Lay Off

Google Fires 28 Staff Over Israel Protest, Undertakes More Layoffs

Protest at cloud contract with Israel results in staff firings, in addition to layoffs of unspecified number of employees

4 days ago

Tesla To Ask Shareholders To Reinstate Elon Musk’s $56 Billion Package

Tesla shareholders to be asked to reinstate Elon Musk's $56 billion pay package, days after Musk confirmed staff layoffs

5 days ago

Tesla Cuts More Than 10 Percent Of Workforce

Tesla lays off more than 10 percent of staff worldwide amidst slower growth, tougher competition from China

7 days ago

OpenAI Fires Two Researchers Over Information Leaks

OpenAI fires two researchers for leaking information in first known shake-up since Sam Altman briefly forced out last year

7 days ago

AI To Reduce Worker Numbers, Staffing Firm Adecco Warns

Survey from staffing firm Adecco warns AI will lead to many companies employing fewer people in the next five years

2 weeks ago

Apple Axes 600 Staff In First Layoffs Since Pandemic

Hundreds of Apple staff are to be handed their marching orders, reportedly centred on cancelled self-driving EV project

2 weeks ago

Amazon Web Services Lays Off Hundreds Of Staff

More job losses at Amazon, as AWS unit eliminates several hundred positions in sales, marketing and tech sections

3 weeks ago

Ericsson To Cut 1,200 Jobs in Sweden Amid ‘Challenging’ Market

Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson blamed “challenging mobile networks market” and “further volume contraction” for job losses

4 weeks ago

Vodafone Germany Confirms 2,000 Job Losses, Amid European Restructuring

More downsizing at Vodafone after German operation announces 2,000 jobs will be axed, as automation increases in the future

4 weeks ago

AI Poses ‘Jobs Apocalypse’, Warns Report

IPPR report warns AI could remove almost 8 million jobs in the United Kingdom, with low paid, youngsters and women…

4 weeks ago

Electronic Arts Cuts 5 Percent Of Staff Amidst Jobs Bloodbath

Electronic Arts latest videogame company to engage in mass layoffs as industry continues to reel from pandemic overhiring

2 months ago

Apple Cancels Much Delayed Electric Car Project

Project Titan is dead. Apple reportedly winds down its delayed electric car project, after a decade of research and development

2 months ago

Expedia To Cut 8 Percent Of Workforce

After replacing its CEO earlier this month, Expedia confirms it will axe 1,500 jobs, or 8 percent of its workforce

2 months ago

Twitter Ghana Staff Finally Paid, More Than A Year After Layoffs

X, formerly Twitter, reaches settlement with Ghana-based staff more than a year after they were sacked in November 2022

2 months ago

Cisco Confirms It Will Cut More Than 4,000 Jobs

Bad news confirmed for employees at Cisco, after business confirms that more than 4,000 jobs are to be axed

2 months ago

Cisco To Cut ‘Thousands Of Jobs’ – Report

Staff at Cisco brace for bad news ahead of an earning statement this week, amid reports of thousands of layoffs

2 months ago

Amazon Cuts Hundreds Of Jobs In Health Units

More layoffs at Amazon as cost-cutting continues, with hundreds of jobs being axed at Pharmacy and One Medical divisions

2 months ago

PayPal To Axe 9 Percent Of Global Workforce

Another blow for jobs market. PayPal to lay off 2,500 jobs as part of move to “right-size” the payments firm

3 months ago

Salesforce Lays Off 700 Staff – Report

American CRM giant Salesforce is reportedly reducing its workforce again, on top of a sizeable reduction back in 2023. The…

3 months ago

Microsoft Axes 1,900 Staff After Activision Acquisition

Microsoft adds to job gloom after axing 9 percent of its gaming division, after closing the Activision Blizzard acquisition

3 months ago

CEO Of eBay Confirms 1,000 Job Losses

Internal memo to eBay staff confirms 1,000 jobs or 9 percent of full-time employees, will be axed to ensure firm's…

3 months ago

SAP To Restructure 8,000 Jobs, Amid Business AI Push

Restructuring plan at SAP will impact 8,000 jobs, as firm focuses “on scalability of operations and Business AI”

3 months ago

Riot Games Cuts 11 Percent Of Staff In Latest Industry Job Losses

Tencent's Riot Games to cut 11 percent of staff as gaming industry continues 'course correction' after mass pandemic hiring

3 months ago

Amazon Lays Off 5 Percent Of Staff At ‘Buy With Prime’ Unit

Layoff misery continues as Amazon cuts 5 percent of staff at its 'Buy with Prime' unit, after cuts to other…

3 months ago

Google CEO Warns Staff To Expect More Job Cuts – Report

Internal memo from CEO Sundar Pichai warns Google staff to brace for more job cuts, as the firm has to…

3 months ago

Google Axes Hundreds Of Staff In Ad Sales Team

More job loss misery at Google, after it confirmed hundreds of job losses in ad sales team, after 1,000 layoffs…

3 months ago

Amazon Cuts Staff In Audible, Prime Video and MGM Studio Divisions

Bad week this week for staff at Amazon divisions, with job losses at Twitch, Prime Video, MGM Studies, and Audible…

3 months ago

Google Axes Staff In Assistant, Hardware, Engineering Teams

Hundreds of job losses at Google, as staff are handed marching orders across multiple teams, amid exit of FitBit co-founders

3 months ago

Twitch To Lay Off 35 Percent Of Staff – Report

Amazon-owned Twitch is handing a sizeable portion of its workforce the worst news in early 2024 by axing their jobs

3 months ago

SpaceX Illegally Fired Staff Critical Of Elon Musk, Says US Agency

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) alleges SpaceX illegally fired staff who in 2022 had denounced Elon Musk's behaviour

4 months ago