Apple Hires Google AI Scientist Samy Bengio

Apple hires another Google scientist, after Samy Bengio resigned from Google over its alleged 'firing' of Dr Timnit Gebru

1 day ago

Growing Demand Sees Amazon Promise 7,000 UK Jobs

Rare bit of good news on the jobs front as Amazon says it will create another 7,000 new jobs in…

8 months ago

Coronavirus: Amazon To Hire 100,000 Staff

We are hiring. Amazon is on a hiring spree for additional staff amid a surge of online orders, as the…

1 year ago

Apple To Scale Back Hiring After iPhone Slowdown – Report

Hiring spree at Apple to slow for certain divisions, warns Tim Cook, but there will be no hiring freeze

2 years ago

IBM Claims It’s Hired 30,000 Staff As Non-Cloud Workers Get The Boot

Internal email describes massive hiring spree as IBM's "resource planning" scoops up skills for cloud and cognitive computing

5 years ago

Intel Seeing Some Internal Resistance To Diversity Efforts, CEO Says

At an event last week, CEO Brian Krzanich said there has been pushback from some employees to Intel's program for…

5 years ago

Apple Hires Engineers For Machine Learning

Siri upgrade? Battle for artificial intelligence heats up with iPhone maker hiring more AI boffins

6 years ago

The World Needs More Front-End Developers And Back-End Integration Specialists

And we could also do with a few more Internet of Things experts, Red hat survey reveals

6 years ago

White House Hires Ex-Facebook Director For Tech Modernisation

Former engineering boss at Facebook hired as the first ever director of IT at the White House

6 years ago

Apple Hires YSL Boss For ‘Special Projects’

Apple has hired the CEO of fashion house YSL, prompting fresh iWatch, iTV, iRing speculation

8 years ago

Small US Businesses Scrap Hiring Plans

The overall US unemployment rate may be declining, but small businesses have eliminated their former plans to make new hires

8 years ago