Musicians, Artists Call For Protection From AI

Big names in music industry sign open letter demanding a pledge from tech firms not to replace creative humans with…

2 months ago

Beijing Court Rules AI Artwork Can By Copyrighted

Beijing judge finds AI-generated artwork containing human intellectual input can be copyrighted in some cases, amidst explosion in AI tools

5 months ago

US Judge Denies Copyright For AI-Generated Artwork

US judge denies copyright to computer scientist for AI-generated artwork, calls human authorship 'bedrock requirement'

10 months ago

Google News Returns To Spain After 2014 Closure

After an eight year absence, Alphabet re-opens its Google News service for users in Spain, after a dispute over publisher…

2 years ago

Tolkien Estate Blocks ‘JRR Token’ Cryptocurrency

“You shall not pass!”, as Tolkien Estate takes legal action against cheeky developer of a cryptocurrency called JRR Token

3 years ago

Facebook’s Meta Name Faces Trademark Issue With PC Maker

Arizona-based Meta PCs filed a trademark for its name in August, placing it potentially on collision course with Meta/Facebook

3 years ago

US Copyright Office Adds Support For Right To Repair

With the right to repair movement supported by the Biden administration, US Copyright Office expands legal shield to fix tech…

3 years ago

Facebook Agrees To Pay French Newspapers

Social network giant Facebook signs copyright deal with local publishers - this time with a group representing French national and…

3 years ago

Google Appeals $591m Copyright Fine From French Watchdog

'Disproportionate fine' says Google, as it files appeal against 500 million euros penalty imposed by France’s competition regulator

3 years ago

Apple Files Appeal In Corellium Copyright Lawsuit

And so it continues. Despite settlement of one lawsuit, Apple has filed an appeal in another lawsuit against Corellium

3 years ago

Facebook Accused Of Using Content Of Three Australian Publishers

Dustup down under, as three Australian publishers allege Facebook used content for its news service without their permission

3 years ago

Apple Drops Corellium Lawsuit

Apple has dropped its copyright lawsuit against Corellium at the last minute, before the two sides were due to go…

3 years ago

Google Ordered To Pay $600m By French Watchdog

Ouch. Copyright dispute over online content in France sees competition regulator impose a 500 million euro (£427m) fine on Google

3 years ago

Google Wins Over Oracle In Decade-Long Case

US Supreme Court hands victory to Google in decade-long spat with Oracle over search giant's use of Java SE API…

3 years ago

News Corp Cuts Deal With Facebook In Australia

News Corp reaches three-year compensation deal with Facebook in Australia following row over law forcing tech giants to pay for…

3 years ago

Google To Pay £55m To French Publishers Under Copyright Deal

New copyright law spurs three-year Google deal with French national and local news publishers over online content reuse, but some…

3 years ago

French Appeals Court Orders Google To Talk To Publishers

Begin talks now about reusing content. French Appeals Court tells Google it must talk to French publishers over payments to…

4 years ago

Twitter Removes Trump Tweet After Copyright Complaint

Twitter continues to challenge tweets from US President Donald Trump, with takedown of tweet due to image copyright complaint

4 years ago

Google To Pay Publishers For ‘High Quality’ News In Three Countries

Regulatory pressure payout? Search engine confirms it will pay some news publishers in certain countries to license news content

4 years ago

Google Told By French Regulator To Pay For Re-using News Or Content

Google has been instructed by the French competition authority to pay French publishers and news agencies for re-using content or…

4 years ago

UK ‘Will Not Implement EU Copyright Directive’

Controversial provisions that Google argued would ban memes and GIFs will not be brought into UK law, as country departs…

4 years ago

Google Halts News Snippets For French Users

Controversial European copyright law results in French users losing the ability to view Google news snippets

5 years ago

Publishers Sue Amazon’s Audible Over Speech-To Text Feature

Publishers say Audible's Captions feature, set to debut next month, violates copyright law by converting audiobooks to text

5 years ago

Poland Files Complaint Against EU Copyright Rule Change

Complaint filed in Europe's top court against controversial copyright law change recently adopted by EU

5 years ago

Controversial EU Copyright Reform Clears Final Hurdle

EU member states, including the UK, adopt sweeping copyright changes intended to adjust rules for the digital age

5 years ago

European Parliament Backs Controversial Copyright Reform

The vote brings in sweeping reforms intended to ensure publishers and content creators are compensated for material used online, but…

5 years ago

EU Countries Endorse Copyright Reform

Bad news for tech firms and meme creators as European countries approve reform of copyright rules

5 years ago

EU Copyright Reform Delayed After Meeting Cancellation

Reprieve for memes? EU efforts to reform copyright rules hit a delay after key meeting is called off

5 years ago

European Parliament Approves Controversial Copyright Reforms

'A good sign for the creative industries in Europe', say those in favour, while opponents call the outcome 'catastrophic'

6 years ago