online privacy

Online Safety Act Becomes Law In Blow To Campaigners

Online Safety Act receives Royal Assent, and government claims it will make the UK safest place in the world to…

9 months ago

TikTok Fined 345 Million Euros Over Child Data

After privacy fine from UK earlier in the year, TikTok is hit by a larger penalty from the Irish data…

10 months ago

Age Appropriate Design Code Arrives To Protect Kids

Rules to protect youngsters come into effect in the UK today, governing how apps and online services should treat children’s…

3 years ago

Google Chrome Follows Firefox Lead With DoH Option

Three months after Firefox turned on privacy feature called DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), Google's Chrome browser gets same feature, but only if…

4 years ago

Tinder Ordered To Store User Data Within Russia

Dating app ordered to hand over messages, videos and photos of Russian users, as part of tough 'data protection' laws

5 years ago

Criminal Investigation Into Facebook Data Sharing – Report

It never rains but pours. US federal prosecutors launch investigation of Facebook's data sharing deals

5 years ago

Apple’s Tim Cook Takes Aim At Rivals Over Data Privacy

Are you listening Mark? Tim Cook calls for federal privacy law and vows to protect users’ data and privacy

6 years ago

BBC Demands Microsoft Tell It Who Leaked Dr Who Footage

Good luck with that... Aunty subpoenas Microsoft to demand OneDrive user who shared Dr Who clip

6 years ago

Third Party Developers Can Read Gmail Emails

Google privacy form gives third party developers the ability to read millions of emails from Gmail users

6 years ago

Leaked Document Reveals Mystery Tech Firm Challenged NSA Surveillance

This is the first time that a refusal to comply with a government surveillance directive has been made public

7 years ago

Sir Tim Berners-Lee Slams UK, US ‘Assault’ On Web Privacy

British web inventor pledges to combat efforts by the UK and US to weaken encryption and online privacy

7 years ago

Consumers Face Privacy Blow As US Senate Overturns FCC Web Tracking Rules

Internet Service Providers are now free to do what they want with your web browsing history

7 years ago

Telefonica Deutschland CEO Wants Looser Privacy Regulations In Germany

Telefonica Deutschland boss wants to monetise customer data, despite touchy feelings in Germany

8 years ago

Web Of Trust Browser Add-On Withdrawn By Mozilla After Privacy Violation

Investigation by German TV channel reveals add-on firm sells its user's browsing history and violated their privacy

8 years ago

Mozilla Disables Battery Tracking API To Tighten Firefox Privacy

Firefox cuts off support for API that allows websites to detect user battery levels over tracking fears

8 years ago

American ISPs Need Permission To Share User Web Data

Privacy win for America. The FCC requires US ISPs to gather consent before sharing online data

8 years ago

British Gas Customer Logins Published Online

Customer logins for British Gas customers published online as company reportedly denies system breach

9 years ago

WHSmith Blames ‘Administrative Error’ For Privacy Mishap

British newsagent denies data breach after customer information is reportedly emailed to its entire mailing list

9 years ago

EFF Beefs Up ‘Do Not Track’ Standard

Electronic Frontier Foundation and co create stronger “Do Not Track” (DNT) standard, but will advertisers care?

9 years ago

Consumer Trust Meltdown With Businesses Over Personal Data

Porkie pie finds consumers deliberately provide wrong information when businesses ask for personal details

9 years ago

Belgian Privacy Watchdog Hits Back After Facebook Criticism

Tit for tat argument continues as Belgian Privacy Watchdog sharply criticises Facebook and its privacy controls

9 years ago

Facebook Hits Back At Belgian Privacy Report

Embattled Facebook admits it tracks non-users, but dismisses report findings from Belgian privacy watchdog

9 years ago

Facebook Privacy Lawsuit Starts In Austria

A closely-watched data privacy lawsuit against Facebook has been filed in an Austrian court today

9 years ago

Australia Passes Mandatory Data Retention Laws

Communications metadata can now be accessed by Australian government without need of a search warrant

9 years ago

Top European Court Mulls Over Facebook Data Sharing Case

June will see the decision by the top European court on the data sharing agreement between the US and Europe

9 years ago

Google: FBI Wants To Hack Every Device On The Planet

Google warns US government it will fight proposals to allow “remote access” to every computer and device

9 years ago

Prison Sentence Looms For Revenge Porn Owner

The owner of a 'revenge porn' website has been convicted of numerous charges in the United States

9 years ago

Google To Change Privacy Policy, ICO Confirms

Google agrees to alter its UK privacy policy after escaping a fine by Information Commissioner

9 years ago

4 Ways To Avoid Having Your Private Data Leaked Online

Greg Day, CTO EMEA at network security firm FireEye, shares his top tips on how businesses and individuals can protect…

10 years ago

Microsoft Ordered To Hand Over Irish Emails

An American judge sets a legal precedent by ordering Microsoft to surrender emails stored in an Irish data centre

10 years ago