Apple To Bank On Revised Retail Store Strategy

Doubling down on its retail stores, after Apple retail chief confirms post pandemic extension of its retail operations in US

7 months ago

Google Opens Doors Of First Ever Retail Store

Google retail store in a trendy New York neighbourhood open doors for businesses, to showcase hardware devices and online services…

7 months ago

Microsoft To Sell Products From Its ‘Experience Centres’

A year after Microsoft closed down all its retail stores and kept some 'experience centres', it will once again sell…

7 months ago

Google To Open Retail Store In New York

Good idea? Google retail store in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood will sell Pixel phones, FitBit devices and Nest products

8 months ago

Carphone Warehouse To Close All Standalone Stores

Nothing to do with the coronavirus outbreak...Carphone Warehouse to close all standalone stores, which will result in the loss of…

2 years ago

5G: A Retail Revolution?

With fast mobile broadband, low latency, edge computing and the Internet of Things about to become a reality thanks to…

3 years ago

Microsoft, Walmart Join Forces Against Amazon

Walmart is to use Microsoft's cloud services as it looks for ways to fend off pressure from Amazon

4 years ago

Microsoft Working On Shop Automation Tech To Rival Amazon Go

Microsoft is working with retailers to build checkout-free systems like the Amazon Go shop that opened to the public in…

4 years ago

Amazon Posts Largest Ever Profit thanks To Prime, AWS & Alexa

Couple of billion dollars added to Bezos backpocket as Amazon shares grow on positive results

4 years ago

Amazon Go Brings Checkout-Free Supermarket To Public

Amazon Go relies on sensors, cameras and artificial intelligence to tell when customers are taking items from shelves, eliminating checkout…

4 years ago

Morrisons ‘Ultimately Responsible’ For Rogue Employee Leaking Payroll Data

Supermarket Morrisons could be forced to pay compensation after rogue employee posted salary details online

4 years ago

Criteo: AI & Data Sharing Can Help Publishers & Retailers Fight Back Against Tech Giants

INTERVIEW: Criteo's Gregory Gazagne talks AI, machine learning, Brexit and why smaller publishers and retailers can compete with Google, Facebook…

4 years ago

Transportation, Sales & Retail Jobs ‘To Disappear’ As Robots Take Over

Automation and e-commerce are set to phase out 80 percent of transportation and warehousing jobs and 63 percent of sales…

4 years ago

Contactless At 10: One Third Of All Card Payments Made With A Tap

Two thirds of Brits have made a contactless card payments since the tech arrived in the UK in September 2007

4 years ago

CeX Admits Data Breach Could Impact 2m Online Customers

CeX says online users should change passwords but in-store customers are fine

4 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Amazon – From Online Book Retailer To Tech Giant

Scourge of the High Street? How a simple online book seller transformed itself into global e-commerce and tech giant

5 years ago

Westfield CIO: Data And Personalisation Are Key To Shopping Centre Survival

Shopping is fast becoming an online activity, but Westfield has a plan to keep consumers coming back to its two…

5 years ago

IT Life: Fraser Hardy, CTO Qudini

CTO and co-founder of Qudini Fraser Hardy talks about his career in IT

5 years ago

Heineken, Duracell & Tassimo Get Amazon Dash IoT Buttons

It's still not an April Fool. More brands get Amazon Dash one-tap ordering buttons as number reaches 65

5 years ago

Samsung Pay Is Now Supported By HSBC With American Express ‘Soon’

Samsung Pay now supports HSBC, M&S Bank and First Direct, even if a few are still missing

5 years ago

Amazon’s Buyout Of Whole Foods To Speed Up Its Move Into Grocery Sales

ANALYSIS: The on-line retailing giants long quest to become a major player in the grocery industry is about to come…

5 years ago

Salesforce Gives Some Personality To Commerce Cloud Einstein

Salesforce is pushing its Einstein AI platform hard and personalisation is the order of the day

5 years ago

Waitrose Quick Check Mobile Scan App Combines Best Of Physical & Online Retail

Waitrose Quick Check lets customers scan items as they move around the shop, saving time, boosting sales and giving supermarket…

5 years ago

Gumtree CTO: Giving Up Control Is Worth It To Foster Tech Responsibility

INTERVIEW: Gumtree UK CTO Bas Anneveld talks cloud, microservices, big data, security and the abolition of top down development

5 years ago

eBay: Big Data Can Humble A CEO And Change The Future Of Retail

eBay's head of analytics in Europe says big data will change both online and offline retail forever - if you…

5 years ago

Silicon 360: Gumtree UK CTO – Cloud Was Easier For Us But We Still Had Challenges

Gumtree UK CTO Bas Anneveld tells our Silicon 360 panel why it used the cloud and what challenges it faced…

5 years ago

Drone Crime Rises In UK As Switzerland Trials Deliveries

Incidents involving the use of drones in nuisance or criminal cases grew twelve-fold in the UK over the past two…

5 years ago

Jack Dorsey’s Square Mobile Payment System Arrives In UK

Square arrives in the UK, helping even the smallest of retailers digitise and accept mobile payments

5 years ago

Co-op Hopes Overhauled Network And IT Will Support Food Retail Growth

BT and Co-operative Group agree five year deal to overhaul IT infrastructure and make it simpler and easier to shop.…

5 years ago

DFS Embraces Rackspace, Cloud And Virtualisation To Drive Digital Transformation And Suck-Up Sales

INTERVIEW: DFS discusses how Rackspace partnership helps it cope with sale demand and how mobile, VR and AR are the…

5 years ago