mobile OS

Bill Gates Claims Windows Mobile Could Have Beaten Android

Windows Phone predecessor operating system, should have been the leading mobile OS, not Android, if not for DoJ antitrust probe…

6 days ago

Apple iPhone 5 Users Warned To Update iOS Now, Or Lose Functionality

Users of older Apple devices warned to immediately update the iOS due to 'GPS time rollover issue'

2 weeks ago

Google Wins Android Phone Maker Backing In EU Antitrust Appeal

Appeal against 4.3 billion euro antitrust fine sees Google gaining valuable support from two phone makers

1 month ago

Microsoft President Calls For US To End Huawei Ban

US national security will not be impacted if Huawei is able to use Microsoft's OS and software, says Brad Smith

2 months ago

Android 10 To Arrive Next Week

Google support staff let slip the release date for Android 10, previously known as Android Q

3 months ago

Google Announces End Of Dessert Names For Android

No more internal codenames like Jellybean, Lollipop or Marshmellow for Android releases, Google confirms

3 months ago

Apple Faces Russian Probe After Kaspersky Complaint

Russian watchdog investigates Apple, after it declined to approve Kaspersky Lab’s Safe Kid app

3 months ago

Apple Profits Slide Again, As Wearables, Services Grow

iPhone slowdown. Revenues from wearables and services helped offset another slump in iPhone sales during last quarter

3 months ago

Huawei Says Hongmeng OS Will Not Replace Android

Chinese firm insists that Android will continue as smartphone OS, and that Hongmeng is not a replacement

4 months ago

Google Faces Play Store Challenge From Tinder – Report

Dating app is latest to challenge app store fees, with payment system that entirely avoids Google Play store

4 months ago