facial recognition

Facial Recognition Used By Police Fails To Correctly ID Suspects

Oh boy. Facial recognition technology used by police gets identities wrong 81 percent of the time, study finds

2 years ago

Microsoft Deletes Facial Recognition Database Over Privacy Fears – Report

Responding to privacy and ethical concerns, Microsoft deletes facial recognition training database

2 years ago

San Francisco To Ban The Use Of Facial Recognition Tech

First city in the United States looks to ban the use of facial recognition over privacy and human rights concerns

2 years ago

Microsoft Turns Down Police Contract Over AI Bias Concerns

Ethical use of AI prompted Redmond to turn down chance to win police facial recognition contract

2 years ago

FBI Forces Suspect To Unlock iPhone X With Facial Recognition

Feds use the face of a suspect to unlock his Apple iPhone, and thus expose his criminal actions

2 years ago

Facebook Relaunches Facial Recognition In Europe

The social network is using the GDPR's introduction as the occasion to try its luck a second time with the…

3 years ago

SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud Brings Facial Recognition AI To Retailing

The human face is a trove of demographic data. Using AI-enabled facial recognition, SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud helps marketers unlock…

3 years ago

Cardiff Police Will Use Facial Recognition At UEFA Champions League Final

Fans are against the use of such technology and there are doubts as to the effectiveness of such systems

4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Is Tricked By A Selfie

Facial recognition might not be the best way to secure your new Samsung Galaxy S8...

4 years ago

Apple Acquires Israeli Facial Recognition Startup RealFace

Machine learning powered facial recognition authentication tech could find its way into iPhones and iPads a couple of generations down…

4 years ago

Anti-Surveillance Camouflage Created To Scramble Facial Recognition Software

HyperFace uses multiple patterns printed on clothing and fabrics that resemble features of human faces to confuse facial recognition systems

4 years ago

Algorithm Uses Facial Features To Detect Criminals, Claim Chinese Researchers

Do you look like a criminal? Chinese researchers believe their facial algorithm can detect your criminal tendencies

4 years ago

Facebook Moments Photo App Launches In Europe Without Facial Recognition

Moments launches across Europe – but without any facial recognition tools as Facebook deals with long-running legal cases concerning user…

5 years ago

Say Cheese To The Next Generation Of Mobile Payments

Alibaba announces plans to use facial recognition to authorise payments

6 years ago

NSA Gathers Email Images For Facial Recognition

The NSA has reportedly stockpiled a huge database of 'facial recognition quality' images from intercepted Internet communications to help build…

7 years ago

Intel Drops TV Facial Recognition After Privacy Fears

For its upcoming TV service Intel drops the camera following privacy criticisms

8 years ago

Facebook Faces Privacy Lawsuit In Ireland

Austrian privacy group is preparing for a lawsuit against Facebook after more than a year of campaigning for changes

8 years ago

US Authorities Warn On Facial Recognition Tools

The US Federal Trade Commission warns companies not to compromise privacy when using facial recognition

9 years ago

Research Uses Face Recognition To Find Personal Data

Researchers have shown off the ability to discover personal data using simple face recognition software

10 years ago

Facebook Responds To Facial Recognition Concerns

Facebook admits it should have been more clear about the roll out of Tag Suggestions using facial recognition

10 years ago

Facebook Quietly Rolls Out Face Recognition

Facebook's tagging suggestions feature uses facial recognition technology, prompting privacy concerns

10 years ago

Facebook’s Facial Recognition Adds Tags Automatically

Facebook is adding a facial recognition capability to tag friends' images automatically on the social network

10 years ago

Apple Buys Swedish Facial Recognition Firm

Polar Rose's facial recognition software could give Apple a competitor to Google Goggles

10 years ago