Google, Meta, TikTok Russian Debts Removed From Bailiff Database – Report

Debts allegedly 'owed' by Google, Meta and TikTok to the Russian government have been removed from state bailiff database

6 months ago

Ericsson Pleads Guilty Over Bribery Charges, Axes 8,500 Jobs

Thousands of staff impacted by headcount reduction, as giant telecoms giant pleads guilty to US bribery charges

1 year ago

Russia Threatens Wikipedia With Fines Over ‘False Information’

Despite global outrage at evidence of Russian war crimes in Bucha, Wikipedia is warned to remove 'false' information about Ukraine…

2 years ago

Russian Bailiffs Seize $12m From Google – Report

A 'patriotic' Russian TV channel alleges that bailiffs have seized 1 billion roubles ($12 million) in unpaid fines from Google,…

2 years ago

Italian Regulator Recalculates Apple, Amazon Fines

Italian regulator admits it has redetermined the fines against Apple and Amazon, over the sale of Apple and Beats products

2 years ago

Russia To Send Bailiffs To Collect Unpaid Facebook Fines

Send in the bailiffs! Court in Moscow instructs state bailiffs on Thursday to collect fines imposed on Facebook throughout the…

3 years ago

Google Appeals $591m Copyright Fine From French Watchdog

'Disproportionate fine' says Google, as it files appeal against 500 million euros penalty imposed by France’s competition regulator

3 years ago

Russia Fines Facebook $235,000 Over ‘Illegal Content’

Russia penalises Facebook again for hosting 'illegal content', after social network highlights Russian disinformation campaign

3 years ago

Intel Argues EU Antitrust Decision In 2009 Was ‘Fundamentally Flawed’

Over a decade later the billion euro antitrust penalty levied against chip giant Intel, continues to be played out in…

4 years ago

FCC Proposes To Fine US Telcos For Selling Location Data

Fines of more than $200m proposed for selling subscribers' real-time location data, but critics say the penalties are little more…

4 years ago

Equifax To Pay $700m For Data Breach Settlement

Very costly. Equifax reportedly to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for data breach settlement with US regulators

5 years ago

ICO: UK Data Breach Reports Up Four Times Under GDPR

Information commissioner urges firms to focus on 'getting it right' – but promises first GDPR penalties coming soon

5 years ago

Google Stung By 1.49bn Euro Fine Over Advertising Practices

Third EU fine in two years for Google as European Commission rules its advertising service broke antitrust rules

5 years ago

ICO Fines Businesses Over Failure To Pay New Data Protection Fees

Organisations face fines of up to £4,350 for failure to pay the new fees, which came into force this year…

6 years ago

ICO Slaps Verso Data Trader With £80,000 Fine

Information Commissioner also warns entire data broking industry over its handling of people's personal data

7 years ago

ICO Raids More Houses As Part Of Nuisance Call Crackdown

Investigation into accident claims calls has been ongoing since May 2016

7 years ago

Data Protection Watchdog Fines Eleven More UK Charities

Good causes doesn't excuse misuse of personal data says ICO, as it fines charities for 'wealth screening'

7 years ago

ICO Dishes Out £270,000 Nuisance Call Fine To Hampshire Firm

The fine is one of the biggest ever handed out by the ICO for nuisance calls

7 years ago

ICO Fines Travel Company £150,000 Over Data Breach

Inadequate security resulted in the loss of more than a million customer credit and debit card numbers

10 years ago

Microsoft Shareholder Sues Company Over EU ‘Browser Choice’ Mistake

A lawsuit tries to establish who’s to blame for a “technical error” which led to a £484 million fine

10 years ago

Italy Fines Google €1m Over Street View Gaffe

Italy hands out one of the stiffest European fines to Google over its StreetView cars

10 years ago

French Watchdog Fines Google Over Data Privacy Policy

CNIL hits Google with a record fine for failing to amend its privacy policies

10 years ago

FTC Agrees £14m Fine For Google Over Apple Safari

The FTC has approved a fine of $22.5 million against Google over claims it breached Apple Safari users’ privacy

12 years ago

Intel To Challenge Huge European Antitrust Fine

Intel is preparing to argue this summer that the EC's mammoth antitrust fine against the chip giant is unfair

12 years ago

Infosec: Information Commissioner Denies Private Sector ‘Pussyfooting’

The commissioner tells TechWeekEurope there is no bias towards the private sector, despite figures that would suggest otherwise

12 years ago

France Fines Google For Offering Free Maps

Google Maps is deemed anti-competitive in France

12 years ago

Apple Stung By Mammoth Fine From Italian Watchdog

Apple has been handed a £750,000 fine for misleading customers in Italy over statutory product guarantees

12 years ago

Facebook Settles Over Misleading Privacy Changes

Facebook has settled Federal Trade Commission charges of deceptive behaviour over privacy settings

13 years ago

Dodgy Bills Land Talk Talk And Tiscali £3m Fine

Billing customers for phantom services has landed Talk Talk and Tiscali with a multi-million pound fine

13 years ago

Google Takes $5M Hit In Bedrock Linux Patent Case

Google must pay Bedrock for infringing on Linux core patents which may also hit Android and other distributions

13 years ago