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The most recent Big Data news from TechWeekEurope. Analytics in real time without sampling, Big Data promises to revolutionise areas including customer services and smart cities. But what’s the reality? We check the latest developments in products and services

Making Sense of Big Data

Data is your business’s most precious commodity. Finding value and actionable insight in Big Data are vital components of all…

3 days ago

The future according to Fujitsu: AI, quantum computing, 5G, and the coming struggle for global tech dominance

Fujitsu talks quantum computing, AI, self-driving vehicles, 5G, and the data analytics arms race.

3 months ago

5G: The Connected Consumer

What will 5G mean to consumers? Will we enter a world where digital communications have no limits? How do the…

5 months ago

‘An alliance is being forged between 5G and artificial intelligence’

INTERVIEW: Rui Inácio, Head of Consultancy and Solutions at Vilicom has over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry,…

5 months ago

BT: ‘5G will make mass IoT deployments across the UK a reality’

Chris Sims is the MD of Strategy for BT Enterprise. He leads BT’s 5G strategy for businesses and public sector…

5 months ago

Future Factory: How 5G will transform industry, networking and communications

Manufacturing looks set to become one of the first industries to be transformed by 5G. Until now, the full potential…

5 months ago

UK SMBs Struggle To Manage Customer Data, Seagate Warns

GDPR is watching. British firms unsure of basic data protection policies and many still use USB sticks as primary storage…

1 year ago

Groups Hit YouTube With Complaint Over Data Gathering On Kids

Groups allege that YouTube violates child protection laws by collection personal data of minors

2 years ago

Facebook’s Sandberg Admits ‘A Few’ Advertisers Have Paused Spending

Social network is 'systematically' looking at how people's data is used by others, and aims to be 'more restrictive'

2 years ago