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Microsoft Faces EU Antitrust Charges Over Teams

Microsoft faces formal EU antitrust charges over videoconferencing app Teams after concessions to European Commission deemed insufficient

6 days ago

Oracle Plans To Relocate HQ To Nashville

After relocating from California to Texas in 2020, Oracle's Larry Ellison now reveals plan to move HQ to Nashville, Tennessee

4 weeks ago

AI To Ease Unnecessary Software Burden On UK Businesses, Freshworks Finds

Amid pressure on IT budgets, Freshworks research shows IT managers are dealing with 160 percent more software than last year

8 months ago

Microsoft To Unbundle Teams To Satisfy EU Antitrust Concerns

In an effort to appease EU antitrust concerns, Microsoft confirms it will unbundle its Teams software in Europe

9 months ago

Lack Of Reliable Tech Blamed For Poor Productivity, Apogee Finds

New research from Apogee finds nearly half of staff blamed lack of access to right workplace technology for fuelling negativity

11 months ago

Avaya Files For Chapter 11 Protection, Again

Filing for bankruptcy protection will allow cloud comms provider Avaya to reduce its total debt burden to manageable levels

1 year ago

Microsoft Investigates Outage With Teams, Outlook

Thousands of users are reporting problems accessing Microsoft services on Wednesday, as firm says it is investigating

1 year ago

IT Bosses Cancel, Delay Projects As Workload Rises, SnapLogic Finds

Research from SnapLogic reveals growing pressure facing many IT departments, as IT budgets shrink and workload increases

2 years ago

Adobe Defends ‘Transformative’ $20bn Deal For Figma

Adobe defends 'transformative' deal to buy collaborative design start-up Figma for $20bn in record-breaking acquisition as investors balk

2 years ago

Zoom Pushes Team Chat Amidst Tough Competition

Zoom renames and adds features to Zoom Team Chat as it squares off with Slack, Microsoft Teams, others for hybrid…

2 years ago

Microsoft Slashes Russia Operations, Axes 400 Staff

Software giant Microsoft is “significantly” scaling down its operations in Russia, but will continue to fulfil contractual obligations

2 years ago

Oracle’s Cerner Purchase Given EU Antitrust Blessing

Healthcare move by software giant Oracle with its $28 billion acquisition of Cerner, now given official blessing from European Commission

2 years ago

SAP Mulling Total Russian Withdrawal – Report

Co-founder of German software giant cites actions of not just Vladimir Putin, but also supporters among Russian population, amid withdrawal…

2 years ago

Cisco Looks To Hybrid Workplaces With Webex Updates

Cisco unveils hybrid work solutions in its Webex platform, as collaboration becomes vital component in workplaces following the pandemic

2 years ago

IBM, Joins Microsoft, Oracle, SAP With Russia Suspension

Software giants have matched hardware and mobile tech firms, in announcing withdrawal from Russia over its Ukraine invasion

2 years ago

Hybrid Work. Hybrid Business

Hybrid work will become the norm as businesses look towards their post-pandemic futures. With these radical shifts in workforce organisation…

2 years ago

Google Reveals ‘New Chapter’ For Bug Bounty Program

Google's 'vulnerability reward program' has found over 11,000 bugs and paid out $29m over past ten years, but now has…

3 years ago

Google Approved To Build Mega Campus In San Jose

Positive news for California, after San Jose city council approves Google plan to build multi-billion dollar campus spanning 80 acres

3 years ago

Google Outlines Remote Working For Staff Going Forward

Google backtracks on remote working restrictions, and offers staff more flexible options for working at the office or home

3 years ago

Oracle Joins California Leavers, Relocates To Texas

California exodus? Software giant Oracle becomes latest Silicon Valley firm to move its HQ from California and relocate it to…

3 years ago

Salesforce Acquires Slack For $28 Billion For Workforce Collaboration

As the enterprise world adjusts to remote working, Salesforce pay $27.7 billion to acquire Slack for enhanced workplace collaboration

3 years ago

The Age of the Paperless Office

We know that Coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours. Ideally, we would have a totally electronic…

4 years ago

Google Tightens Security For Meet Video Conferencing Tool

Securing video chats. New security features for Meet videoconferencing platform aims to halt uninvited users gate crashing meetings

4 years ago

The Shape Of IT In A Post COVID-19 World

Global IT spend is projected to contract 8% in 2020, according to Gartner. Gartner expects IT priorities to move away…

4 years ago

Google Challenges Zoom With Meet Video Conferencing App

Google makes its business-oriented video conferencing app Meet free to all consumers, in a direct challenge to Zoom and Microsoft…

4 years ago

COVID-19 And Your Quarantined Workforce

Remote working has now become a fact of life for many enterprises as the COVID-19 crisis continues. Is it possible…

4 years ago