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Oracle’s Android Lawsuit Against Google Heard At US Supreme Court

Ten year old Android dispute is heard before highest court in the United States this week, as Oracle seeks ruling…

3 weeks ago

US Official Threatens TikTok Closure If Oracle Deal Is Not Closed

US Treasure Secretary warns TikTok will be shut down if Oracle deal is not closed, after reports China won't approve…

1 month ago

Beijing Unlikely To Sanction Oracle TikTok Deal – Report

Chinese state media warn that despite President Trump's approval, China is unlikely to sign off on the Oracle, Walmart deal…

1 month ago

ByteDance Majority Stake Puts Oracle-TikTok Deal At Risk – Report

Plan to keep majority stake in TikTok, will hinder White House approval reports suggest, as ByteDance warns China will also…

1 month ago

White House Reviewing Oracle TikTok Deal

Trump administration says it is reviewing TikTok's 'technology partner' deal with Oracle, and its Trump supporter Larry Ellison

2 months ago

Oracle Confirms TikTok ‘Technology Partner’ Deal

Oracle says TikTok parent ByteDance has chosen it to be the app's 'trusted technology partner' in the US, ahead of…

2 months ago

President Trump Warns No Extension To TikTok Sale Deadline

Sell up or shutdown. ByteDance's 15 September deadline to sell TikTok operation will not be extended, President Trump warns

2 months ago

President Trump Backs Oracle For TikTok Takeover

Larry Ellison is a supporter of President Donald Trump, as the latter publicly backs Oracle's bid for US operations of…

2 months ago

Oracle Explores Purchase Of TikTok US Operations – Report

Oracle holds preliminary talks with Chinese owner of TikTok, about possible acquisition of US and other worldwide operations

2 months ago

Oracle To Cut 1,300 Jobs In Europe – Report

Oracle staff in Europe reportedly called in for meetings on Wednesday where they are warned 1,300 jobs will be cut…

8 months ago

Safra Catz Confirmed As Oracle CEO After Mark Hurd Death

Larry Ellison confirms Safra Catz as the sole CEO of Oracle going forward, after the tragic death of fellow CEO…

11 months ago

Oracle Appeals Pentagon JEDI Contract Exclusion

'JEDI suffers from corruption of a high order' thunders Oracle as it appeals lower court ruling over its exclusion from…

12 months ago

Oracle To Hire 2,000 For Cloud Business Expansion

Aggressive rollout of cloud business to new global locations will entail the hiring of nearly 2,000 additional workers

1 year ago

Oracle, VMware Reach Agreement For Hybrid Cloud, Tech Support

Partnership expanded to cover VMware workloads on Oracle Cloud, and tech support for Oracle products on VMware

1 year ago

Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd Takes Medical Leave Of Absence

Former CEO of HP is to take leave of absence for unexplained medical treatment, as Oracle financials miss expectations

1 year ago

Pentagon Puts JEDI Cloud Project On Hold After Trump Criticism

After Trump alleges 'tremendous complaints' about lucrative cloud contract, Pentagon put JEDI project on hold

1 year ago

Microsoft In The Lead As Cloud Software Market Hits $100bn

Annual sales of cloud software hit £79bn with long-established software vendors dominating the top five, but cloud-native firms showing the…

1 year ago

Microsoft, Oracle Partner For Cloud Push At AWS

One time bitter rivals Microsoft and Oracle agree to make their cloud services work together

1 year ago

Oracle Cuts Hundreds Of Jobs Amidst Cloud Confusion

Company reportedly sheds staff in the US and China as it struggles to compete with top cloud players

1 year ago

US Supreme Court Seeks Trump’s Input On Oracle’s Android Lawsuit

Trump administration views on Oracle's Android lawsuit against Google sought by Supreme Court

2 years ago

Oracle Warns Users Of Critical Security Flaws

The firm fixed nearly 300 bugs across its products, saying many were at risk of being actively exploited

2 years ago

Oracle Results Miss Expectations As Cloud Growth Slows

Software giant blames currency fluctuations for weaker than expected financial results

2 years ago

Oracle Goes Live With Cloud Blockchain Platform

The Blockchain Cloud Service is already in use for tracking international shipments, keeping tamper-proof records and simplifying funds transfers

2 years ago

Oracle Promises Arrival Of More Blockchain Products

May will see arrival of more Oracle products utilising Blockchain digital-ledger tech

2 years ago

Serious Oracle Access Manager Vulnerability Patched

Oracle patches a serious vulnerability that could allow an attacker to impersonate arbitrary users (even admins)

2 years ago

Top Cloud Infrastructure Vendors Set To Take Lion’s Share Of Market

The growing dominance of a few cloud infrastructure players could put pressure on enterprises, argues Gartner

3 years ago

Oracle Buys Security Startup Zenedge To Boost Cloud Platform

Zenedge is to expand Oracle's already strong cloud security range, following plans to build a dozen new data centres worldwide

3 years ago

Oracle CEO Urges Enterprises To Ditch Data Centers And Move To Cloud

Mark Hurd said too much choice has produced complex and costly data centers that should be replaced by cloud systems

3 years ago

Oracle Issues Patches For Spectre & Meltdown Flaws

More patching for system administrators as Oracle releases 237 fixes to counter Spectre, Meltdown flaws

3 years ago

Tales in Tech History: Oracle

The house that Larry built. Oracle is the creation of one of the IT industry's most colourful characters, Larry Ellison

3 years ago