Public Sector Leaders Admit Personal Toll From Pandemic

Pure Storage study finds only 6 percent of public sector leaders admit they were extremely prepared for the Coronavirus pandemic

2 months ago

How Voice Control is Coming to Your Enterprise

As smart speakers continue to expand in the home, using voice to control a range of devices is now familiar.…

3 months ago

FinTech Part 3: The Future Of FinTech

FinTech offers many new ways to bank and manage money. With Open Banking gaining pace, what does this mean for…

9 months ago

FinTech Part 2: Building the FinTech Ecosystem

How are FinTech companies innovating? What's the tech that sits behind the development of their apps and support networks, and…

11 months ago

Digital Pollution: Cleaning Your Digital Footprint

As businesses strive to reduce their emissions, their digital services and processes are often forgotten. Taking a comprehensive approach to…

11 months ago

Automation Part 2: Your First Robot Employee

Automation in the workplace will have many forms. The rise of AI could usher in new businesses processes that need…

11 months ago

Automation Part 1: The Robots Are Coming

Is it hyperbole about the coming automation revolution? Are robots about to take our jobs? In this first feature, we…

12 months ago

Azure: The Future for Your Datacentre?

With Microsoft switching off Windows Server 2008, there is a distinct push to adopt Azure. Is this a good move?…

12 months ago

FinTech Part 1: A New Payments and Banking Landscape

As one of the fastest-growing sectors, FinTech is building technologies and services that will touch every consumer and business. In…

12 months ago

So, you want to be a CIO?

The role of the CIO is evolving with more of a focus on revenue and strategy, according to the 2019…

12 months ago

Silicon in Focus: Florian Roth, Chief Information Officer: SAP SE

SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, helping companies of all sizes and in all industries. 77% of…

1 year ago

The Promise of the Blockchain

The blockchain could become one of the most disruptive technologies ever created. However, with sluggish uptake, what is preventing the…

1 year ago

Tech Trends and Challenges for CIOs and CTOs in 2020

As 2020 approaches, Silicon asks CIOs and CTOs what the tech landscape will look like and, what challenges they expect…

1 year ago

Wearable Healthcare: Vital Signs for CTO Innovation

As the wearable technology sector continues to expand, CTOs considering their company's next innovation in this space should pay close…

1 year ago

Giving With a Tap: Charity Technology in Action

The charity sector has been rapidly adopting new technologies to keep pace with how giving has changed. Today, charities and…

1 year ago

Machine Intelligence: The Value of Today’s AI

As the co-founder and CTO of Rainbird Technologies, Ben is the driving force behind the fusion of human expertise and…

1 year ago

Data Lakes and Big Data Analytics

As the quantities of data collected today by businesses grow exponentially, managing and then analyzing these vast datasets is now…

1 year ago

Making Sense of Big Data

Data is your business’s most precious commodity. Finding value and actionable insight in Big Data are vital components of all…

1 year ago

What is low code?

We speak to low code firm Outsystems about the growing sector, which many predict is going to revolutionise how businesses…

1 year ago

Tech Quiz: Tech At The Movies

With Blade Runner 2049 out, we decided it was time to test your movie knowledge!

3 years ago

Technology Business Management ‘Can Change The Game’ For IT

Digital transformation has elevated IT departments to being central to business success, which means they need to be run differently

4 years ago

Google Opens Its Digital Skills Academy During London Tech Week

The academy is a demonstration that Google does not fear Brexit

4 years ago

Dell EMC Stakes Its Claim To Lead Digital Transformation In A Multi-Cloud World

Dell EMC World 2017: Dell pitches for a multi-cloud future as it sets out its strategy for 2017 and beyond

4 years ago

Ulster University IoT Network To Power Connected Health Research

Ulster University is first university to launch a SIGFOX IoT network and the first in Northern Ireland

4 years ago

Barclays New London Fintech Site Is ‘Europe’s Largest’

Barclays gives boost to London's fintech community post-Brexit as it seeks to work with startups on future of banking

4 years ago

Specsavers Digital Transformation Project Puts Tech At The Heart Of ‘Everything’

New partnership with Fujitsu will transform ecommerce, supply, logistics and protect Specsavers from threats

4 years ago

GDS Addresses Legacy IT In Revised Tech Code Of Practice

No sweeping changes, but GDS aims to simplify the road to government digital transformation

4 years ago

IT Life: Mark Corley, CTO at Avanade UK

Mark Corley, chief technology officer at Avanade UK, discusses IoT, AI, and doggedly sticking with the Windows Phone

4 years ago

NCSC To Train Private-Sector Security Staff

The centre allow the government to draw on private-sector expertise and vice-versa.

4 years ago

Tech Quiz: The Week In Review (10th February 2017)

NSA data leak, government reveals, and corporate purchases; what do you remember about the week in technology?

4 years ago