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Microsoft, IBM Join Forces With Linux Foundation To Fight Patent Trolls

Don't feed the trolls. Partnership to fight 'Patent Assertion Entities', otherwise known as patent trolls

2 days ago

Google Claims “Quantum Supremacy”, But IBM Disagrees

Google and IBM publicly clash after the former claimed to have achieved a quantum computing breakthrough

1 month ago

IBM Profit Slumps As Tech Services Struggles

Big fall in profits at Big Blue as tech services division declines, as does IBM's systems division

1 month ago

Judge Orders IBM To Hand Over Documents In Age Discrimination Case

Big Blue CEO Ginni Rometty ordered to hand over memos as part of age discrimination lawsuit

2 months ago

Google Claims ‘Quantum Supremacy’ Breakthrough

'Sycamore' quantum computer successfully carries out a task the fastest conventional supercomputer would take 10,000 years to complete

2 months ago

Hybrid cloud round table: Openstack, IBM, Rubrik, Scality, Capgemini

As the hybrid cloud continues to develop, Silicon spoke with several leading experts to gain their insights into current hybrid…

4 months ago

IBM Touts AI For Wimbledon Highlights, App Experience

Big Blue's 30 year partnership at Wimbledon continues with AI used to power App and highlights programme

4 months ago

Chinese Ministry Hackers Hit Eight Services Firms – Report

China’s Ministry of State Security implicated in report on hacking attacks on US and Japanese IT services giants

5 months ago

IBM Brings Watson AI To Rival Clouds

Watson AI services are set to become available on almost any infrastructure, including private clouds and multiple clouds, as IBM…

9 months ago