Artificial Intelligence

MacDonald’s To Replace Humans With AI Drive-Through Assistants

Sign of things to come? Human servers to be replaced by AI voice tech in drive-throughs in the US

4 days ago

Deepmind Co-founder Takes Leave Of Absence

Co-founder of Google's AI division takes extended leave of absence, by mutual agreement

4 weeks ago

Cerebras Delivers World’s Largest Computer Chip For AI

New chip is the size of an iPad and contains 400,000 cores to handle machine learning challenges

4 weeks ago

Concern Mounts Over Facial Recognition At Kings Cross District

UK's biometrics commissioner urges government to update laws surrounding use of facial recognition

1 month ago

Government Invests £250m For NHS AI Lab

Health Secretary announces £250m to be spent on boosting the role of AI within the health service

1 month ago

AI Mind-Reading To Help Paralysed People Speak

Facebook funded university project to use AI to read minds of paralysed patients and allow them to communicate

2 months ago

MPs Call For Facial Recognition Halt

Influential group of MPs call on police to suspend the use of automatic facial recognition technologies

2 months ago

Elon Musk Predicts AI Computer Interface For Human Brain

Chip implanted in the human brain by NeuraLink could allow 'symbiosis with artificial intelligence'

2 months ago

IBM Touts AI For Wimbledon Highlights, App Experience

Big Blue's 30 year partnership at Wimbledon continues with AI used to power App and highlights programme

2 months ago