UK Government Drops Controversial Porn Age Checks

Long standing plan to introduce age checks on porn websites has been dropped by the British government

1 day ago

Russia Seeks User Ban For Sharing ‘Illegal Content’

Online freedom clampdown? Russian lawmarkers draft bill to block email or messenger users who circulate 'banned' content

1 week ago

Google Halts News Snippets For French Users

Controversial European copyright law results in French users losing the ability to view Google news snippets

3 weeks ago

Porn Age Checks To Be Delayed – Again

UPDATED - Government confirms six month delay to porn age checking after it fails to inform Brussels

4 months ago

Julian Assange Extradition Order Signed By Home Secretary

Court now decides, after Sajid Javidsigned a request for Julian Assange to be extradited to the United States

4 months ago

President Putin Signs Bill To Isolate Internet In Russia

Controversial law will route Russian web traffic through points controlled by Russian government

6 months ago

Google, Facebook To Work With Samaritans On Unsafe Content

Health Secretary announces tech giants will work with Samaritans to limit harmful online content

6 months ago

Facebook Bans Far Right Groups

Hate crackdown continues as Facebook bans Nick Griffin, Britain First, BNP and National Front

6 months ago