Public Sector

Some Laptops For Vulnerable Children Contain Malware – Report

A small number of laptops handed out by the Department for Education to vulnerable children, reportedly contain malware linked to…

4 days ago

Police Delete Database Containing 150,000 Records

Police database falls down some stairs. British coppers accidentally delete data on 150,000 people from the Police National Computer

1 week ago

Hackney Council Confirms Hack Still Causing ‘Significant Disruption’

London Hackney council confirms that a 'serious cyberattack' in October is still causing 'significant disruption' to services

2 months ago

Public Sector Leaders Admit Personal Toll From Pandemic

Pure Storage study finds only 6 percent of public sector leaders admit they were extremely prepared for the Coronavirus pandemic

2 months ago

NHS Covid-19 Tracing App Set For Public Trials Today

Three months later than planned, NHS Coronavirus contact tracing app for England and Wales is to begin public trials today

6 months ago

A Pandemic Of Data Sharing?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the use of apps and other trace and track technologies have not delivered on their…

6 months ago

British Covid-19 Tracing App Adopts Google, Apple Approach

NHS is abandoning its centralised approach and will instead adopt the Google-Apple decentralised model for the delayed Coronavirus tracing app

7 months ago

Coronavirus: Government To Order 10,000 Ventilators From Dyson

Urgent need to address potential shortage of ventilators, if Covid-19 epidemic goes full blown in the United Kingdom with mass…

10 months ago

AI and Public Standards

As the Committee on Standards in Public Life release their awaited report considering AI and its impact on the delivery…

11 months ago

Bletchley Park Could Host Institute Of Technology

Plans submitted for tech teaching centre for 1,100 students on historic Bletchley Park site

1 year ago

Government Invests £250m For NHS AI Lab

Health Secretary announces £250m to be spent on boosting the role of AI within the health service

1 year ago

Louisiana Declares State Of Emergency After Ransomware Attacks

Spate of ransomware attacks on school systems leads state Governor last week to declare a state of emergency

1 year ago

4G Mobile Coverage To Arrive On The Tube In 2020

London Underground is to have 4G access across entire Tube network by mid 2020, TfL announces

2 years ago

NHS Needs Urgent Investment In Cybersecurity

Outdated computers, lack of investment, and sparsity of skills means the NHS remains vulnerable to hackers

2 years ago

Hackers Overcome University Cyber Defences In Hours

Ethical hackers take down university cyber defences and obtain valuable data in just two hours

2 years ago

US State Department Suffers Email System Breach

Slow roll-out of two factor authentication blamed after State Department admits email data breach

2 years ago

ICO Investigates Gwent Police Over Data Breach

Data protection act violation? Welsh police force may be in trouble after it fails to notify people of potential data…

3 years ago

Samsung Awarded Contract For Emergency Services Smartphones

Samsung will supply 250,000 toughened handsets to offer mobile data, live-streaming video and more for the emergency services

3 years ago

Bristol Knocks London Off The Top Spot As UK’s Leading Smart City

Twelve other UK cities have been marked as smart city contenders by Huawei UK

3 years ago

Tech Quiz: Tech At The Movies

With Blade Runner 2049 out, we decided it was time to test your movie knowledge!

3 years ago

Civil Servants Warn IT Skills Still Lacking In Government

Civil servants surveyed by techUK say digital skills must be improved, amid recognition of vital role technology plays

3 years ago

Mayor Sadiq Khan Hires London’s First Ever Chief Digital Officer

You're hired! Theo Blackwell appointed as first ever Chief Digital Officer of the UK's capital city

3 years ago

Canterbury Council To Move 85 Percent Of Services Online By 2019

Two-year, £200,000 contract with Jadu intended to create 'Amazon-like' user experience for Canterbury's 160,000 residents

4 years ago

Election 2017: What Does Result Mean For UK Technology?

ANALYSIS: Technology firms lament political uncertainty but tell Silicon that its Brexit that still really matters

4 years ago

Election 2017: Hung Parliament Will Force Conservatives To Make Informal Coalition Deal

Overall effect on the technology industry is that it's not likely to shake things up yet

4 years ago

Election 2017: Silicon Readers Switch Allegiance And Back Labour

GENERAL ELECTION 2017: Brexit and lack of technology polices see Silicon voters switch from Tories to Labour

4 years ago

Election 2017: What Do The Major Parties Plan For Technology?

GENERAL ELECTION 2017: Read our party-by-party guide to technology policy

4 years ago

Poll: Who Are You Backing In The 2017 General Election?

What is the best outcome for the UK technology industry? Let us know

4 years ago

Election 2017: UKIP Has No Technology Policies

UKIP is big on Brexit, big on immigration, but not so big on tech it seems

4 years ago