Judge Signals Elon Musk May Lose Lawsuit Against Non-profit

Elon Musk's high profile lawsuit against a hate speech non-profit may be in trouble, after judge sounds sceptical note over…

21 hours ago

Google Hit With $2.3bn Lawsuit Over Digital Ad Losses

European publishers sue Google for billions, over alleged financial losses due to Google's digital advertising practices

2 days ago

Elon Musk Continues Disney Feud, Funds Mandalorian Lawsuit

Lawsuit by Gina Carano against Disney over her firing from 'The Mandalorian', is supported with funding from Elon Musk's X

3 weeks ago

Spotify Sees Record Subscriber Growth For 2023

Spotify announces record subscriber growth for 2023 and sees 'improving growth and profitability' after axing thousands of staff

4 weeks ago

Meta Pleases As ‘Year Of Efficiency’ Pays Off With FY23 Results

Mark Zuckerberg and his “year of efficiency” pledge made in Feb 2023, has been viewed as successful by investors

4 weeks ago

Alphabet’s Ad Revenue Miss Punished By Investors

Another tech industry bellweather, Alphabet, delivers strong Q4 and FY23 financials, yet investors not happy at ad revenue miss

1 month ago

YouTuber MrBeast Makes $250,000 From Video On X

Top YouTube creator makes more than $250,000 in closely watched test of X's new ad revenue-sharing programme

1 month ago

Google Axes Hundreds Of Staff In Ad Sales Team

More job loss misery at Google, after it confirmed hundreds of job losses in ad sales team, after 1,000 layoffs…

1 month ago

Google’s $2.7bn EU Antitrust Fine Should Be Upheld – Court Advisor

Bad news for Alphabet, as advisor to Europe's top court says $2.7bn antitrust fine for online shopping, should be upheld

2 months ago

Google Begins To Switch Off Ad-Tracker Cookies

Google starts switch-off of third-party ad tracking cookies under privacy initiative, as advertisers say company gaining too much control

2 months ago

Value Of Twitter/X Falls 71 Percent Since Elon Musk Takeover – Report

Another valuation cut from X/Twitter shareholder shows remarkable fall in platform's market value since Elon Musk takeover

2 months ago

Twitter/X Fails To Block Content Moderation Disclosure Law In California

Elon Musk's X loses bid to block California law that requires social media to publicly disclose their content moderation practices

2 months ago

Amazon Prime Video To Carry Ads In UK From 5 February

Adverts will start appearing for UK users of Amazon Video Prime on 5 February 2024, unless extra fee is paid

2 months ago

Privacy Complaint Filed Against Elon Musk’s X

Complaint filed by Max Schrems’ campaign group Noyb, alleges Elon Musk's X breached EU's GDPR by micro ad targetting

3 months ago

Big Brands Increase Ad Spend On Instagram, Amid X Boycott

Meta reaps the benefits, as big US brand names ramp up ad spending on Instagram, after as pause on Elon…

3 months ago

X Ad Sales Projected To Fall More Than 50 Percent – Report

Ad sales at X (aka Twitter) are reportedly projected to fall over 50 percent to $2.5bn, down from $4.7bn before…

3 months ago

Elon Musk Calls For Firing Of Disney CEO Amid Ad Boycott

Disney boss Bob Iger “should be fired immediately” tweets Elon Musk in fresh broadside, amid advertising boycott

3 months ago

Questions Surround X/Twitter, After Elon Musk Expletive-Filled Rant

Has Elon Musk sabotaged X going forward? Analysts cite Twitter owner as the biggest liability for the platform

3 months ago

UK Government, Tech Giants Agree To Tackle Online Fraud

Series of pledges from big name tech firms in agreement with UK government to protect people from online fraud

3 months ago

Elon Musk Tells Fleeing Advertisers To Go F*** Themselves

X owner Elon Musk used multiple expletives about advertisers who have boycotted Twitter over extremist content

3 months ago

Objection Filed To Meta’s Paid Ad-Free Subscription

Digital rights group NOYB files first complaint with Austrian regulator against Meta's paid ad-free subscription for Facebook, Instagram

3 months ago

Advertising Exodus To Cost Elon Musk’s X $75m – Report

Year of end advertising exodus at Elon Musk's X going to cost Twitter as much as $75m in advertising revenue

3 months ago

YouTube Denies Slowing Down Mozilla Firefox

Alphabet's YouTube insists it is not slowing down Firefox, after complaints videos are taking extra long to load on the…

3 months ago

White House Joins Threads, Amid X Extremist Content Row

US political leadership including the President, White House, and others creates accounts on Meta's Threads platform

3 months ago

IBM Pulls Advertising From X/Twitter, Amid Nazi Content Row

Another big name suspends advertising on X (aka Twitter), after its ads appeared next to posts praising Adolf Hitler and…

4 months ago

US Wraps Up Landmark Antitrust Case Against Google

Government wraps up its evidentiary phase of landmark antitrust case against Alphabet's Google, but closing arguments may come in 2024

4 months ago

Alphabet Pays Apple 36 Percent Of Safari Search Revenue

CEO Sundar Pichai confirms Google pays Apple 36 percent of Safari search revenue, as part of its default search agreement

4 months ago

Meta Restricts AI Tools For Political Ads In Deepfake Clampdown

Next year Meta says advertisers will have to disclose when AI tools are used for political, social or election related…

4 months ago

EU Agrees New Restrictions For Online Political Ads

EU negotiators agree new rules for online political advertising amidst concern about voter manipulation, disinformation

4 months ago