Wikipedia Bans Seven Chinese Users Citing ‘Infiltration’

Wikimedia Foundation bans seven users in China for 'infiltration of Wikimedia systems' that has resulted in 'physical harm' of users

19 hours ago

Integrate with SAP: A guide to unified data and a cohesive UX across all business apps

Whether you’re a hungry consumer ordering a pizza for delivery or an under-pressure supplier trying to track orders for parts,…

1 week ago

Diversity and Inclusion in Tech

A lack of diversity and inclusion has been a significant issue for many industries. However, tech enterprises are showing the…

3 weeks ago

Bill Gates Officially Divorced From Melinda

Marriage of 27 years between Microsoft's co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates and Melinda officially ended this week after court…

1 month ago

Google Reveals ‘New Chapter’ For Bug Bounty Program

Google's 'vulnerability reward program' has found over 11,000 bugs and paid out $29m over past ten years, but now has…

2 months ago

Microsoft Thrives Thanks To Azure Growth

Software giant posts record results, as certain business segments (Azure) thrive during Coronavirus pandemic, but others struggle

2 months ago

3 Quality Assurance Tools That Will Take Your Business From Good to Great

Quality over quantity is an excellent rule of thumb, especially for business owners who are trying to strengthen their brand…

2 months ago

Silicon UK Podcast: How Much Technical Debt Does Your Business Have?

OutSystems reports that 69% of IT leaders identify technical debt as a major threat to their companies’ ability to innovate.…

2 months ago

Firefox 90 Improves Tracking Blocking For Private Browsing

Latest web browser from Mozilla Foundation further improves private browsing thanks to version 2 of the SmartBlock feature

2 months ago

President Biden Targets Tech Monolopies, Data Collection

Sweeping executive order signed by US President Joe Biden on Friday targets tech giant domination, broadband provision, data collection, right…

2 months ago

Microsoft Now Valued At $2 Trillion

Software giant Microsoft joins Apple, as it cross the $2 trillion threshold to become only the second company to reach…

3 months ago

Google Opens Doors Of First Ever Retail Store

Google retail store in a trendy New York neighbourhood open doors for businesses, to showcase hardware devices and online services…

3 months ago

Satya Nadella Confirmed As Microsoft Chairman

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has had another role added to his responsibilities, with the position of chairman of the board

3 months ago

Microsoft To Sell Products From Its ‘Experience Centres’

A year after Microsoft closed down all its retail stores and kept some 'experience centres', it will once again sell…

3 months ago

Google Approved To Build Mega Campus In San Jose

Positive news for California, after San Jose city council approves Google plan to build multi-billion dollar campus spanning 80 acres

4 months ago

Snap Offers AR Glasses To ‘Select Creators’

Snap moves cautiously into augmented reality field with AR glasses offered to select creators of Snapchat's popular 'Lens' effects

4 months ago

Microsoft Investigated Bill Gates Over Alleged Affair With Employee

Bill Gates resignation from Microsoft board in 2020 reportedly came amid investigation of alleged affair with Microsoft employee

4 months ago

Google Outlines Remote Working For Staff Going Forward

Google backtracks on remote working restrictions, and offers staff more flexible options for working at the office or home

4 months ago

Google Founders Larry Page, Sergey Brin Personal Fortune Grows

Share surge in Alphabet over the past year allows founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to join the exclusive $100…

5 months ago

Software Glitch Led To ‘Serious’ Tui Flight Incident

Investigators find 'simple' software problem due to language difference led to flight being more than one tonne heavier than expected

5 months ago

British Reseller Sues Microsoft Over Pre-owned Licences

British software reseller ValueLicensing alleges Microsoft is abusing its power over second hand software licences, and sues Redmond in High…

5 months ago

Google Wins Over Oracle In Decade-Long Case

US Supreme Court hands victory to Google in decade-long spat with Oracle over search giant's use of Java SE API…

5 months ago

Tencent’s Timi Studios ‘Made $10bn’ In 2020

Tencent's Timi Studios, developer of Call of Duty Mobile, reportedly brought in $10bn in revenues last year, possibly making it…

6 months ago

Microsoft 365 Restored After Outage

Problems with Microsoft 365 and Teams have been resolved Microsoft confirms, after outage on Thursday for thousands of people

6 months ago

UK Faces ‘Catastrophic’ Fall In Youth Seeking IT Skills

UK faces potentially 'catastrophic' digital skills shortage amidst plummeting numbers of young people seeking IT-related studies

6 months ago

Linux Vulnerable To Fifteen-Year-Old Security Bugs

Linux kernel's support for older hardware means some systems are vulnerable to flaws found in fifteen-year-old SCSI and iSCSI drivers

6 months ago

Mobile Gaming Pioneer Gordon Hall Dies At 51

Gordon Hall was founder of video game studio Rockstar Leeds and developer of some of the top-rated games in the…

6 months ago

Parler App Back Online Using ‘Independent’ Tech

Controversial social platform Parler, popular with the far right is now back online, but difficulties remain for its users

7 months ago

Microsoft To Remove Legacy Edge Browser In April

April Patch Tuesday update to remove legacy versions of the Edge browser, as Microsoft urges users to migrate to Chromium-based…

7 months ago