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Jack Dorsey Resigns From Bluesky Board, Calls X ‘Freedom Technology’

Another u-turn? Former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey suddenly quits Bluesky's board of directors, and calls X 'freedom technology'

2 weeks ago

Twitter Spin-off Bluesky Opens Itself To General Public

Twitter's natural heir Bluesky finally opens its doors to the general public, after ending invite-only phase

3 months ago

AMD To Buy AI Startup As Nvidia Battle Heats Up

US chipmaker AMD is to acquire startup for undisclosed amount, as AI competition against rival Nvidia ramps up

7 months ago

CIA Builds Own Artificial Intelligence Tool – Report

US intelligence agency, the CIA, is reportedly building its own AI tool to assist in its intelligence gathering activities

8 months ago

Meta Updates Open Source AI Model With Llama 2

Competition for OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard as Meta makes its free open source AI model available on Microsoft Azure

10 months ago

China Releases Open Source Operating System

First home grown open source operating system released by China, amid escalating trade war with the US and the West

11 months ago

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Clone, Bluesky, Launches On Android

Decentralised rival service to Twitter known as Bluesky, backed by Jack Dorsey, has now launched an Android app

1 year ago

Court Grants Twitter Subpoena To Identify Source Code Leaker

Hunting the leaker. Twitter's request to identify GitHub user who uploaded its source code has been approved by a US…

1 year ago

Google Partners US Government To Develop Open Source Chips

US Commerce Department and Google team up to develop open source chips that can be utilised by startups and researchers

2 years ago

Musk Buys Twitter: Industry Reaction

Support and opposition to Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter has been mixed, so what has been the reaction of industry…

2 years ago

Microsoft Investigates After Lapsus$ Hack Claim

Lapsus$ strikes again? Redmond investigating claims that Brazilian-based hacking group Lapsus$ leaked 37GB of its source code

2 years ago

IBM, Joins Microsoft, Oracle, SAP With Russia Suspension

Software giants have matched hardware and mobile tech firms, in announcing withdrawal from Russia over its Ukraine invasion

2 years ago

Apple Working To Patch Safari Data Leak Vulnerability

Oh dear, not so private. Webkit browser engine flaw has been leaking user ID and browser data since iOS 15…

2 years ago

Researcher Gains Remote Control Of More Than 20 Teslas

Teenager claims he has taken control of multiple Tesla vehicles around the world via a software vulnerability, and can spy…

2 years ago

Oracle In Talks To Acquire Cerner – Report

Enterprise software giant Oracle is reportedly in talks for its largest ever purchase worth $30 billion, in order to acquire…

2 years ago

Tech Industry Scrambles Over Log4j Vulnerability

Vulnerability found in Apache logging library Log4j exposes popular apps, websites and online services to attack and exploitation

2 years ago

GitLab Raises $800m In Successful Initial Public Offering

After a successful public debut that raised hundreds of millions of dollars, coding platform GitLab is now valued at an…

3 years ago

Wikipedia Bans Seven Chinese Users Citing ‘Infiltration’

Wikimedia Foundation bans seven users in China for 'infiltration of Wikimedia systems' that has resulted in 'physical harm' of users

3 years ago

Google Reveals ‘New Chapter’ For Bug Bounty Program

Google's 'vulnerability reward program' has found over 11,000 bugs and paid out $29m over past ten years, but now has…

3 years ago

Firefox 90 Improves Tracking Blocking For Private Browsing

Latest web browser from Mozilla Foundation further improves private browsing thanks to version 2 of the SmartBlock feature

3 years ago

Google Wins Over Oracle In Decade-Long Case

US Supreme Court hands victory to Google in decade-long spat with Oracle over search giant's use of Java SE API…

3 years ago

Parler App Back Online Using ‘Independent’ Tech

Controversial social platform Parler, popular with the far right is now back online, but difficulties remain for its users

3 years ago

Oracle Joins California Leavers, Relocates To Texas

California exodus? Software giant Oracle becomes latest Silicon Valley firm to move its HQ from California and relocate it to…

3 years ago

Mozilla To Axe Quarter Of Its Workforce

Jobs losses. 250 jobs to be axed at Firefox creator Mozilla, with Coronavirus being blamed for “significant restructuring”

4 years ago

Coronavirus: NHS Publishes Source Code Of Contact-Tracing App

Nothing to hide. The NHS has released the source code of its contact-tracing app, as its trial in the Isle…

4 years ago

Coronavirus: IBM Pulls Annual Forecast As Client Priorities Change

Worldwide pandemic hits software sales, as IBM warns that its customer priorities are changing and it withdraws its annual forecast

4 years ago

Mozilla Turns On DoH By Default For US Firefox Users

Mozilla Foundation has turned on its privacy feature called DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) for American users of the Firefox browser

4 years ago

Mozilla Confirms Thunderbird Email Client Move

Thunderbird is go. Thunderbird email client has this week moved to a new wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation

4 years ago

Facebook Tool To Upload Images, Video To Google Photos

Data portability. Facebook users can now transfer their photos and videos on the social networking platform to Google Photos

4 years ago