El Salvador Protests Erupt Amid Bitcoin Crash

Thousands of protesters take to the streets in El Salvador, in protest at the country's adoption of Bitcoin as legal…

21 hours ago

Judge Orders Apple To Change App Store Payment Rules

California judge orders Apple to allow app developers to include links to outside forms of payment in major shake-up, but…

4 days ago

PayPal Raises Business Fees Between UK And Europe

Fees for business payments between companies in UK and European Economic Area to rise to 1.2 percent as interchange costs…

4 days ago

Problems Blight First Day, As El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin

Tech glitches, protests and a plummet in value of Bitcoin greets El Salvador's first day of using digital currency as…

1 week ago

El Salvador Today Adopts Bitcoin As Legal Tender

Despite warnings from world institutions and central banks, and the disapproval of its own citizens, El Salvador adopts Bitcoin as…

1 week ago

Apple Eases App Store Rules For Spotify, Netflix etc

Fresh concession from Apple for “reader” apps, but Netflix says it doesn't go far enough and Spotify CEO says Apple…

2 weeks ago

Majority Of El Salvadorans Reject Bitcoin Law – Poll

Not a good sign. 70 percent of the population of El Salvador oppose Bitcoin law, as 7 September implementation draws…

2 weeks ago

South Korea Passes Bill To Curb In-App Purchase Charges

The App Store commission that Apple and Google imposes for in-app purchases is to be banned in South Korea after…

2 weeks ago

Honduras Sets Up First Bitcoin ATM

Honduras sets up country's first cryptocurrency ATM giving locals automated way to purchase Bitcoin or Ether, after El Salvador makes…

3 weeks ago

Apple Agrees App Store Deal With Small Developers

Ahead of a ruling in App Store dispute with Epic Games, Apple agrees to ease restrictions for small developers over…

3 weeks ago

Poly Network Hacker Returns All Stolen Tokens, Offered Job

Hacker who stole $610m worth of digital tokens has returned it all, and has been offered a job as 'Chief…

3 weeks ago

OnlyFans Bans ‘Sexually Explicit Content’, Blames Payment Giants

Home made porn made the OnlyFans platform successfully, but now it is banning adult content because of pressure from banks

3 weeks ago

MasterCard To Drop Magnetic Stripes On Cards

No more swiping. Card giant Mastercard confirms that it will eventually drop the magnetic stripe on debt and credit cards

4 weeks ago

US Lawmakers Express Concern Over Amazon One Palm Scanner

US senators query Amazon over security of biometric data from Amazon One palm-scanning system, and how company plans to use…

1 month ago

Criminals Use ‘Antinalysis’ To Evade Bitcoin Tracking

Cyber-criminals increasingly using blockchain analytics tools to evaluate how well Bitcoin-laundering techniques are working, study finds

1 month ago

Poly Network Hacker Offered $500,000 To Return Stolen Tokens

Poly Network confirms it offered 'white hat hacker' who stole $611m in digital tokens, a $500,000 bug bounty to return…

1 month ago

Poly Network Hackers Return $258m, After Huge Cryptocurrency Heist

That still leaves $353m unaccounted for. Hackers return $258m to Poly Network, after stealing $611m worth of digital tokens

1 month ago

SEC Head Calls For Power To Regulate Cryptocurrencies

Chairman of the US financial regulator calls on Congress for authorisation to police cryptocurrency trading, lending and platforms

1 month ago

Visa Continues Fintech Push With Currencycloud Acquisition

London-based forex specialist Currencycloud is to be acquired by payment giant Visa, in a deal worth £700 million ($963m)

2 months ago

Mexico Bans Cryptocurrency Trades Or Services

Mexico's central bank and the country's finance ministry says financial institutions are not allowed to utilise cryptocurrencies

3 months ago

Bitcoin Plummets To Below $30,000 Amid China Crackdown

Bitcoin digital currency falls below $30,000 in value on Tuesday for the first time since January, as China clampdown bites…

3 months ago

China Extends Crackdown Against Cryptocurrencies

Hardening attitudes. China's central bank has urged banks and payment firms to crack down harder on cryptocurrency trading

3 months ago

BBVA Offers Bitcoin Trading Services In Switzerland

Spain's BBVA launches Bitcoin trading and custody services in Switzerland, with the aim of extending them to other countries

3 months ago

World Bank Rejects El Salvador Bitcoin Request

Crypto setback? World Bank refuses a formal request from El Salvador to assist with implementation of Bitcoin as legal tender

3 months ago

Sir Tim Berners-Lee To Auction Web Source Code As NFT

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is to auction off the original source code for World Wide Web as a NFT later this…

3 months ago

El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin As Legal Tender

World first move by President Nayib Bukele, after Bitcoin is passed as a legal tender in the South American country…

3 months ago

Tech Giants Paid $96 Billion Less Tax Than Stated, Campaigners Allege

Amazon has disputed calculations by the Fair Tax Foundation as “extremely misleading”, after report targets 'Silicon Six'

4 months ago

Bitcoin Heads For Worst Slide In Nearly 10 Years

Bitcoin loses nearly 40 percent of value this month over regulatory and environmental concerns, in worst performance since September 2011

4 months ago

Police Raid Bitcoin Mining Operation

West Midland police raid industrial estate location stealing electricity on a drugs warrant, but location was mining cryptocurrency, not growing…

4 months ago

Bank of England Head Warns Cryptocurrencies Are Dangerous

The Governor of the Bank of England continues to express serious concerns about cryptocurrencies, telling MPs they are dangerous

4 months ago