AUKUS Security Alliance Will Include Cybersecurity, AI, Quantum

In addition to the US and UK sharing their nuclear propulsion technology with Australia, cyber security is to be included

9 months ago

Iran’s Natanz Cyberattack Blamed On Israel

Second Stuxnet? Iran's Natanz nuclear facility suffered another cyberattack at the weekend, with the finger once again pointed at Israel

1 year ago

Cryptic Tweet From US Strategic Command Was Down To Child

Strange tweet from US nuclear command account at the weekend has been blamed on very young child accessing parent's device

1 year ago

UK Reserves Nuclear Strike Response For ‘Emerging Technologies’ Attack

The UK Integrated Defence Review includes subtle change about when it may use nuclear weapons if attacked by 'emerging technologies'

1 year ago

Japanese Nuclear Regulator Suffers Cyber Attack – Report

Nuclear agency in Japan (the Nuclear Regulation Authority) reportedly suffers a cyber attack and switched off its email systems

2 years ago

Iran Says Nuclear Facility Fire May Have Been Cyber-Sabotage

A fire at Natanz uranium-enrichment facility may have been a cyber-attack Iranian officials say, recalling Stuxnet virus attack on same…

2 years ago

Hackers Steal Data From US Nuclear Missile Contractor

Confidential data from the US military contractor that supports the Minuteman III nuclear deterrent has been stolen by hackers

2 years ago

US Government Warns Of ‘Ongoing’ Attacks On Energy, Nuclear Sectors

Critical industries including energy, nuclear and manufacturing have been targeted for cyber-espionage since earlier this year

5 years ago

Report: Hackers ‘Likely’ Compromised UK Energy Control Systems

A warning reportedly sent by the NCSC warns of attacks on British energy firms, following last month's hack of a…

5 years ago

US Military Looks To Blockchain To Secure Weapon Data And Nukes

Is Blockchain a possible solution for securing weapons data for the US military, including its nuclear capabilities?

6 years ago

Stuxnet-Esque Irongate Malware Targets Industrial Control Systems

FireEye Labs uncover strange malware, similar to Stuxnet, that has targeted industrial controls for years

6 years ago

German Nuclear Plant Is ‘Riddled’ With Malware

After anniversary of Chernobyl nuclear disaster, German nuclear plant admits widespread malware infection

6 years ago

Hacker Releases More South Korean Nuclear Data

Nuclear operator insists leaked secrets, including blueprints of reactor, are not 'classified material'

7 years ago

Government Funding To Turn Gloucestershire Nuclear Lab Into Green Tech Research Park

Funding to transform former Nuclear Lab into centre for renewable energy and cyber security skills

7 years ago

Nuclear Plant Discovers Worm Infection

Malware has been discovered in a device connected to the control systems of a nuclear power plant in South Korea

7 years ago

Iran Nuclear Facilities ‘Under Massive Cyber Attack’

Iran claims it is facing another major attack from the US and Israel

10 years ago

Official Loses Nuclear Plant Safety Test Details On USB Stick

ONR official loses USB stick containing details about Hartlepool power plant, but claims nothing "significantly sensitive" was lost

10 years ago

EDF Fined €1.5m For Greenpeace Computer Hack

EDF has been found guilty of hacking into the computers of Greenpeace, and has been issued a hefty bill

11 years ago

MoD Leaks Nuclear Sub Secrets In Cut-And-Paste Gaffe

Nuclear submarine safety details were blacked out wrongly by Ministry of Defence staff

11 years ago

Time IT’s Thin Red Line Turned Green

IT security is often ring-fenced in IT budgets. But maybe it’s time to tear down that fence and save cash…

12 years ago