Wearable Tech

Tim Cook Says Apple Considering Factory In Indonesia

CEO Tim Cook during visit to Jakarta says Apple will look into building a manufacturing facility in Indonesia

5 days ago

Apple Staff At New Jersey Store Seek To Unionise

Union push. Workers at another Apple Store in the United States have reportedly filed for trade union representation

2 weeks ago

US Government, US States Sue Apple For Smartphone Monopoly

Apple accused of making it harder to switch phones, hampering innovation, and imposing costs on developers

1 month ago

CES 2024: Motorola Reveals Smartphone On Wrist Concept

Motorola's 'adaptive display concept' smartphone wraps around a person's wrist, and can change background to match clothing

2 months ago

First Neuralink Patient ‘Controls Mouse With Thoughts’

First human recipient of Neuralink brain implant can 'control a computer mouse with their thoughts', as company begins trials

2 months ago

What Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Of Apple Vision Pro Headset

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg opens up about the recently released Apple Vision Pro headset in Instagram post

2 months ago

Warning After Videos Show Apple Vision Pro Users Driving Teslas

US administration issues warning after videos show Apple Vision Pro users appearing to interact with content while driving

3 months ago

Early Apple Vision Pro Users Find Pitfalls, Hidden Gems

Early users of Apple Vision Pro find self-repair difficulties, unexpected gems as platform gets ChatGPT app and YouTube 'on the…

3 months ago

Apple Lowers iPhone Forecast, As Tim Cook Touts ‘AI Announcement’

Modest increase in first quarter profit and revenues, as Apple lowers iPhone shipment forecast, amid China sales decline

3 months ago

Musk’s Neuralink Conducts First Human Brain Implant

Elon Musk's Neuralink implants device into human brain for first time as it seeks to aid those with paralysis

3 months ago

Apple Vision Pro Sells Out As Pre-Orders Open

Apple's Vision Pro headset sells out immediately after pre-orders open, but quickly dropping demand confirms status as 'niche product'

3 months ago

Court Bans Apple Watch Imports Amid Patent Dispute

Apple says it will sell the Apple Watch 9 and Ultra 2 models in US without the blood-oxygen sensor at…

3 months ago

Apple To Drop Sensor From Some Watch Models – Report

Redesign plan to remove blood-oxygen sensor on certain Apple Watch models is dependent on an appeal court decision

3 months ago

Google Axes Staff In Assistant, Hardware, Engineering Teams

Hundreds of job losses at Google, as staff are handed marching orders across multiple teams, amid exit of FitBit co-founders

3 months ago

Apple Vision Pro Headset To Go On Sale In February

Apple to start sales of Vision Pro headset on Friday, 2 February as it seeks to revolutionise nascent market for…

3 months ago

Apple Watch Credited With Saving Woman’s Life After Poisoning

Emergency SOS function on Apple Watch credited with saving the life of a woman and her cat after carbon monoxide…

4 months ago

Apple Can Temporarily Sell Watch Models After Appeals Win

Apple can resume sales of Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, after appeals court pauses federal ban

4 months ago

Apple Files Appeal, Amid US Ban On Apple Watch Sales

Apple to appeal, after the White House declines to overturn ITC ban on US sales of certain Apple Watch devices

4 months ago

Apple Fails To Delay Apple Watch Import Ban

US International Trade Commission (ITC) denies motion by Apple to halt an upcoming import ban on Apple Watches

4 months ago

Apple To Pause Series 9, Ultra 2 Watch Sales In US

Apple prepares temporary halt to sales of Series 9, Ultra 2 watches starting this week amidst Masimo patent dispute

4 months ago

Apple May Open iPhone NFC Access To Competitors

Apple reportedly offers to open access to iPhone and iPad standardised NFC to competitors in bid to settle antitrust probe

4 months ago

European Commission Cites Competition Concerns Over Amazon’s iRobot Deal

Despite reports deal would be approved, European regulators hand Amazon statement of objections to iRobot acquisition

5 months ago

Amazon Repurposes Astro Robot As Security Guard

Amazon is turning its Astro robot into a security guard to help businesses detect break-ins and provide 24x7 monitoring of…

5 months ago

Apple Disappoints As FY23 Results Decline

Declines for Mac, iPads and wearables, home and accessories, plus gloomy holiday season outlook, dents Apple's Q4 and full year…

6 months ago

Apple Watch To Include Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnoea Detection – Report

Forthcoming Apple Watch to include two notable healthcare functions, with coaching and health services also reportedly in the mix

6 months ago

Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Causes Neck Strain In Testing – Report

Apple's forthcoming and very expensive Vision Pro headset is reportedly causing neck strain, due to its size and weight

6 months ago

Meta To Axe Staff In Reality Labs Unit Wednesday

Staff reductions reportedly underway at Metaverse-oriented Reality Labs Unit, otherwise known as Facebook Agile Silicon Team

7 months ago

Meta Connect 2023: Meta Quest 3, Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Wearable arrivals. Developer conference sees pre-orders available for Meta Quest 3 headset, plus new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses

7 months ago

Amazon Hires Former Microsoft Head Panos Panay As Device Boss

Panos Panay is hired by Amazon as head of device business, just weeks after his sudden departure from Microsoft

7 months ago

Amazon Adds Generative AI To Alexa, Amid Device Updates

Launch event sees Amazon offer more conversational interactions with Alexa, after upgrading it with generative AI capabilities

7 months ago