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Bitcoin ‘Creator’ Craig Wright Repeatedly Lied, Rules UK Judge

Damning ruling by British judge, after he rules that self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor lied 'repeatedly' to support his claim

1 month ago

Julian Assange Granted Right To Challenge US Extradiction Order

High Court rules Wikileaks founder Julian Assange can appeal against extradition to the US, despite American assurances

1 month ago

President Biden ‘Considering’ Request To Drop Julian Assange Charges

US prosecution against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange reportedly under review, President Joe Biden says Wednesday

3 months ago

Google Defamation Ruling Overturned By Australian High Court

Notable intervention in Australian libel laws, after High Court overturns ruling against Google, over hyperlink to allegedly defamatory newspaper article

2 years ago

Wikileaks Julian Assange Extradition To US Approved By Home Secretary

Julian Assange loses decade long battle against his extradition to the United States, but Wikileaks says it will appeal decision

2 years ago

Julian Assange Can Be Extradited To US, Court Decides

Court grants US appeal, meaning Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange is set to be extradited to US to face espionage charges.…

3 years ago

High Court Blocks $4.3bn Lawsuit Over Google iPhone Tracking

Court order blocks mass lawsuit against Google, over a decade old case that involved tracking Safari users browser history

3 years ago

US Begins Julian Assange Extradition Appeal

Lawyers for the United States tell the UK's High Court that the judge who blocked Julian Assange extradition had been…

3 years ago

UAE Ruler Hacked Ex-Wife’s Phone Using NSO Pegasus

UAE's Sheikh Mohammed used spyware on his ex-wife Princess Haya and five associates, a senior High Court judge in London…

3 years ago

Aussie Court Rules Publishers Liable For Comments On Facebook Pages

Court in Australia shifts responsibility for harmful online content found on the Facebook pages of local publishers or media companies

3 years ago

High Court Blocks Crowdfunded Action To Halt 5G

High Court judge blocks case seeking judicial review of 5G rollout due to lack of evidence, after backers raised more…

3 years ago

British Reseller Sues Microsoft Over Pre-owned Licences

British software reseller ValueLicensing alleges Microsoft is abusing its power over second hand software licences, and sues Redmond in High…

3 years ago

Huawei Seeks UK Court Order For HSBC Documents To Clear CFO

Chinese networking giant Huawei launches court action against HSBC in an effort to clear name of its chief financial officer

3 years ago

Coronavirus: British Courts To Adapt With Video Calling

With a temporary pause on new jury trials in British Crown Courts due to Coronavirus pandemic, Justice ministry says video…

4 years ago

Police Use Of Facial Recognition Ruled Lawful

High Court says South Wales police use of facial recognition cameras was lawful, after shopper complaint

5 years ago

High Court Blocks Mass Lawsuit Over Google iPhone Tracking

Judge calls Google's actions 'wrongful', but finds the Google You Owe Us group failed to prove users suffered damage

6 years ago

Court Strikes Down Facebook Appeal In Landmark Privacy Case

Case is referred 'immediately' to the European Court of Justice

6 years ago

High Court Sets Deadline For Investigatory Powers Act Changes

Government has six months to revise parts of its 'Snoopers Charter' to bring it inline with European regs

6 years ago

Google Defeated In ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ London Court Case

Wins one, loses one, in London High Court as Google is told to remove links to criminal convictions

6 years ago

High Court Urged To Force Urgent Changes To Surveillance Law

Campaigners want changes to Snooper's Charter in place by July after court found portions 'incompatible' with EU law

6 years ago

Movette Closed Down For Claiming To Be Google

Manchester company misrepresented itself as Google, and is closed down after official investigation

7 years ago

Kim Dotcom Begins Appeal Against Extradition Ruling

Megaupload's Kim Dotcom wants New Zealand court appeal against extradition to be live streamed

8 years ago

Google And Max Mosley Square Off Over Sex Party Images

Spank you very much, as Max Mosley slaps Google with a lawsuit over sex party images

9 years ago

UK ISPs Told To Start Blocking Counterfeit Goods Sites

Landmark decision follows complaint by Cartier and Montblanc owner Richemont

10 years ago

Samsung Suffers UK Patent Battle Loss To Apple

Samsung loses tussle at UK High Court

11 years ago

Content Carries No Legal Liability For Hosts Of Social Media Sites

Google's Blogger site has been likened to a wall of graffiti in a landmark decision that it cannot be sued…

12 years ago

Newzbin2 Working To Smash BT Blockade

Enemy of Hollywood Newzbin says it is working on a software client to allow users to work around BT's block

13 years ago

Sacked Microsoft UK Exec Alleges Lewd Drunkenness

Former Microsoft UK senior executive lodges claims of "excessive drunkenness" in High Court case

13 years ago

Julian Assange Accused Of ‘Coercion’ By Prosecution

Julian Assange's court fight continues, with prosecutors accusing the Wikileaks founder of coercion

13 years ago

Vaizey Says ISPs’ High Court Challenge Is ‘Odd’

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey is not amused by High Court challenges from BT and TalkTalk to the DEA

13 years ago