Lay Off

Dyson Axes Plan For Electric Car, 500 Jobs At Risk

Despite receiving government funding, Dyson says electric car project is not “commercially viable”

1 month ago

Robots To Replace 20 Million Factory Jobs

Rise of the robots! Automation to replace ten millions of jobs in next 11 years, report warns

5 months ago

AI To Create Jobs, Claims PwC Report

Artificial intelligence will create as many jobs as it displaces by boosting economic growth, says analyst

1 year ago

Google Staff Quit Over Military Drone Project

Project Maven with Pentagon sees 4,000 Google staff petition management against it, with some resigning in protest

1 year ago

Report Alleges IBM Age Discrimination With Layoffs

Big Blue allegedly flouts rules against age bias, axing mostly older staff and moving jobs overseas

2 years ago

IT Firm Head Apologises For ‘Joke’ Suggesting Labour Voter Redundancies

Storm Technologies Boss said email claiming Labour voters would be let go if business slowed down was just banter

2 years ago

Amazon To Cut Jobs At Quidsi Family Technology Division

Efforts to return Amazon's Quidsi unit to profitability fail, so hundreds of jobs will be terminated

3 years ago

Oracle’s Growing Cloud Focus Leads To Another Mass Jobs Cull

Hardware and software developers face the axe as growing cloud focus results in casualties

3 years ago

Enterprises Need To Consider The Human Cost Of Blanket Digital Transformation

OPINION: The speed of change could leave thousands out of work and without the right skills

3 years ago

Fujitsu To Cut 1,800 UK Jobs In 2017

But the Brexit is not to blame, Japanese giant claims

3 years ago