Elon Musk Asks Judge For End Of Oversight Of His Tweets

Tesla boss Elon Musk formally asks a US judge to terminate the 2018 agreement with the SEC allowing lawyers to…

3 months ago

LinkedIn Overcharging Lawsuit Dismissed By US Judge

Lawsuit alleging Microsoft's LinkedIn division had inflated its advertising metrics for video ads watched is dismissed by US judge

5 months ago

FTC Amends Antitrust Complaint Against Facebook, After Setback

US regulator amends antitrust complaint against Facebook, after a US judge in June had dismissed the initial claims filed by…

9 months ago

Judge Reluctantly Approves Georgia Voting Machines, Despite Hack Concern

X marks the vote. Not enough time to resort to secure paper-based voting system, laments US judge

4 years ago

Yahoo To Face Lawsuit For Email Spying

American judge orders Yahoo to face class-action lawsuit for alleged snooping of people's emails

7 years ago

Apple Defeated Over Samsung Damages Increase

A request by Apple for an increase in the damages owed by Samsung has been firmly rejected by a US…

9 years ago

Oracle Plans Appeal After Losing Android Java API Lawsuit

Oracle is to appeal after a US Judge ruled in favour of Google and said that Java APIs are not…

10 years ago

Google Found Guilty Of Misleading Customers In Australia

Australia's Federal Court ruled search engine is responsible for the content of paid advertisements it displays

10 years ago

Content Carries No Legal Liability For Hosts Of Social Media Sites

Google's Blogger site has been likened to a wall of graffiti in a landmark decision that it cannot be sued…

10 years ago

The Book Is Closed On Microsoft/DOJ Antitrust Case

Microsoft and the US DoJ reflected as the long-running antitrust judgement expired on May 12

11 years ago