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Tesla Recalls Thousands Of Cybertrucks Over Accelerator Fault

Tesla recalls 3,878 Cybertrucks over safety issue that could cause accelerator pedal to become stuck, increasing crash risk

3 hours ago

Tesla To Ask Shareholders To Reinstate Elon Musk’s $56 Billion Package

Tesla shareholders to be asked to reinstate Elon Musk's $56 billion pay package, days after Musk confirmed staff layoffs

5 days ago

Tesla Cuts More Than 10 Percent Of Workforce

Tesla lays off more than 10 percent of staff worldwide amidst slower growth, tougher competition from China

7 days ago

Elon Musk To Meet India’s Modi Over Import Deal

Tesla chief Elon Musk to meet India prime minister Narendra Modi amidst plans to import EVs and set up manufacturing…

1 week ago

Tesla Settles Lawsuit Over Crash That Killed Apple Engineer

Undisclosed payment from Tesla to settle lawsuit over 2018 crash that involved its Autopilot driving software

2 weeks ago

GM’s Cruise To Resume Operations In Phoenix With Human Drivers

After six months pause, GM's Cruise is set to resume operations starting in Phoenix, but with a human driver

2 weeks ago

Apple Axes 600 Staff In First Layoffs Since Pandemic

Hundreds of Apple staff are to be handed their marching orders, reportedly centred on cancelled self-driving EV project

2 weeks ago

Tesla Shares Dive After EV Shipments Disappoint

Investors unhappy after Tesla posts a shipment slump in first quarter despite price cuts, amid concern about user demand for…

3 weeks ago

Silicon In Focus Podcast: Smart ESG: Your Data, Your Sustainability

In this episode we delve into the crucial realm of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, exploring how data-driven strategies…

3 weeks ago

Elon Musk Orders FSD Demo For Every Tesla US Sale

Fallout avoidance? Tesla buyers in the US must be shown how to use the FSD driver's assistance program, Elon Musk…

4 weeks ago

The Sustainability of AI

While AI promises unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and innovation, questions regarding its environmental impact loom large. How can AI’s development be…

4 weeks ago

Europe’s Longest Hyperloop Test Track Opens

European Hyperloop Center in the Netherlands seeks to advance futuristic transport technology, despite US setbacks

4 weeks ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Circular Computing Equals a Circular Economy

Learn how your business can accelerate its sustainability journey by adopting circular computing as a core principle of its ESG.

1 month ago

Government Wants Flying Taxis In Operation By 2028

Flying taxis could become reality in UK in next four years under new government action plan that also lays out…

1 month ago

Waymo Begins Los Angeles Ride-Hailing Service With Free Rides

Alphabet's Waymo division to offer free rides in Los Angeles, as it confirms expansion into four major cities later this…

1 month ago

Xpeng Electric ‘Flying Car’ Completes Flight Over Guangzhou

X2 electric eVTOL 'flying car' completes low-altitude test flight over Guangzhou in validation for future urban transport and tourism uses

1 month ago

Tesla Falls Behind In Fast-Growing China EV Market

Tesla, China's biggest premium EV seller, sees shipments from Shanghai factory drop to lowest level in more than a year

1 month ago

Jaguar Investigates After EV Brakes Fail On Motorway

Police forced to box in Jaguar I-Pace electric vehicle after brakes fail on motorway, as television star reports similar incident

1 month ago

Tesla Owners Lose Battery Range Class Action Bid

Setback for Tesla owners, after federal judge rules legal claims over false range claims, must be pursued individually

1 month ago

Tesla Berlin Factory Arson Attack Claimed By Leftwing Group

Elon Musk brands the damaging and expensive arson attack on Tesla gigafactory in Berlin as “extremely dumb”

2 months ago

Nissan Ends Sunderland Production Of Leaf EV

Nissan ends production in Sunderland of Leaf EV as it prepares new lineup, cuts off app access for older Leaf…

2 months ago

UK Proposes Faster, More Powerful E-Bikes

UK proposals would double e-bike motor power, allow faster throttle-controlled e-bikes in move to make category more attractive

2 months ago

Vodafone Completes 3G Network Switch Off In UK

Switching off 3G network in the UK allows Vodafone to “repurpose” 3G spectrum to strengthen 4G and 5G services

2 months ago

BYD Ramps Up EV Price War In China With Cheaper Models

Pressure for Tesla. Price war increases for EVs in China, after BYD unveils cheaper versions of two of its models

2 months ago

Apple Cancels Much Delayed Electric Car Project

Project Titan is dead. Apple reportedly winds down its delayed electric car project, after a decade of research and development

2 months ago

Gartner Predicts Concerns For Enterprises Using Cloud-based Generative AI

Cloud technology will continue to be best delivery option for generative AI applications at scale, says Gartner

2 months ago

Xpeng To Hire 4,000 Staff Amidst EV ‘Bloodbath’

Guangzhou EV maker Xpeng to hire 4,000 staff and splurge on AI development as it expects 'bloodbath' in China EV…

2 months ago

China Offers Public Security Support For Tech Ally Hungary

China seeks to extend Hungary trade ties into public security, in unusual move for NATO and EU member that already…

2 months ago

Open Letter Urges Action To Address AI, And Other Global Risks

Open letter from 'The Elders' group urges world leaders to address existential risks of artificial intelligence and climate change

2 months ago

Google, EDF To Track Methane Leaks From Space

Google and Environmental Defense Fund partner up to track down sources of methane emissions from outer space

2 months ago