Cryptic Tweet From US Strategic Command Was Down To Child

The perils of home working were demonstrated this past weekend when a cryptic tweet from the Twitter account of the US Strategic Command made headlines.

The offending tweet read “;l;;gmlxzssaw” and was posted on Sunday. It was visible for 30 minutes before it was taken down.

“Apologizes [sic] for any confusion. Please disregard this post,” the second post read, before it too was taken down.

Strange tweet

However, the cryptic post from a US nuclear command agency had been noticed by freelance journalist Mikael Thalen.

Thalen sent a freedom of information (FOIA) request to USSTRATCOM asking about the cryptic tweet.

The good news was that the US Strategic Command account had not been hacked, but rather had been subjected to inside action from a very young child.

It seems the Twitter manager for this Twitter account had left either his laptop or smartphone open and unattended.

His young child got hold of his device and began pressing keys, and unknowingly posted the tweet.

Tom Jowitt

Tom Jowitt is a leading British tech freelancer and long standing contributor to Silicon UK. He is also a bit of a Lord of the Rings nut...

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