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Google Sued For Use Of NHS Data Of 1.6 Million Brits

Lawsuit alleges Google and Deepmind Technologies used NHS data of 1.6 million Britons 'without their knowledge or consent'

1 day ago

Cisco Predictive Networks To Recognise Future Network Outages, Issues

Improving enterprise network uptime and easing strain on IT depts. Cisco unveils tech that it claims can predict network issues…

2 weeks ago

SAP Mulling Total Russian Withdrawal – Report

Co-founder of German software giant cites actions of not just Vladimir Putin, but also supporters among Russian population, amid withdrawal…

1 month ago

Fujitsu Confirms It Will End Mainframe Sales in 2030

Bad news for banks? Mainframe sales will end in 2030, and support will cease by 2035, Fujitsu reveals in roadmap…

3 months ago

Citrix Merges With Tibco In $16.5bn Deal

After years of activist shareholder pressure, Citrix is being acquired by a private equity group and will then be merged…

4 months ago

US Extradition Case Of Dr Mike Lynch Delayed By A Week

HP's revenge? Former boss of Autonomy Mike Lynch is to wait a week to find out if a decision about…

4 months ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: The Quality of Data

With businesses still reeling from the disruption to their operations and supply chains the pandemic caused, Dun & Bradstreet's new…

5 months ago

Oracle Makes Biggest Acquisition With Cerner Purchase

Enterprise software giant Oracle makes rumoured healthcare move, with $28.3 billion purchase of medical records specialist Cerner

5 months ago

Looking Ahead: Tech Predictions for 2022

As 2021 draws to a close, what will the tech landscape look like next year? Silicon UK spoke to a…

5 months ago

Seeing the Future: How to Use Predictive Analytics in Your Business

Being able to predict the future may seem impossible. However, with today’s predictive analytics, enterprises can make accurate assessments that…

6 months ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe, CRO, EVRYTHNG

Today’s consumer is more well informed, and demanding than ever before. With unlimited information, exposure to the opinions of a…

6 months ago

US, Europe Reach Agreement On Chip Supplies, China, Tech Rules

Inaugural agreement between US and Europe to deepen co-operation centred around chip supplies, rules governing big tech, and trade with…

8 months ago

Connected Business: The Post-COVID Supply Chain

With supply chains being massively disrupted as the pandemic took hold, what does a post-pandemic supply chain look like? How…

8 months ago

Accelerating AI: Managing the Machines

As the Biden administration creates a national AI task force, how will AI develop over the next few years? And…

10 months ago

The New Normal of Cyber Security

The leaked memo from Facebook that defines the 'normalising' data leaks is a worrying development. In this feature, we consider…

1 year ago

Clearview AI Sued In California By Immigrant Groups

Another legal headache for facial recognition firm Clearview AI to halt use of its tech, despite ban in some Californian…

1 year ago

Silicon UK In Focus Podcast: Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts

The Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts are new pieces of legislation from the EU. To gain an insight into…

1 year ago

NHS Challenged Over Data Contract With Palantir

Contract between NHS and data mining firm Palantir now at centre of lawsuit filed by UK political website

1 year ago

Disruptors: How Businesses are Using Technology to Radically Change

The pandemic has thrown businesses into disarray, but can enterprises still use technology to become disruptors in their industry, sector…

1 year ago

Neo Factory: The State of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 initiatives are transforming factories in a myriad of industries, from aerospace and health care to plastics and shipping.…

1 year ago

Will Privacy Kill the Open Web?

Privacy and how the personal data of individuals is collected, stored, manipulated and shared is governed by GDPR. However, some…

1 year ago

The Customer of One: How Personalisation is the Key to Long Term Profitability

To maintain loyalty and brand advocacy, how has personalisation evolved? Highly focused data is, of course, needed to create personalised…

2 years ago

Is Data the Answer To Business COVID-19 Recovery?

As businesses of all sizes build their strategies for COVID recovery, data will play a vital role. As the commercial…

2 years ago

The Tech Of Health: How Wearable Technology Is the Key To Long-Term Fitness

News that Amazon has moved into the wearable health and fitness area with its Halo Band, Silicon UK considers the…

2 years ago

IBM Hit With Another Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Big Blue once again accused of axing older staff, after another age discrimination lawsuit is filed against grandfather of tech…

2 years ago

Visualizing Data: How Data Insights Could Be About To Change

Gartner recently noted a shift away from data dashboard. Is this a trend that will continue? As businesses collect vast…

2 years ago

The Tech Of Crime Part 2: Policing And Data

Much of the work being done today to fight crime is analyzing the vast quantities of data every police force…

2 years ago

COVID Commerce: How Retailing Will Be Reshaped By The Pandemic

COVID-19 may have changed the retail landscape forever. What will retailing look like in a post-COVID-19 world? Will the high…

2 years ago