Int’l Police Target Botnets In ‘Operation Endgame’

Police in Europe, US target multiple botnets in biggest-ever coordinated cyber action to disrupt 'dropper' infrastructure

2 weeks ago

Protestors Clash With Police At Tesla Gigafactory In Germany

Hundreds of climate activists clashed with police outside Tesla gigafactory near Berlin, in protest over its expansion plans

1 month ago

Police Concerned Whether AI System Could Understand ‘Brummie’ Accent

West Midlands Police trialled AI-powered call system but were concerned it might not understand local accents

3 months ago

Facial Recognition Lawsuit After Man Is Falsely Jailed

Racial bias of facial recognition again in headlines, after another black plaintiff files lawsuit after being falsely jailed

9 months ago

PSNI Data Breach Results In Arrests, Resignations

Two men arrested under the Terrorism Act, by detectives investigating huge PSNI data breach, have been released

10 months ago

Norfolk, Suffolk Police Confirm Data Breach

Another data breach for a UK police force, after Norfolk and Suffolk police admit victim data has been accessed

10 months ago

‘Monumental’ Data Breach Exposes Northern Ireland Police Officers

Every police officer in Northern Ireland has had their names and departmental locations exposed in a self-inflicted data breach

10 months ago

Genesis Market Takedown Sees 120 Suspects Arrested

Largest online marketplace selling stolen credentials to criminals worldwide has been taken down in international operation

1 year ago

British Police At Risk From Chinese Drones, CCTV Cameras

Amid concern of Chinese spy balloons, UK's Camera Commissioner warns British police about their use of Chinese drones, cameras

1 year ago

Chinese Police Utilise Tracking Feature In Hikvision Software – Report

Surveillance of protests. Police can track protests in China by enabling ‘alarms’ on software from CCTV giant Hikvision

1 year ago

Tesla Driver Blames ‘Malfunctioning’ Self-driving Software After Crash

Driver claims his Tesla's Full-Self Driving (FSD) self-driving software malfunctioned after a crash that caused multiple injuries

1 year ago

Geneva Police Ground Drone Busting Eagles

Where eagles no longer dare. Switzerland cancels its drone busting eagle duo, over uncertain success rates and safety concerns

2 years ago

‘Explosion’ At VR Lab At US University Injures Staff Member – Report

Employee injured at virtual reality lab at Northeastern University, after opening package that included note attacking Mark Zuckerberg

2 years ago

Police Arrest Four Over BT Cable Theft In North Yorkshire

Police make arrests after Openreach confirms to Silicon UK that a cable theft left 200 homes without telephone or broadband…

2 years ago

Facebook At Centre Of US Teenager Home Abortion Case

Court documents show Facebook provided police in the US state of Nebraska with a teenager's private chats about her at…

2 years ago

Amazon Ring Gave Doorbell Footage To US Police Without Owners’ Consent

Surveillance footage from Amazon Ring doorbells has been provided to US police forces 11 times so far in 2022, without…

2 years ago

Cruise Denies Its Autonomous Car Sought To Evade Police

No headlights. Police in San Francisco pull over self-driving car operated by Cruise, but it proceeded to drives off down…

2 years ago

Apple Store Siege Ends, Hostages Freed

Apple thanks Dutch police after hostage situation in Amsterdam store ends, when police run over the gunman as he chased…

2 years ago

Mafia Fugitive Captured After 20 Years, Thanks To Google Street View

Italian police arrest a leading mafia fugitive in Spain after he spent 20 years on the run, thanks to an…

2 years ago

UK Police Forces Seize £300m In Cryptocurrencies – Report

New Scientist investigation reveals British police have seized more than £300m in cryptocurrencies during criminal investigations

2 years ago

Facebook Tells LAPD To Stop Using Fake Accounts

Facebook orders LAPD to top using fake accounts to gather information on users, following report that found police worked with…

3 years ago

Surveillance Commissioner Opposes Absorption By ICO

Surveillance camera and biometrics commissioner says plans for ICO to take over dual roles are 'ill-conceived' as government consultation nears…

3 years ago

More Arrests In Ongoing Campaign Against REvil Hacking Gang

Two more arrested by police in Romania, as global crackdown against Russia's Sodinokibi/REvil ransomware hackers continues

3 years ago

Texas Police Officers Sue Tesla, Allege Autopilot Is Unsafe

Lawsuit in Texas against Tesla raises Autopilot safety concerns again, after Model X crashed into two police cruisers

3 years ago

Sting Operation With Underworld App, Results In Hundreds Of Arrests

Police around the world have arrested more than 800 people after using encrypted messaging app An0m developed by law enforcement

3 years ago

Amazon’s Ring To Make Police Requests For Video Footage Public

Transparency move, as US police forces and fire departments increasingly use video footage captured from Ring doorbells and cameras

3 years ago

Police Raid Bitcoin Mining Operation

West Midland police raid industrial estate location stealing electricity on a drugs warrant, but location was mining cryptocurrency, not growing…

3 years ago

German Police Investigate Possible Arson At Tesla’s Gigafactory

Arson attack? German police investigate fire at construction site of Tesla Gigafactory, after far left group claims responsibility

3 years ago

Twitter Concerned For Staff Safety, Alleges ‘Intimidation Tactics’ By Indian Police

Twitter concerned for the safety of its staff in India, after law enforcement visits local offices, which it says is…

3 years ago

Amazon Extends Police Ban On Facial Recognition

With the deadline of its one-year moratorium on police use of its facial recognition software fast approaching, Amazon makes ban…

3 years ago