Wearable Tech

Gatwick Drone Operators Had ‘Detailed Knowledge’ Of Airport

Inside job. Suspicion grows that drone operators who shut down Gatwick airport had inside knowledge

4 weeks ago

Amazon Expands Echo Range, Adds Wearables, Alexa Personalisation

Surprise motherf****r! Alexa's voice can soon be replaced by the voice of actor Samuel L Jackson

4 weeks ago

Facebook To Acquire Brain-Control Startup CTRL-Labs

Controlling computers with the power of your mind. Facebook acquires startup CTRL-Labs for $1 billion

4 weeks ago

BT Launches Counter Drone Solution

Worried about intruding drones? BT has the answer after it launches its Counter Drone Solution

1 month ago

Concern Mounts Over Facial Recognition At Kings Cross District

UK's biometrics commissioner urges government to update laws surrounding use of facial recognition

2 months ago

Google Suspends European Voice Assistant Transcriptions

Privacy concerns have resulted in Google suspending European transcriptions of voice assistance clips

3 months ago

MP Calls For Tougher Laws, Amid Alexa Privacy Concerns

Privacy concerns about Alexa spying on people prompts one MP to call for toughened new laws

3 months ago

Elon Musk Predicts AI Computer Interface For Human Brain

Chip implanted in the human brain by NeuraLink could allow 'symbiosis with artificial intelligence'

3 months ago

Apple Disables Watch Walkie-Talkie App

Vulnerability could have allowed people to listen in, so Apple takes decision to disable app

3 months ago

No Drunk Drone Driving, Warns Japan

Prison sentence on the cards for people who fly drones whilst drunk, after Japan passes new law

4 months ago