Apple Removes Quran App In China

Apple takes down popular Quran app in China after government request, as critics call company hypocritical for working with authoritarian…

3 days ago

Microsoft Shutters LinkedIn In China Over Increasing Censorship

LinkedIn, China's last major US-operated social network, is being closed down, due to Beijing's increasing censorship of the online world

7 days ago

Russian Watchdog Warns Facebook Of Hefty Fine

Facebook warned it faces fine of up to 10 percent of its annual turnover in Russia, for failing to remove…

3 weeks ago

Google, Apple Pull Alexei Navalny App After Russian Demand

Voting app belonging to poisoned and jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny pulled from both Apple and Google app stores in…

1 month ago

Wikipedia Bans Seven Chinese Users Citing ‘Infiltration’

Wikimedia Foundation bans seven users in China for 'infiltration of Wikimedia systems' that has resulted in 'physical harm' of users

1 month ago

Texas Law Bans Social Media ‘De-Platforming’

US state of Texas passes law that prohibits social media companies from removing users based on their views, following Donald…

1 month ago

Aussie Court Rules Publishers Liable For Comments On Facebook Pages

Court in Australia shifts responsibility for harmful online content found on the Facebook pages of local publishers or media companies

1 month ago

Amazon Seeks ‘More Active’ Role In Removing Banned Cloud Content

Amazon reportedly looking to take more active role in removing cloud content that violates terms after Islamic State propaganda found…

2 months ago

Apple Urged To Drop CSAM Scanning Plans By Campaigners

More than 90 privacy groups urge Apple to abandon plans to scan children's messages, and the iPhone's of adults for…

2 months ago

China Approves Far-Reaching Privacy Law

Beijing approves tough new rules about the collection and use of personal data, including stronger rules governing surveillance systems

2 months ago

Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene, Again

Third suspension from Twitter for Republican far-right conspiracy theorist Marjorie Taylor Greene, who tweeted misinformation about Covid vaccines

2 months ago

Twitter Hiring To Comply With New Indian Rules

Local fall guys? Twitter appoints interim chief compliance officer and seeks two other executives for troubled Indian office

4 months ago

Tech Giants Could Withdraw Services Over Hong Kong Doxxing Bill

China's bill that will clampdown on 'doxxing' in Hong Kong, could force Facebook, Google, Twitter and others tech giants to…

4 months ago

Twitter Loses Protection Liability Over User Content In India

Tense standoff for Twitter in India continues, after government strips the platform of its user content liability protection

4 months ago

Russia Fines Facebook $235,000 Over ‘Illegal Content’

Russia penalises Facebook again for hosting 'illegal content', after social network highlights Russian disinformation campaign

4 months ago

Facebook Bans Trump For Two Years

Facebook is to review its ban Donald Trump after two years due to Oversight Board criticism, as company revises its…

5 months ago

Tech Groups File Lawsuit Against Florida Social Media Law

Court challenge by NetChoice and the Computer & Communications Industry Association against Florida social networking law

5 months ago

Twitter Concerned For Staff Safety, Alleges ‘Intimidation Tactics’ By Indian Police

Twitter concerned for the safety of its staff in India, after law enforcement visits local offices, which it says is…

5 months ago

Russia Threatens Google With Online Slowdown

Roskomnadzor watchdog says Google services will be slowed down in Russia if it fails to remove so called “unlawful content”

5 months ago

UK To Fine Social Media Firms That Fail To Remove Abuse

Social networking giants face stiff fines if harmful content is not removed, under the Government's much touted 'Online Safety Bill'

5 months ago

Twitter Suspends Account Sharing Trump Posts

Shutdown again. An account has been suspended by Twitter for sharing the posts from Donald Trump's new communications mouthpiece

6 months ago

Trump Launches ‘Communications’ Website

Banned from social media for instigating US Capitol riot, Trump launches 'straight from the desk' website to publish his content

6 months ago

Twitter Removes Critical Tweets Of Indian Government Covid Response

Indian government asks Twitter to remove tweets critical of official response, as the country battle terrible Coronavirus outbreak

6 months ago

Apple To Readmit Parler On App Store

Controversial social media app Parler is to be allowed back into Apple's App Store after removal following US Capitol storming

6 months ago

Apple, Google Slammed For Links To China

Prominent tech investor and co-founder of PayPal and Palantir, Peter Thiel, criticises both Apple and Google over links to China

7 months ago

Russia Extends Punitive Twitter Slowdown Into May

Russia extends punitive slowdown of Twitter services in country into next month as it tries to force social media company…

7 months ago

Twitter Soon To Be Blocked For Russian Users – Report

Russian authorities have repeated a warning that Twitter has one month to delete 'banned content', or it will be blocked…

7 months ago

Russia Slows Twitter And Threatens Total Ban

Amid protests for Alexei Navalny, Russia said it will slow down Twitter for alleged failure to remove banned content, and…

8 months ago

Parler App Back Online Using ‘Independent’ Tech

Controversial social platform Parler, popular with the far right is now back online, but difficulties remain for its users

8 months ago

Twitter Refuses Indian Request To Remove Accounts

Looming showdown. Indian government request for Twitter to remove 1,100 accounts and posts is refused by the micro-blogging platform

8 months ago