Coronavirus: Google Delays Re-opening US Offices

Google offices in the United States are to remain shut until September, as Coronavirus infections surge in certain parts of…

1 month ago

Spyware Impacts Chrome Extensions, Downloaded Millions Of Times

Awake Security discover 'massive, criminal surveillance campaign' via 32 million downloads of extensions for Google's Chrome web browser

2 months ago

Google Chrome Follows Firefox Lead With DoH Option

Three months after Firefox turned on privacy feature called DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), Google's Chrome browser gets same feature, but only if…

3 months ago

Mozilla Turns On DoH By Default For US Firefox Users

Mozilla Foundation has turned on its privacy feature called DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) for American users of the Firefox browser

5 months ago

Apple Fixed Tracking Flaws In Safari, But Google Director Disagrees

Google identified multiple privacy flaws in Apple's Safari browser, which the iPad maker said it has fixed, but a Google…

6 months ago

Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser Released For Windows, MacOS

Edge browser based on the open source Chromium project now available for download across multiple platforms

7 months ago

Google Removes Avast, AVG Extensions From Chrome Web Store

Google takes action over data collection concerns about browser extensions from Avast, AVG, joining similar action by Mozilla and Opera

8 months ago

Mozilla Removes Avast, AVG Extensions From Firefox Store

Add-ons from security vendor Avast pulled from Firefox online store, after they are accused of spying on user's web surfing…

8 months ago

Microsoft Confirms Default DoH Adoption

Microsoft joins Mozilla and Google after confirming it will adopt DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) as browser default

9 months ago

Firefox To Halt Browser Pop-Ups

Early next year Firefox 72 will attempt to cut down on annoying pop-ups in the web browser

9 months ago

Google Follows Firefox Lead With Chrome DoH Test

Google confirms it will test DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) in Chrome 78, days after Mozilla makes Firefox announcement

11 months ago

Mozilla Strengthens Privacy With DoH Switch On

Another move to strengthen its privacy credentials, as Mozilla gradually switches on DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) for its Firefox browser

11 months ago

Firefox 69 Blocks Tracking Cookies, Crypto-mining

No more cryptominers or third party tracking cookies, Mozilla promises with new Firefox release

11 months ago

Microsoft To Retire Flash From Chromium-Edge Browser

About time? Adobe Flash to be axed from Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge browser

11 months ago

Mozilla’s Famous Fox Fades For Firefox

A bit less fox. Famous fox logo has become a bit more ethereal, as Mozilla completes logo redesign

1 year ago

Microsoft ‘Tests’ Pop Up Warning For Rival Browsers

Not again! Microsoft mulls the idea of warning Windows 10 users when installing Firefox or Chrome browsers

2 years ago

Google Switches On Chrome Ad Blocker

Bad news publishers? Chrome web browser now enables its ad blocker to prevent annoying and "intrusive" ads

2 years ago

Google Parent Alphabet Feels The Impact Of Heavy Spending

Google veteran replaces Schmidt, as costly promotions for Pixel2 smartphone and YouTube TV impact results

3 years ago

Mozilla Fixes 32 Security Flaws, Accelerates Performance In Firefox 58

In its first major update in 2018, Mozilla adds incremental capabilities that help to make the Firefox Quantum browser faster…

3 years ago

Microsoft Edge Now Generally Available For iOS And Android

Microsoft Edge web browser leaves preview for iPhone and Android smartphones

3 years ago

Google Has Been ‘Tracking’ Android User Locations

Search engine collects location data on Android users, even when location services are switched off

3 years ago

Tech Quiz: Mozilla Firefox

What does the fox say? Find out with our Mozilla Firefox quiz!

3 years ago

Mozilla: Superfast Firefox Quantum Is Most Significant Update Since 1.0

Firefox Quantum turns up the speed to attract users in major update to the open source browser

3 years ago

Opera 49 ‘Reborn’ Browser Offers Integrated Chat And VR Player

Opera says users want a change and promises Opera 49 will make desktop browsing the same as using a mobile

3 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Internet Explorer

Microsoft's first web browser once ruled the world, but it almost resulted in Redmond being broken up

3 years ago

Opera 48 Gets Sharper UI & Conversion Tools To Compete In Browser Battle

The browser also comes packing a new engine under its improved interface

3 years ago

Firefox 55 Adds Web-Based VR App Support Through WebVR

Firefox 55 hopes to spread reach and aid cross-platform development of VR, alongside new features and improvements

3 years ago

Google Search Results Will No Longer Show Medical Records

Google makes a departure from its usually hands-off approach when it comes to search results

3 years ago

RAM Boosts And Multiple Processes Make Mozilla Firefox 54 Faster Than Ever

Firefox 54 delivers speedier browsing thanks to minimal RAM utilisation, and better multi-tab management

3 years ago