Microsoft Shutters China Retail Stores

Microsoft reportedly shuts down all branded retail stores on Chinese mainland, four years after similar move internationally

2 weeks ago

UK Retailers Sue Amazon For £1bn Claiming Data Misuse

Independent retailers sue Amazon for £1bn in biggest-ever UK retail case alleging company misused their data to launch rival products

1 month ago

Travel, Retail Firms Say EU Rules Slash Their Google Traffic

Airline, hotel, retail firms say their interests must be taken into account in Google's implementation of EU Digital Markets Act

2 months ago

Elliott Walks Away From Currys Offer

Shares in Currys plunge as US investment firm Elliiott Advisers walks away from making offer after being rejected by board…

4 months ago

China’s Considers Bid For UK Retailer Currys

Currys may be focus of bidding war after rejected bid by US investment firm Elliott as e-commerce giant considers…

5 months ago

Apple Retail Workers In Maryland Begin Union Vote

Historic union vote is underway for Apple staff at its retail store in Maryland, amid trade union moves in other…

2 years ago

Apple Staff In Flagship NY Store Begin Steps To Unionise

Trouble for Tim? Staff at Apple's flagship New York store at the Grand Central Terminal begin process of unionising, say…

2 years ago

Amazon To Close 68 Retail Stores

All Amazon locations of its Pop Up, Amazon Books and 4-star stores, are to be closed in both America and…

2 years ago

Apple To Bank On Revised Retail Store Strategy

Doubling down on its retail stores, after Apple retail chief confirms post pandemic extension of its retail operations in US

3 years ago

Google Opens Doors Of First Ever Retail Store

Google retail store in a trendy New York neighbourhood open doors for businesses, to showcase hardware devices and online services…

3 years ago

Microsoft To Sell Products From Its ‘Experience Centres’

A year after Microsoft closed down all its retail stores and kept some 'experience centres', it will once again sell…

3 years ago

Google To Open Retail Store In New York

Good idea? Google retail store in New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood will sell Pixel phones, FitBit devices and Nest products

3 years ago

Carphone Warehouse To Close All Standalone Stores

Nothing to do with the coronavirus outbreak...Carphone Warehouse to close all standalone stores, which will result in the loss of…

4 years ago

5G: A Retail Revolution?

With fast mobile broadband, low latency, edge computing and the Internet of Things about to become a reality thanks to…

5 years ago

Microsoft, Walmart Join Forces Against Amazon

Walmart is to use Microsoft's cloud services as it looks for ways to fend off pressure from Amazon

6 years ago

Microsoft Working On Shop Automation Tech To Rival Amazon Go

Microsoft is working with retailers to build checkout-free systems like the Amazon Go shop that opened to the public in…

6 years ago

Amazon Posts Largest Ever Profit thanks To Prime, AWS & Alexa

Couple of billion dollars added to Bezos backpocket as Amazon shares grow on positive results

6 years ago

Amazon Go Brings Checkout-Free Supermarket To Public

Amazon Go relies on sensors, cameras and artificial intelligence to tell when customers are taking items from shelves, eliminating checkout…

6 years ago

Morrisons ‘Ultimately Responsible’ For Rogue Employee Leaking Payroll Data

Supermarket Morrisons could be forced to pay compensation after rogue employee posted salary details online

7 years ago

Criteo: AI & Data Sharing Can Help Publishers & Retailers Fight Back Against Tech Giants

INTERVIEW: Criteo's Gregory Gazagne talks AI, machine learning, Brexit and why smaller publishers and retailers can compete with Google, Facebook…

7 years ago

Transportation, Sales & Retail Jobs ‘To Disappear’ As Robots Take Over

Automation and e-commerce are set to phase out 80 percent of transportation and warehousing jobs and 63 percent of sales…

7 years ago

Contactless At 10: One Third Of All Card Payments Made With A Tap

Two thirds of Brits have made a contactless card payments since the tech arrived in the UK in September 2007

7 years ago

CeX Admits Data Breach Could Impact 2m Online Customers

CeX says online users should change passwords but in-store customers are fine

7 years ago

Tales In Tech History: Amazon – From Online Book Retailer To Tech Giant

Scourge of the High Street? How a simple online book seller transformed itself into global e-commerce and tech giant

7 years ago

Westfield CIO: Data And Personalisation Are Key To Shopping Centre Survival

Shopping is fast becoming an online activity, but Westfield has a plan to keep consumers coming back to its two…

7 years ago

IT Life: Fraser Hardy, CTO Qudini

CTO and co-founder of Qudini Fraser Hardy talks about his career in IT

7 years ago

Heineken, Duracell & Tassimo Get Amazon Dash IoT Buttons

It's still not an April Fool. More brands get Amazon Dash one-tap ordering buttons as number reaches 65

7 years ago

Samsung Pay Is Now Supported By HSBC With American Express ‘Soon’

Samsung Pay now supports HSBC, M&S Bank and First Direct, even if a few are still missing

7 years ago

Amazon’s Buyout Of Whole Foods To Speed Up Its Move Into Grocery Sales

ANALYSIS: The on-line retailing giants long quest to become a major player in the grocery industry is about to come…

7 years ago