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Deepfakes: More Than Skin Deep Security

As deepfake technology continues to blur the lines between reality and deception, businesses and individuals alike must arm themselves with…

4 weeks ago

AI In Your Pocket

As Mobile World Congress draws closer, how will AI impact the development of the smartphone? AI's transformative impact will be…

4 months ago

Facial Recognition Lawsuit After Man Is Falsely Jailed

Racial bias of facial recognition again in headlines, after another black plaintiff files lawsuit after being falsely jailed

8 months ago

Texas Sues Google Over Facial, Voice Data Collection

Republican Texas Attorney General sues Google, alleging it unlawfully captured and used biometric data of millions of Texans

2 years ago

Ex-Driver Sues Uber Eats Over ‘Racist’ Facial Recognition System

Former driver alleges Uber Eats app began asking him for multiple photos of himself per day and finally dismissed him…

2 years ago

Australian Retailer Pauses Facial Recognition Trial

Australian appliance retailer The Good Guys pauses trial of facial recognition in security systems after consumer group complaint, seeks 'clarification'

2 years ago

Consumer Group Says Major Australian Retailers Using Facial Recognition

Consumer group Choice files with privacy regulator to stop three major Australian retailers from collecting facial recognition data on customers

2 years ago

Clearview AI Fined £7.5m Over Facial Recognition Data

UK Information Commissioner's Office orders controversial facial recognition firm Clearview AI to delete data it holds on UK residents

2 years ago

Ukraine Using Clearview AI On Dead Russian Soldiers

Facial recognition system from Clearview AI used by Ukraine to uncover Russian special forces, combat misinformation, and identify dead Russian…

2 years ago

Texas AG Sues Meta For Biometric Data Collection

Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton sues Facebook parent Meta, alleging it captured and used biometric data of millions of Texans

2 years ago

Clearview AI Faces £17m Fine For ‘Serious’ Data Protection Breaches

American facial recognition firm Clearview AI is facing a possible £17 million fine over “serious breaches” of UK data protection…

2 years ago

Artists, Rights Groups Protest Use Of Amazon One Palm Scanner

Group of 200 artists and 30 rights groups have written an open letter demanding Amazon Palm Scanner is removed from…

3 years ago

Facebook To End Facial Recognition Use – Cites ‘Societal Concerns’

Social networking giant confirms it is 'shutting down the Face Recognition system on Facebook', due to lack of rules and…

3 years ago

Moscow Metro Facial Recognition System For Speedy Payments

Privacy concern. Moscow's Metro system has launched 'Face Pay', a mass facial recognition system for passengers paying for fares

3 years ago

Uber Sued In UK Over Alleged Facial Recognition Bias

Coloured drivers and couriers allege Uber's facial recognition system failed to effectively identify people of colour, or those with a…

3 years ago

China Approves Far-Reaching Privacy Law

Beijing approves tough new rules about the collection and use of personal data, including stronger rules governing surveillance systems

3 years ago

Amazon Extends Police Ban On Facial Recognition

With the deadline of its one-year moratorium on police use of its facial recognition software fast approaching, Amazon makes ban…

3 years ago

European Commission Proposes Tough AI Regulation, Fines

Huge fines and tough rules for the 'unacceptable' use of artificial intelligence, has been proposed by European Commission

3 years ago

Clearview AI Sued In California By Immigrant Groups

Another legal headache for facial recognition firm Clearview AI to halt use of its tech, despite ban in some Californian…

3 years ago

Update To Unlock FaceID For Watch Users Wearing Masks

No need for Apple Watch users to remove their facemask, in order to unlock their iPhone, with the iOS 14.5…

3 years ago

NEC Facial Recognition Works Despite Masks

NEC launches facial recognition system that can identify people, even if they are wearing masks to protect against Coronavirus

3 years ago

Facial Recognition Blamed For False Arrest And Jail Time

Racial bias and facial recognition. Black man in New Jersey arrested by police and spends ten days in jail after…

3 years ago

Twitter Investigates Picture Cropping Tool Over Racial Bias Concerns

Twitter confirms its algorithm used for picture-cropping is being investigated over racial bias concerns, and opens up its source code

4 years ago

Police Use Of Facial Recognition Breached Privacy, Court Rules

Milestone ruling. The UK Court of Appeal rules use of automatic facial recognition (AFR) tech by South Wales Police is…

4 years ago

Microsoft Bans Facial Recognition Sales To Police

Software giant follows IBM and Amazon with police facial recognition ban until there is national regulation of the technology

4 years ago

Amazon Joins Police Ban Of Facial Recognition Tech

E-commerce giant Amazon joins other tech firms with announcement it will pause police use of its facial recognition software

4 years ago

IBM Cancels All Facial Recognition Programs, Urges Police Reform

Big Blue cancels its facial recognition programs and calls for reform and new ways to work with law enforcement, "to…

4 years ago

ACLU File Lawsuit Against Clearview AI

American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against facial recognition firm alleging “privacy-destroying surveillance activities”

4 years ago

Google Finally Addresses Pixel 4 Face Unlock Flaw

Five months later. Google updates Pixel software to address problem with flagship Pixel 4 that can be unlocked if a…

4 years ago

Vatican Joins With Microsoft, IBM In Call For AI Ethics

Pope Francis warns of commercial AI's potential to exacerbate societal 'asymmetry', joins with tech giants to call for regulation of…

4 years ago