Telegram To Reach One Billion Users Within Year

Catching WhatsApp? Billionaire founder of Telegram claims encrypted platform will reach one billion users within a year

5 days ago

Meta Adds Messaging Interoperability For Whatsapp, Messenger

Meta turns on interoperability for Messenger and WhatsApp, to comply with EU digital markets act (DMA), but only if Signal…

1 month ago

Apple Beefs Up iMessage With Quantum-Proof PQ3 Protocol

Apple says PQ3 is a groundbreaking post-quantum cryptographic protocol to protect iMessage's end-to-end messaging

2 months ago

Apple Warns UK Against Instituting ‘Secret Veto’ On Security Tech

Amendments to Investigatory Powers Act amount to 'secret veto' enabling UK government to block new security features worldwide, Apple argues

3 months ago

AI Challenges Notion That All Fingerprints Are Unique

Researchers find AI can match prints from different fingers of same person with high degree of accuracy, challenging core tenet…

3 months ago

China Cracks Apple Encryption, Claims It Can Identify AirDrop Senders

Apple's encryption for AirDrop file-sharing has alleged being cracked, as Chinese authorities claim they can ID senders

3 months ago

Ofcom’s Age Verification Proposals Pose ‘Significant’ Privacy, Security Risk

Open Rights Group slams Ofcom's proposals for age verification checks on porn websites, citing privacy and security concerns

5 months ago

Online Safety Act Becomes Law In Blow To Campaigners

Online Safety Act receives Royal Assent, and government claims it will make the UK safest place in the world to…

6 months ago

Okta’s Latest Cyber Breach Knocks Billions Off Company Value

Not again. Another security breach admission from Okta wipes more than $2 billion off its market valuation

6 months ago

Google Ditches Passwords In Favour Of Passkeys

Google to make 'passkeys' the default login option for Google Accounts, as it seeks to transition to a password free…

6 months ago

Google To Tweak Gmail To Combat Spammers

Battling the spammers. Google makes changes to Gmail to make life more difficult for those send thousands of emails a…

6 months ago

UK Urges Meta Not To Add End-To-End Encryption

Government minister urges Meta not deploy end-to-end encryption on Instagram and Facebook Messenger, after passing of Online Safety Bill

7 months ago

UK Online Safety Bill Set To Become Law

Government ignores tech objections, as Online Safety Bill looks set to become UK law after passing both houses of parliament

7 months ago

Government Abandons Plan To Scan Encrypted Messages

Online Safety Bill climbdown? After tech platforms threaten to quit UK, government abandons plan to scan encrypted messages

8 months ago

X To Collect Biometric Data, Employment, Education History

Platform formerly known as Twitter is to begin collecting people's biometric data, as well as employment and school history

8 months ago

Secureworks Discovers Vulnerability In Microsoft Identity Solution

Microsoft rushes fix after Secureworks researchers uncovered a vulnerability in Power Platform (now known as Entra ID)

8 months ago

Kenya Halts Worldcoin Data Collection, Citing Privacy

Setback for Sam Altman's Worldcoin cryptocurrency project in Africa, as Kenya halts its iris-scanning data collection scheme

9 months ago

Apple Warns Of FaceTime, iMessage Withdrawal In UK Over Act Changes

UK government warned by Apple it will not comply with proposed updates to Investigatory Powers Act, and could withdraw FaceTime,…

9 months ago

Online Safety Bill: Lords Demand Changes To Social Media Algorithms

House of Lords fails to object to encryption demands in Online Safety Bill, but rather harmful algorithms for social media

9 months ago

Apple Objects To Spy Clause In UK Online Safety Bill

Apple adds to criticism of spy powers in Online Safety Bill that could force messaging firms to scan encrypted messages

10 months ago

EncroChat Shutdown Results In Thousands Of Arrests

Europol says 2020 takedown of EncroChat has so far resulted in 6,558 arrests worldwide, including nearly 200 high value targets

10 months ago

Meta Paid Verification Arrives For UK Users

Paid verification for Instagram and Facebook, dubbed Meta Verified, launches in UK at a cost of £9.99 per month for…

11 months ago

Sam Altman Start-Up Worldcoin ‘Close To Securing $100m’

Worldcoin, co-founded by OpenAI chief Sam Altman, close to securing $100m in new funding round amidst 'crypto winter'

11 months ago

Google Deploys Passkeys, Cites ‘Beginning Of End’ For Passwords

No need for a password to login into Google accounts, as they now support passkeys to replace passwords and 2FA

12 months ago

Quarter of Staff Duplicate Passwords, Survey Finds

World Password Day. Survey from law firm Womble Bond Dickinson finds 25 percent of staff duplicate their passwords

12 months ago

Celebrities Lose Blue Ticks, As Twitter Purges Legacy Verified Accounts

Well known celebrities and public figures lose legacy blue tick verification status, as Ricky Gervais etc mock Elon Musk's move

1 year ago

Netflix Ends DVD By Post, Amid Password-Sharing Crackdown

Mostly positive results from Netflix, as streaming giant winds down legacy DVD via post program and expands password crackdown

1 year ago

WhatsApp Will Not Comply With UK Online Safety Bill

WhatApp becomes second major platform to indicate it will not comply with the UK's revised Online Safety Bill

1 year ago

LastPass Admits Hackers Obtained Customer Password Vaults

Password manager's update on its August breach confirms customer password vault was stolen, as security experts slate the firm

1 year ago