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Facebook Faces £2.3 Billion Lawsuit From 44m UK Users

Meta is facing a lawsuit in the UK that is seeking damages of at least $3.2 billion of behalf of…

3 days ago

Twitter Permanently Suspends Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene

Personal Twitter account of congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene goes the way of her idol Donald Trump, and is permanently suspended

2 weeks ago

LinkedIn Overcharging Lawsuit Dismissed By US Judge

Lawsuit alleging Microsoft's LinkedIn division had inflated its advertising metrics for video ads watched is dismissed by US judge

3 weeks ago

Russia Fines Google $100m Over Banned Content

Russia imposes first fines on Google and Meta based on annual turnover, as country cracks down on 'extremist' internet content

3 weeks ago

Russia Hits Twitter With Fine For Banned Content

Latest financial penalty against US tech firms sees Moscow court fine Twitter for not deleting so-called 'banned content'

4 weeks ago

Meta Warns 50,000 Users Targeted By Surveillance Firms

Surveillance-for-hire firms have spied on 50,000 Facebook users that includes journalists and activists, as Meta bans seven companies

1 month ago

Russia Fines Meta, Twitter and TikTok Over ‘Banned Content’

Campaign against US tech firms in Russia shows no sign of slowing, with string of financial penalties levied against multiple…

1 month ago

Online Safety Bill Changes Urged By MPs

Changes required. Major changes are being urged by joint committee of MPs to the draft of the UK's online safety…

1 month ago

Lawmakers Say Instagram’s Promises ‘Won’t Cut It’

US Senators say laws are needed to protect young people online, rejecting proposal by Instagram head Adam Mosseri of industry…

1 month ago

Facebook Oversight Board Repeats Transparency Demand

Meta's 'Supreme Court' has once again urged the social networking giant to be more transparent about its content moderation decisions

1 month ago

Julian Assange Can Be Extradited To US, Court Decides

Court grants US appeal, meaning Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange is set to be extradited to US to face espionage charges.…

1 month ago

US Senators Propose Data Transparency Bill For Social Media

Bipartisan bill to require social networking firms such as Meta (Facebook) have to provide researchers with access to its data

1 month ago

Meta Expands Facebook Crackdown On Myanmar Military

Meta executive confirms Facebook will now ban all Myanmar-military controlled businesses on its platforms, as it expands Junta restrictions

1 month ago

Meta Sued For $150 Billion By Rohingya Refugees

Meta sued for billions of dollars for not allegedly removing anti-Rohingya hate speech during 2017 violence in Myanmar (Burma)

1 month ago

Uber To Pay $9m Settlement Over Safety Reporting Failure

Uber agrees to pay $9 million to settle dispute with California regulators over its failure to provide detailed data on…

1 month ago

Russia Seeks To Fine Google, Meta On Annual Turnover

Russian regulator applies to court to fine US tech giants percentage of annual Russian turnover, over failure to remove “banned…

2 months ago

Twitter To Remove Photos Tweeted Without Permission

Privacy overstep? Personal photos and videos of private individuals tweeted without the consent of the person(s) depicted will be removed

2 months ago

Clearview AI Faces £17m Fine For ‘Serious’ Data Protection Breaches

American facial recognition firm Clearview AI is facing a possible £17 million fine over “serious breaches” of UK data protection…

2 months ago

US States Investigate Instagram Over Youth Risk

Group of US states launches consumer protection probe into the way Instagram targets young people and affects them following whistleblower…

2 months ago

Google To Restore News For Spain After 2014 Closure

After a seven year absence, the Google News service is to be restored in Spain, after the government there passes…

3 months ago

Facebook To End Facial Recognition Use – Cites ‘Societal Concerns’

Social networking giant confirms it is 'shutting down the Face Recognition system on Facebook', due to lack of rules and…

3 months ago

Facebook Orders Staff Not To Destroy Internal Documents

Amid the ongoing whistleblower fallout, Facebook orders all its staff to preserve internal documents, in case of legal inquiries

3 months ago

Donald Trump Loses Bid To Sue Twitter In Florida

Judge rules Donald Trump has to sue Twitter over his suspension not in Florida, but rather in the platform's home…

3 months ago

Facebook Making Online Hate Worse, Whistleblower Tells MPs

Frances Haugen answered questions from the UK parliament's Joint Committee on Monday, after cache of internal documents is released

3 months ago

Amazon Faces Fresh Union Drive In New York City

More than 2,000 Amazon warehouse workers in New York City sign union cards, as company faces fresh challenge to lack…

3 months ago

Oversight Board: Facebook ‘Not Forthcoming’ On VIP Cross-check System

Facebook’s own oversight board has slammed the platform for withholding relevant information about its VIP cross-check system

3 months ago

Bill Gates Advised To End Emails With Female Staffer, WSJ Alleges

Microsoft executives advised Bill Gates to end email correspondence with a female employee in 2008 when he chairman of the…

3 months ago

Microsoft Shutters LinkedIn In China Over Increasing Censorship

LinkedIn, China's last major US-operated social network, is being closed down, due to Beijing's increasing censorship of the online world

3 months ago

Texas Governor Bans Vaccine Mandates

Over 4 million cases of Covid in Texas and 66,000 thousand deaths, does not stop Texas governor from banning vaccine…

3 months ago

Facebook Whistleblower To Testify In UK Parliament

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen is to travel across the pond and testify before a committee in the British Parliament

3 months ago