety bill risks stifling start-ups, the UK tech regulator chief who will help oversee its eventual implementation

3 weeks ago

Microsoft Discloses True Scale Of Russian Cyberattacks On Ukraine

Russian cyberattacks on Ukraine have been extensive and linked with its military operations, Microsoft reveals for first time

3 weeks ago

UK Army Recruitment Portal Closed After Data Breach

British army recruitment computer system has been offline since March, after hackers offered candidate data for sale on the dark…

3 weeks ago

Toshiba Says It Will Seek Buyout Offers

Strategic options. Japanese conglomerate shares rise after Toshiba says it will solicit deal offers, including buyout offers

4 weeks ago

OneWeb Signs Satellite Launch Deal With India

No more Russia. UK satellite firm OneWeb continues to sign up rocket launch partners, after exiting rocket launches in Russia

4 weeks ago

NCSC Warns Of Russian Cyber Retaliation Against Critical Infrastructure

UK's NCSC, alongside 'five eye' partners, warns Russia could target critical infrastructure because of sanctions and military support for Ukraine

4 weeks ago

US Appeals Court Will Not Overturn California Net Neutrality Ruling

US Court of Appeals will not reconsider its decision to uphold California's net neutrality law, but telecom groups may appeal…

4 weeks ago

US Says North Korean Lazarus Group Carried Out Huge Crypto Theft

US Treasury Department says notorious North Korean hackers, the Lazarus Group, was behind largest ever cryptocurrency heist last month

1 month ago

SAP Mulling Total Russian Withdrawal – Report

Co-founder of German software giant cites actions of not just Vladimir Putin, but also supporters among Russian population, amid withdrawal…

1 month ago

Ukraine, ESET Foil Cyberattack On Energy Grid

Russian cyber offensive? Ukraine government and ESET confirm Russian GRU attempted to hack Ukraine's energy grid last week

1 month ago

Nokia To Withdraw Completely From Russian Market

Ukraine consequence. Finnish telecoms giant Nokia announces total withdrawal from Russian market, affecting 2,000 local jobs

1 month ago

Anonymous Hacks Kremlin’s Internal CCTV

Hacker group's self-declared war against Russia continues after Anonymous posts CCTV video footage from what it says is inside the…

1 month ago

Russia Retaliates Against YouTube Over Ukraine Invasion ‘Fakes’

Pot calling kettle black? Roskomnadzor to take punitive measures against YouTube over 'fake' images about Russia's invasion of Ukraine

1 month ago

Botnet Controlled By Russia’s GRU Disrupted By US, UK

Botnet controlled by Russian military intelligence disrupted by the United States, which removed GRU control of thousands of infected devices

1 month ago

Spain Plans $12.4bn Chip Sector Investment

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez says Spain will spend 11 billion euros to boost the country's semiconductor and microchip industry

1 month ago