Security Management

NSO Ordered To Hand Over Spyware Code To WhatsApp

US Judge orders spyware firm NSO Group to hand over Pegasus code to Meta's WhatsApp as part of the ongoing…

19 hours ago

President Biden To Plug US Data Transfers To China, Russia Etc

US President issues executive order to protect Americans’ sensitive personal data from being transferred to hostile nation states

3 days ago

Apple Beefs Up iMessage With Quantum-Proof PQ3 Protocol

Apple says PQ3 is a groundbreaking post-quantum cryptographic protocol to protect iMessage's end-to-end messaging

1 week ago

Greatest Cyber Risks Are Extortion, Geopolitical Tension, SMB Attacks

Mimecast in its latest Threat Intelligence report reveals the greatest current cybersecurity threats to business defences

2 weeks ago

Microsoft, OpenAI Catch China, Russia Using AI Tools For Hacking

Nation-state hackers from China, Russia, North Korea and Iran have been identified by Microsoft and OpenAI, using AI tools for…

2 weeks ago

Cisco To Cut ‘Thousands Of Jobs’ – Report

Staff at Cisco brace for bad news ahead of an earning statement this week, amid reports of thousands of layoffs

3 weeks ago

Hacking Victims Paid $1.1bn In Ransoms Last Year

Chainalysis report finds ransomware victims paid cybercriminals a record $1.1 billion in cryptocurrency in 2023

3 weeks ago

NCSC Warns Of ‘Living Off The Land’ Attacks Against Critical Infrastructure

“Living off the land” attacks, where hackers are camouflaged within internal networks, pose national security risk for critical infrastructure

3 weeks ago

HP Enterprise Hacked By Suspected Russian Hackers

Regulatory filing by Hewlett Packard Enterprise reveals suspected state-backed Russian hackers breached its cloud email system

1 month ago

NCSC Warns AI Already Being Used By Ransomware Hackers

Ransomware threat set to increase with the advent of artificial intelligence, warns the UK's cyber guardian

1 month ago

Russian Citizen Sanctioned By US, UK, Australia Over Medibank Hack

Authorities in US, UK, and Australia sanction Russian Aleksandr Ermakov for his role in the cyberattack of Medibank

1 month ago

Ransomware Attacks Rose 128 Percent In 2023, Report Finds

Cybernews researchers finds ransomware attacks rose to record numbers in 2023, with a 128.2 percent rise in victims

1 month ago

GCHQ Releases Unseen Photos Of WW2 Colossus Computer

Unseen pictures of Colossus, considered the world's first digital computer, released to public by UK intelligence agency

1 month ago

Most Businesses Lack Confidence In Ability To Overcome Cyberattacks

Majority of businesses still not confident in ability to overcome cyber attacks, research from Palo Alto Networks finds

2 months ago

SEC Investigates After Fake Post On X/Twitter Account

US securities regulator confirms unknown individual accessed its X social media account to post false message about ETFs

2 months ago

Hackers Steals Customer Data From Car Parking Giant

Owner of parking apps RingGo and ParkMobile has been hacked, and customer data including credit card info has been stolen

2 months ago

UK At High Risk Of ‘Catastrophic Ransomware Attack’, Warns Committee

Damning report from parliamentary committee warns of high risk to UK from 'catastrophic ransomware attacks'

3 months ago

Judge Overturns Centripetal Patent Fine Against Cisco

Networking giant Cisco defeats $2.75bn patent ruling for Centripetal Networks, after five years of courtroom battles

3 months ago

Russia’s FSB Hacking UK Politicians, Warns NCSC

NCSC warns Russian intelligence services conducting “sustained, unsuccessful attempts to interfere in UK politics”

3 months ago

Meta Deploys End-To-End Encryption Across Messenger, Facebook

Despite resistance from authorities, Meta begins roll-out of default end-to-end encryption for Messenger, Facebook

3 months ago

Report Says Sellafield ‘Hacked’ By Russia, China

Nuclear regulator takes Sellafield to task over cyber-failings as site operator denies being hacked by groups linked to Russia, China

3 months ago

UK Government, Tech Giants Agree To Tackle Online Fraud

Series of pledges from big name tech firms in agreement with UK government to protect people from online fraud

3 months ago

Google To Begin Deleting Inactive Accounts On Friday

Users have until Friday, as search giant Google moves ahead with plan to delete accounts inactive for at least two…

3 months ago

Japan Space Agency Hacked, But No Rocket Data Accessed

Admission of 'unauthorised access' of a network server at Japan's space agency (JAXA), but sensitive data not compromised

3 months ago

Board Support Critical For Robust Cybersecurity Defence – Trellix

Security managers receive more board level support following a cyberattack, but cyber incidents are still occurring for majority

3 months ago

US, UK, Others Agree ‘Secure By Design’ AI

Cybersecurity for AI. Countries including the US, UK, Germany sign international agreement to keep AI safe from rogue actors

3 months ago

Foreign Cyberattack Blamed For Kansas Court System Disruption – Report

Five week disruption to court system in US state of Kansas is being blamed on 'sophisticated foreign cyberattack'

3 months ago

Samsung Confirms Hackers Compromised Customer Data – Report

Customers of the Samsung UK Store are being notified of a data breach that exposed their personal information

4 months ago

Amazon Repurposes Astro Robot As Security Guard

Amazon is turning its Astro robot into a security guard to help businesses detect break-ins and provide 24x7 monitoring of…

4 months ago