Hyperloop One To Close Down – Report

Futuristic travel experiment Hyperloop One to cease operations, as assets sold off and remaining staff made redundant

6 months ago

Virgin Orbit Shuts Down After Chapter 11 Filing

Sir Richard Branson ends Virgin Orbit operations going forward, with assets being sold off to rivals in space launch sector

1 year ago

Silvergate Bank To Close Down, Amid FTX Aftermath

Silvergate Capital, one of the two main banks for the crypto industry, announced on Wednesday that it will wind down…

1 year ago

Bitfront To Close Down, In Latest Crypto Failure

Latest casualty. Crypto exchange Bitfront confirms it is shutting down amid challenging crypto market, despite best efforts

2 years ago

Google To Shutter Gaming Service Stadia

No surprise there. Google admits Stadia gaming service has not gained traction and will closed down on 18 January

2 years ago

NSO Considers Sale Or Shutdown Of Pegasus Unit – Report

Blacklisted surveillance specialist NSO is reportedly considering selling the firm, or shutting down its Pegasus unit altogether

2 years ago

Microsoft Shutters LinkedIn In China Over Increasing Censorship

LinkedIn, China's last major US-operated social network, is being closed down, due to Beijing's increasing censorship of the online world

3 years ago

No Drone At Gatwick, Claims Former Drone Executive

There was no drone? Doubt cast on repeated drone sightings that closed Gatwick airport for days during the Christmas period…

3 years ago

Twitter To Shut Down Disappearing ‘Fleets’

Experiment with disappearing tweets is to end, after Twitter confirms “it’s time to say goodbye and take flight with other…

3 years ago

Donald Trump Shuts Comms Website After Just One Month

'From the desk of Donald Trump' communications website closes after just one month of operation, and will not be returning

3 years ago

LG Makes Its Last Ever Smartphone

That's all folks. LG this week reportedly ceases manufacturing smartphone handsets, with the last phone made on Monday 31 May

3 years ago

Twitter Soon To Be Blocked For Russian Users – Report

Russian authorities have repeated a warning that Twitter has one month to delete 'banned content', or it will be blocked…

3 years ago

Google Closes Internal Stadia Gaming Studios

Another closure. Internal Stadia gaming studios is being shuttered, but Google insists Stadia cloud platform will continue

3 years ago

Openreach Plots Closure Of 4,600 Local Telephone Exchanges

UK's transition to full fibre network, sees Openreach consultation on the closure of thousands of local telephone exchanges

4 years ago

Coronavirus: Apple Closes More Stores In US

As Coronavirus infections rise in the United States, Apple continues to close down more of its stores across seven American…

4 years ago

Carphone Warehouse To Close All Standalone Stores

Nothing to do with the coronavirus outbreak...Carphone Warehouse to close all standalone stores, which will result in the loss of…

4 years ago

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone Venture Closes Down

Father of Android Andy Rubin closes down Essential smartphone venture after releasing just one phone in a five year period

4 years ago

Apple Closes 42 Stores In China Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Deadly coronavirus outbreak in Chinese mainland has lead Apple to temporarily close 42 stores in that country, it has been…

4 years ago

Avast Closes Jumpshot Division After Privacy Row

Security firm Avast announces it is immediately winding down Jumpshot division and terminating data sharing with it, following privacy scandal

4 years ago

Carphone Warehouse To Close Nearly 100 Stores

More bad news for the high street as profit warning prompts decision to close 92 Carphone Warehouse stores

6 years ago

Yahoo To Close Maps, Pipes And Other Services

Yahoo is to close a number of products and regional websites, as well as end support for older Apple kit

9 years ago

Microsoft Abandons Its Mix Conference To Build A New One

Microsoft has cancelled its Mix 2012 conference for Web developers and designers in favour of a bigger event later

12 years ago

Megaupload Reveals The Need For User-Based Internet Legislation

Every cloud has a sinister lining or so the closure of MegaUpload and TV-Shack appears to indicate, writes Eric Doyle

12 years ago

Megaupload File Storage Site Closed By FBI For IPR Breaches

Megaupload has been closed down and its organisers arrested in a multinational action led by the US Justice Department

12 years ago

Google Squared Rounded Up In Labs Apps Closure

Google Labs has announced a timetable for the imminent closure of Google Squared and other services

13 years ago