US Cracks Down On Tech Shipments To Russia

Shipments of high-end chips and other electronics to Russia via China and Hong Kong said to fall by 20 percent…

10 hours ago

Russia’s Central Bank Tells Businesses To Use Crypto To Avoid Sanctions

Sanctions busting. Russian businesses told to use cryptocurrencies and other digital options to make payments with foreign customers

3 weeks ago

YouTube Threatens To Block Russian Protest Group’s Anti-War Content

YouTube threatens to pull anti-war content from Russian rights group, after complaint from Putin regime's Roskomnadzor

2 months ago

Russian Court Orders Arrest Of Meta Spokesman

Empty threat? Court in Moscow orders arrest in absentia of Meta spokesman Andy Stone, over terrorism-related charges

5 months ago

Starlink Not Used By Russian Troops, Says Moscow

Kremlin denies Ukraine claim that Elon Musk's Starlink is being used by Russian troops in occupied territories

5 months ago

Yandex Parent To Sell Russian Operations

Parent company of major Russian search engine Yandex to divest Russian operations as it refocuses amidst Ukraine conflict

6 months ago

Google, Meta, TikTok Russian Debts Removed From Bailiff Database – Report

Debts allegedly 'owed' by Google, Meta and TikTok to the Russian government have been removed from state bailiff database

7 months ago

TikTok Removes Russian Propaganda Networks

TikTok removes hundreds of thousands of fake accounts spreading Russian propaganda and seeking to weaken Western support for Ukraine

7 months ago

Co-Founder Of Yandex Condemns Ukraine Invasion

Arkady Volozh, co-founder of the Yandex search engine, has strongly condemned Russia's “barbaric” invasion of Ukraine

12 months ago

TikTok Data Centre Blamed For Hampering Ukraine Ammo Production

Defence contractor Nammo blames TikTok data centre for hampering effort to ramp up ammunition production for Ukraine

1 year ago

OneWeb Gives Up On Recovery Of Russia-Stranded Satellites

Ukraine fallout. Dispute with Russian regime over stranded satellites, sees OneWeb give up on recovery of its equipment

1 year ago

Poland Blames Russian Hackers For Tax Website Attack

Government official says Russia was behind a hacking attack on the Polish tax website, that blocked access to the online…

1 year ago

SpaceX Launches Starlink, Inmarsat Satellites

SpaceX launches latest tranche of Starlink satellites back-to-back with launch of Inmarsat high-orbit connectivity spacecraft

1 year ago

SpaceX Restricts Ukrainian Starlink Use For Drones

Elon Musk firm takes steps to halt Ukraine's use of Starlink connectivity in engagements with Russian invaders

1 year ago

Russia To Ban Remote Work Abroad

Upcoming Russian law would ban some professions from remote working outside the country, as hundreds of thousands flee Ukraine conflict

2 years ago

Ericsson Rids Itself Of Russian Support Operation

Ericsson has ended its software and technical support operation in Russia, after earlier halting sales to the heavily sanctioned nation

2 years ago

European Parliament Website Downed After Russia Declared Terrorism Sponsor

Pro-Kremlin hackers Killnet takes credit for downing European Parliament website, after Russia declared state sponsor of terrorism

2 years ago

UK Defending Ukraine From Russian Cyberattacks

The United Kingdom is using its cyber expertise to protect Ukraine’s critical national infrastructure from Russian cyberattacks

2 years ago

Starlink Terminals Smuggled Into Iran – Report

Amid Internet shutdowns and ongoing protests over the death of Mahsa Amini, Starlink terminals are reportedly being smuggled into Iran

2 years ago

Germany Fires Cybersecurity Head Over Allegations Of ‘Russia Ties’

German cybersecurity chief Arne Schoenbohm has been sacked by officials over allegations of ties to Russia

2 years ago

Musk To Continue Funding Starlink In Ukraine

Elon Musk says he will continue funding Starlink satellite broadband in Ukraine, a day after indicating he could pull the…

2 years ago

Russia Adds Meta To Terrorist Blacklist

Moscow declares Meta a terrorist organisation, so accessing Facebook or Instagram is now a criminal offence for Russian citizens

2 years ago

Elon Musk Denies Speaking To Vladimir Putin About Ukraine Poll

Tesla CEO flatly denies allegation that he spoke to Russia's Vladimir Putin before posting his controversial Twitter poll about Ukraine

2 years ago

Elon Musk Slammed Over Ukraine Tweets

Tesla CEO widely criticised after he tweeted his thoughts about how Ukraine should appease Russia for its invasion of that…

2 years ago

UN Defeats Russia With ITU Boss Vote

United Nations stops Russia installing their own candidate for secretary-general of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

2 years ago

Apple Removes Russian Social Media Giant VK From App Store

Russian regulator demands explanation after Apple removes Vkontakte from its app store to comply with UK sanctions

2 years ago

Ericsson Still Provides Support Services To Russia

Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson says hardware is not exported to Russia, but it still provides software and technical support

2 years ago

Dell, Ericsson To End All Business In Russia

More Russia withdraws, as Dell confirms it has ceased all Russian operations, and Ericsson says it will wind down operations…

2 years ago

Yale University Names Firms Still Operating In Russia

Data from Yale University shows a number of big name tech companies continue to trade in Russia, despite sanctions and…

2 years ago