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Wi-Fi Alliance Opens Wi-Fi 6 Certification

Wireless Internet is about to get much faster after launch of the official Wi-Fi 6 certification for routers and other…

6 hours ago

Multiple Vulnerabilities in D-Link, Comba Routers, Warns Trustwave

D-Link and Comba slated for poor response to discovery of multiple vulnerabilities found on their routers

5 days ago

Pacific Undersea Cable Faces National Security Concerns

Undersea cable funded by Google and Facebook faces DoJ national security concerns over a Chinese investor

3 weeks ago

Fibre To The Premise Connections Costings – BT CEO

Costings of the full-fat fibre (or FTTC) deployment to UK houses and businesses revealed by BT CEO

1 month ago

OneWeb Satellite Network Denies Russia Refused Approval

Satellite firm denies Russia refused approval for it to use radio frequencies in that country

1 month ago

Most Brits Just Want Reliable, Not Faster Broadband

Broadband speed need? Not really, as Nominet finds most Brits would opt for reliability over speed

2 months ago

OneWeb Satellite Network Fails To Gain Russian Approval

Russia continues to say 'net' to British firm's plan to offer broadband satellite services in that country

2 months ago

Openreach Announces New FTTP Locations

Acceleration of fibre to the premise (FTTP) program at Openreach, with the addition of 36 new locations

2 months ago

Vodafone, O2 Agree 5G Network Site Sharing Deal

Good news for 5G. Equipment and site sharing for 5G network agreed between O2 and Vodafone

2 months ago

4G Mobile Coverage To Arrive On The Tube In 2020

London Underground is to have 4G access across entire Tube network by mid 2020, TfL announces

2 months ago