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Coronavirus: Google To Allow Staff To Work From Home Until July 2021

Coronavirus consequence. Search engine giant extends work at home option for its worldwide workforce until at least July 2021

2 weeks ago

Coronavirus: Google Delays Re-opening US Offices

Google offices in the United States are to remain shut until September, as Coronavirus infections surge in certain parts of…

1 month ago

Microsoft Retail Stores To Close Permanently

No surprise? Microsoft is calling time on its 83 retail Stores globally, and will transform four flagship outlets into “experience…

1 month ago

IBM To Cut Thousands Of Jobs, But Will Still Pay Shareholders

Another round of layoffs is on the cards for IBM employees, as new CEO swings the headcount axe, but insists…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Tech Firms To Allow Staff To Work From Home For Most Of 2020

As some parts of the world emerge from Coronavirus lockdowns, a number of tech firms are telling staff they can…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Uber To Axe 14 Percent Of Workforce

The impact of the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic sees Uber announce that it will cut 3,700 jobs, or 14 percent…

3 months ago

BT Suspends Dividend To Funnel Investment Into FTTP Broadband, 5G

For the first time in a decade BT suspends its dividend to free up cash for investment in fibre to…

3 months ago

Coronavirus: Hundreds Of Amazon Staff Call In Sick In Covid-19 Protest

Amazon reportedly facing mass protest from workers in protests over safety in its warehouses amid the global Coronavirus pandemic

4 months ago

IBM Looks To Have Settled Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Big Blue looks to have settle an age discrimination lawsuit after it allegedly axed mostly older staff and move jobs…

4 months ago

Coronavirus: Amazon Fires Two More Staff Critical Of Warehouse Conditions

E-commerce giant fires two more workers after they criticised working conditions in warehouses amid the Coronavirus pandemic

4 months ago

Carphone Warehouse To Close All Standalone Stores

Nothing to do with the coronavirus outbreak...Carphone Warehouse to close all standalone stores, which will result in the loss of…

5 months ago

Oracle To Cut 1,300 Jobs In Europe – Report

Oracle staff in Europe reportedly called in for meetings on Wednesday where they are warned 1,300 jobs will be cut…

5 months ago

Avast Closes Jumpshot Division After Privacy Row

Security firm Avast announces it is immediately winding down Jumpshot division and terminating data sharing with it, following privacy scandal

6 months ago

Nokia Cuts Jobs As It Ramps Up 5G Investment

Finnish equipment maker Nokia pledges to increase its investment in developing 5G technology, but at the same time confirms 180…

7 months ago

HP Board Once Again Rejects Xerox’s Advances

We are still not interested. HP's board of directors once again rejects an unsolicited takeover approach from Xerox, saying it…

7 months ago

Google Accused By US Union Of Illegally Firing Staff

Staff issues. Communications Workers of America union files federal labour charge against Google over its firing of four members of…

8 months ago

Google Fires Four Staffers For Data Policy Violations

But staff activists allege that Google fired the four employees in attempt to quash workers attempts to organise protests

9 months ago

Dyson Axes Plan For Electric Car, 500 Jobs At Risk

Despite receiving government funding, Dyson says electric car project is not “commercially viable”

10 months ago

Robots To Replace 20 Million Factory Jobs

Rise of the robots! Automation to replace ten millions of jobs in next 11 years, report warns

1 year ago

AI To Create Jobs, Claims PwC Report

Artificial intelligence will create as many jobs as it displaces by boosting economic growth, says analyst

2 years ago

Google Staff Quit Over Military Drone Project

Project Maven with Pentagon sees 4,000 Google staff petition management against it, with some resigning in protest

2 years ago

Report Alleges IBM Age Discrimination With Layoffs

Big Blue allegedly flouts rules against age bias, axing mostly older staff and moving jobs overseas

2 years ago

IT Firm Head Apologises For ‘Joke’ Suggesting Labour Voter Redundancies

Storm Technologies Boss said email claiming Labour voters would be let go if business slowed down was just banter

3 years ago

Amazon To Cut Jobs At Quidsi Family Technology Division

Efforts to return Amazon's Quidsi unit to profitability fail, so hundreds of jobs will be terminated

3 years ago

Oracle’s Growing Cloud Focus Leads To Another Mass Jobs Cull

Hardware and software developers face the axe as growing cloud focus results in casualties

4 years ago

Enterprises Need To Consider The Human Cost Of Blanket Digital Transformation

OPINION: The speed of change could leave thousands out of work and without the right skills

4 years ago

Fujitsu To Cut 1,800 UK Jobs In 2017

But the Brexit is not to blame, Japanese giant claims

4 years ago

M&S Confirms HQ Job Cull And IT Jobs Move

Bad news for the capital: Marks & Spencer to move IT and logistic jobs away from London

4 years ago

IBM Claims It’s Hired 30,000 Staff As Non-Cloud Workers Get The Boot

Internal email describes massive hiring spree as IBM's "resource planning" scoops up skills for cloud and cognitive computing

4 years ago

IBM Prepares Massive Round Of Job Cuts

P45 time for US staffers at IBM as reports emerge of large scale layoffs with reduced severance packages

4 years ago