Office Suites

Microsoft Unbundles Teams From Office Suite

Redmond's collaboration tool Teams is decoupled from Office Suite, under new licensing terms announced on Monday

3 weeks ago

China Bans Intel, AMD Chips, Windows OS From Government Computers

Beijing reportedly begins blocking the use of Intel and AMD chips in government computers, and sidelines Microsoft's Windows OS

3 weeks ago

Google Rebrands Bard AI Chatbot As Gemini

Bard becomes Gemini, as Google rebrands chatbot and launches monthly subscription for access to more powerful AI system

2 months ago

China Not A Focus For Microsoft, Says Satya Nadella – Report

Microsoft boss confirms Microsoft is fine avoiding China, amid the ongoing national security concerns with Beijing

5 months ago

Microsoft Q1 Benefits From Cloud Strength

Microsoft beats Wall Street expectations in all categories for its first quarter financial results, helped by strong cloud performance

6 months ago

Google Adds AI Chatbot Bard To Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs

Major expansion for Chatbot Bard as Google connects it to full suite tools including Google Docs, Gmail and YouTube

7 months ago

Microsoft To Unbundle Teams To Satisfy EU Antitrust Concerns

In an effort to appease EU antitrust concerns, Microsoft confirms it will unbundle its Teams software in Europe

8 months ago

Microsoft Paint To Get AI Makeover – Report

Software giant continues to sprinkle AI tech across its product portfolio, with Windows 11 and Microsoft Paint set to receive…

8 months ago

EU Investigates Microsoft Over Teams Bundling With Office

Bundling of video and chat app Teams into Microsoft Office suite triggers European Commission antitrust investigation

9 months ago

Chinese Hackers Compromised Emails Of US Commerce Secretary

Fallout spreads from cyberattack by China-based hackers, as emails from head of US Commerce Department reportedly compromised

9 months ago

Microsoft Confirms More Job Losses

Software giant Microsoft confirms it is axing more staff, in addition to the 10,000 job losses announced in January

10 months ago

Lack Of Reliable Tech Blamed For Poor Productivity, Apogee Finds

New research from Apogee finds nearly half of staff blamed lack of access to right workplace technology for fuelling negativity

10 months ago

Microsoft Reaches $2.6 Trillion Valuation Thanks To AI

Software giant Microsoft breaches $2.6 trillion valuation, but Apple remains the most valuable publicly listed tech company

10 months ago

Google To Crack Down On Office Attendance

Tech giant Google asks full remote workers to reconsider, amid crackdown on those not adhering to hybrid work schedule

11 months ago

UK SMEs To Increase IT Investments In 2023

New research from Sharp UK finds nearly half of UK SMEs will invest in new technology in 2023, despite concerns…

11 months ago

Hybrid Working Key Factor For Most Tech Workers

Techspace report finds that three quarters of tech workers consider hybrid working a key factor when choosing future employer

12 months ago

Microsoft Freezes Salaries, Amid Economic Uncertainty

CEO Satya Nadella informs Microsoft workforce there will be no salary increases in 2023, and executive bonuses will be 'down…

12 months ago

Google I/O: AI For Google Search

At its annual developer conference, Google revealed new hardware and software, with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI)

12 months ago

Microsoft Opens Up AI-Featured Bing Search Engine To All Users

Anyone with a Microsoft account can now use the new version of its Bing search engine, featuring the OpenAI chatbot

12 months ago

Google Deploys Passkeys, Cites ‘Beginning Of End’ For Passwords

No need for a password to login into Google accounts, as they now support passkeys to replace passwords and 2FA

12 months ago

OpenAI Fixes Bug With ChatGPT That Exposed User Chats

Chief executive of OpenAI admits “significant issue” in ChatGPT has now been fixed, after user chat titles were exposed

1 year ago

Microsoft Adds OpenAI Tech ‘Copilot’ To Word, Excel

Redmond continues its aggressive integration of AI into its products, with AI features dubbed Copilot, for Office, Excel

1 year ago

UK Government Introduces New Data Protection Bill

Britain makes fresh attempt to reform its data protection law, to ease compliance burden for UK businesses, yet remain in…

1 year ago