Bird Attack Forces Google To Suspend Drone Deliveries

Angry birds! Google Wing delivery drones in the Australia capital of Canberra have been grounded after being attacked by ravens

1 day ago

Australian Bank Slams Apple Pay – Report

Head of Australian bank complains to lawmakers about Apple's alleged monopolist control of its NFC-based Apple Pay system

2 days ago

US Treasury Sanctions Cryptocurrency Exchange Suex

Cryptocurrency exchange Suex hit with sanctions by US Treasury Department for alleged role in laundering ransomware payments

3 days ago

Boris Johnson Talks Tax With Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Downing Street confirms British Prime Minister discussed the issue of taxation during meeting with Jeff Bezos in New York

4 days ago

Teamsters Union Targets Amazon Facilities Across Canada

Following unionisation effort in Edmonton, Alberta Teamsters Union reportedly expands organisation drive to at least nine Amazon locations across Canada

5 days ago

OpenSea Employee Resigns Over NFT ‘Insider Trading’ Row

Community members had accused OpenSea employee of using insider information to buy NFTs being promoted by the site, then resell…

5 days ago

US Mulls Sanctions Use In War Against Hacker Cryptocurrency Payments

White House is reportedly preparing to take a number of actions, including the use of sanctions, against ransomware crypto payments

1 week ago

El Salvador Protests Erupt Amid Bitcoin Crash

Thousands of protesters take to the streets in El Salvador, in protest at the country's adoption of Bitcoin as legal…

1 week ago

Amazon Antitrust Lawsuit Widened By Washington DC AG

Doubling down. Washington DC’s Attorney General Karl Racine has broadened the existing antitrust lawsuit against e-commerce giant Amazon

2 weeks ago

Judge Orders Apple To Change App Store Payment Rules

California judge orders Apple to allow app developers to include links to outside forms of payment in major shake-up, but…

2 weeks ago

PayPal Raises Business Fees Between UK And Europe

Fees for business payments between companies in UK and European Economic Area to rise to 1.2 percent as interchange costs…

2 weeks ago

Problems Blight First Day, As El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin

Tech glitches, protests and a plummet in value of Bitcoin greets El Salvador's first day of using digital currency as…

2 weeks ago

El Salvador Today Adopts Bitcoin As Legal Tender

Despite warnings from world institutions and central banks, and the disapproval of its own citizens, El Salvador adopts Bitcoin as…

3 weeks ago

Majority Of El Salvadorans Reject Bitcoin Law – Poll

Not a good sign. 70 percent of the population of El Salvador oppose Bitcoin law, as 7 September implementation draws…

3 weeks ago

Apple Faces Antitrust Complaint In India Over In-App Payments

Non-profit group in India files antitrust complaint against Apple, over the 30 percent commission charge for in-app purchases

3 weeks ago

South Korea Passes Bill To Curb In-App Purchase Charges

The App Store commission that Apple and Google imposes for in-app purchases is to be banned in South Korea after…

4 weeks ago

Apple Agrees App Store Deal With Small Developers

Ahead of a ruling in App Store dispute with Epic Games, Apple agrees to ease restrictions for small developers over…

4 weeks ago

MasterCard To Drop Magnetic Stripes On Cards

No more swiping. Card giant Mastercard confirms that it will eventually drop the magnetic stripe on debt and credit cards

1 month ago

Criminals Use ‘Antinalysis’ To Evade Bitcoin Tracking

Cyber-criminals increasingly using blockchain analytics tools to evaluate how well Bitcoin-laundering techniques are working, study finds

1 month ago

Poly Network Hacker Offered $500,000 To Return Stolen Tokens

Poly Network confirms it offered 'white hat hacker' who stole $611m in digital tokens, a $500,000 bug bounty to return…

1 month ago

Facebook Accused Of Using Content Of Three Australian Publishers

Dustup down under, as three Australian publishers allege Facebook used content for its news service without their permission

1 month ago

Amazon Reinstates Mask Requirement For US Warehouse Staff

All Amazon staff in its US warehouse are now required once again to wear masks indoors, irrespective of their vaccine…

2 months ago

Weibo Removes Celebrity List Amidst China Social Media Crackdown

China's Twitter-like service Sina Weibo removes celebrity-ranking list following state criticism, as country's tech crackdown continues

2 months ago

Amazon Delays Office Return Until 2022

E-commerce giant Amazon becomes latest tech giant to delay staff returning to the office or campus, with offices only reopening…

2 months ago

Uber CEO: Governments, Not Companies, Should Push Vaccinations

Boss of ride hailing firm explains reasoning behind why Uber office staff must have vaccinations, but not its fleet of…

2 months ago

Amazon Union Vote Result Should Be Scrapped, Says NLRB Official

The result from milestone trade union vote at Amazon warehouse in Alabama should be set aside, and a new vote…

2 months ago

EU Fines Amazon Record £637m Over Alleged Data Violation

European Union imposes record fine on Amazon over alleged violations of GDPR privacy law relating to advertising data, as company…

2 months ago

Amazon Online Sales Growth Slows Amid Lockdown Easing

Growth for online shopping at Amazon settles down to more normal levels after the pandemic boost, but AWS continues to…

2 months ago

Visa Continues Fintech Push With Currencycloud Acquisition

London-based forex specialist Currencycloud is to be acquired by payment giant Visa, in a deal worth £700 million ($963m)

2 months ago

Amazon To Halt Covid Testing For US Workers

Too soon? E-commerce giant Amazon has confirmed it is to end testing for Coronavirus for warehouse workers at the end…

2 months ago