Google Court Case For Tracking Safari Users Receives Go Ahead

British court rules legal action against Google for tracking Safari users browser history can go ahead

2 months ago

Firefox 69 Blocks Tracking Cookies, Crypto-mining

No more cryptominers or third party tracking cookies, Mozilla promises with new Firefox release

3 months ago

Facebook To Give Users Tracking Data Opt-Out

Do not track. New tool to give users the ability to stop apps and businesses sharing their data to the…

3 months ago

WhatsApp Adverts To Appear In 2020, Facebook Confirms

Time to switch to Signal, Telegram? Facebook confirms WhatsApp will carry adverts from 2020

6 months ago

TfL To Collect Commuters Wi-Fi Data From July

VPN time? Commuters in London are to have Wi-Fi data collected to help improve journeys on the underground

6 months ago

LVMH Debuts Blockchain-Based Product Tracking

The Aura system is designed on a consortium model, allowing any luxury firm to use it to provide tracking services…

6 months ago

Google ‘Set To Roll Out’ Ad Tracker Blocking In Chrome

The move could help Google improve its privacy image – while at the same time giving it an advantage over…

7 months ago

Google To Auto-Delete Web Search History

Google to offer users the option to auto-delete location history and web search data that it harvests

7 months ago

High Court Blocks Mass Lawsuit Over Google iPhone Tracking

Judge calls Google's actions 'wrongful', but finds the Google You Owe Us group failed to prove users suffered damage

1 year ago

Mozilla To Block Firefox Ad-Tracking By Default

Firefox tightens its ad-tracking block credentials, for better privacy and to improve page loading speeds

1 year ago