Hacked Ring Camera Found In Child’s Bedroom

Parental nightmare. Video of young girl being shared online, shows her talking to stranger in her bedroom via hacked camera

1 month ago

Wearable Healthcare: Vital Signs for CTO Innovation

As the wearable technology sector continues to expand, CTOs considering their company's next innovation in this space should pay close…

2 months ago

Amazon Promoted Webcams Vulnerable To Hackers, Warns Which?

Cheap home security cameras, webcams and baby monitors, promoted by Amazon, are riddled with security flaws

4 months ago

IoT Device Popularity Poses Home Security Risk – Avast

Research from Avast warns the rise in IoT devices puts homes at greater risk of cyber-attack

7 months ago

Google Faces Italian Antitrust Probe Over Smart Devices

Alleged smart device domination by Google is under investigation by Italy's competition watchdog

8 months ago

Government Proposes New IoT Security Laws

New law to ensure basic cyber security features would be implemented in all Internet-connected products

9 months ago

IoT Devices Under Constant Attack

Cyxtera research finds sustained attacks, mostly from China, are being conducted against IoT devices

11 months ago

Bluetooth 5.1 Delivers Pinpoint Location Accuracy

Location services boost as new spec delivers exact location data, to within one centimetre

12 months ago

Nest CEO Steps Down As Google Brings Unit In-house

Time is up for Nest as a separate company, as Google incorporates it within its smart home division

2 years ago

Tapplock Smart Padlock Hackable With Smartphone

Researcher finds smart fingerprint padlock is not as secure as first thought, and can be unlocked in seconds

2 years ago