Tesla Sued By JPMorgan Over Elon Musk Privatisation Tweet

Investment bank JPMorgan sues Tesla for $162 million, alleging Elon Musk's privatisation tweet in 2018 cost it millions of dollars

6 months ago

Two Elon Musk Tweets Violated SEC Agreement – Report

Casual tweeting habit of Tesla boss Elon Musk once again in the spotlight, after running afoul of SEC settlement agreement

12 months ago

Twitter Paid Service ‘Twitter Blue’ To Cost $2.99

Monthly subscription costing $2.99 will give Twitter users advanced features, including an 'undo' option and 'collection' facility for tweets

1 year ago

Twitter Now Prompts Users To Revise ‘Harmful Replies’

Trolls beware. Twitter releases feature that will deliver a 'reconsider prompt' for users, if they trying to tweet something nasty…

1 year ago

Cryptic Tweet From US Strategic Command Was Down To Child

Strange tweet from US nuclear command account at the weekend has been blamed on very young child accessing parent's device

1 year ago

Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet Sells For £2m

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey sells first tweet as non-fungible token for £2m as digital art and collectibles grow in…

1 year ago

Twitter Launches Disappearing ‘Fleets’ Globally

Watch out Snapchat, Instagram, as Twitter launches its disappearing tweets globally, after testing in selected countries earlier this year

2 years ago

Twitter Removes Trump Tweet After Copyright Complaint

Twitter continues to challenge tweets from US President Donald Trump, with takedown of tweet due to image copyright complaint

2 years ago

Twitter Places Warning On Another Trump Tweet

Platform continues clampdown on certain tweets from US President Donald Trump, with new warning on his Tuesday tweet about protesters…

2 years ago

Twitter Introduces ‘Voice Tweets’

Twitter introduces audio tweets for limited number of iOS users, in an effort to bring a more “human touch” to…

2 years ago

Donald Trump Threatens To Close Down Social Networking Firms

Twitter applies fact-checking alert to a tweet from US President Donald Trump as part of new policy on misleading information

2 years ago

Twitter Tests Option To Limit Who Can Reply To Tweets

Online abuse clampdown. Twitter confirms it is testing new conversation settings that will allow users to limit who can reply…

2 years ago

Twitter To Warn Users About Their ‘Harmful’ Tweets

Toxic Twitter. Microblogging service tests sending users a prompt, warning them when their tweet reply uses “harmful language”

2 years ago

Twitter Tests Disappearing ‘Fleets’ In Brazil

Twitter is testing tweets that disappear which it calls 'fleets', similar to features found in Snapchat and Instagram

2 years ago

Twitter To Tighten Rules For Politicians

Intended for Trump? Tweets from politicians that break house rules will be hidden behind warning notice

3 years ago

Elon Musk To Face Lawsuit Over ‘Pedo’ Tweet

US judge denies legal request by Tesla boss to dismiss Vernon Unsworth’s defamation complaint

3 years ago

Elon Musk Settles With SEC Over Twitter Use

Musk muzzled? CEO agrees to have financial tweets and statements vetted by legal counsel first

3 years ago

Libel And The Social Media Is A Corporate Issue

On the Internet, everybody can hear you scream - or belch or break wind - because nothing is erased, not…

10 years ago

Twitter Launches ‘Follow’ Button

Companies can now embed a 'Follow' button on their websites, to encourage readers to follow their tweets

11 years ago

Bin Laden Attack Accidentally Tweeted By Witness

An Abbottabad resident tweeted about a noisy night of helicopters and explosions - not realising the truth

11 years ago

MPs Allowed Twitter And iPads In The Commons

Hand-held devices and tweeting will be allowed, but no tweet-driven debates in Parliament, says committee

11 years ago

Public Services Start To Embrace Social Media

Public services are beginning to find uses for Twitter and other social media formats to improve their image

12 years ago