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Microsoft, Meta, X, Match Group Challenge Apple App Store Terms

Big tech players side with Epic Games, and allege Apple is flouting court order over its App Store in the…

3 months ago

US Government, US States Sue Apple For Smartphone Monopoly

Apple accused of making it harder to switch phones, hampering innovation, and imposing costs on developers

3 months ago

Disney To Take $1.5 Billion Equity Stake In Epic Games

Disney to collaborate with Epic Games on new content, and will sink a $1.5bn investment into the gaming giant

5 months ago

Fortnite To Return To iPhones In European Union

Epic Games to bring Fortnite back to iPhones under new EU competition rules – but criticises new Apple 'junk fees'

5 months ago

US Supreme Court Snubs Apple App Store Appeal

Highest court in the United States declines to hear Apple appeal of lower court ruling in antitrust case from Epic…

5 months ago

Fortnite Maker Epic Wins Antitrust Case Against Google

Legal win against Google for Epic Games may force Android maker to allow more app stores and alternative payment methods

7 months ago

Alphabet Pays Apple 36 Percent Of Safari Search Revenue

CEO Sundar Pichai confirms Google pays Apple 36 percent of Safari search revenue, as part of its default search agreement

7 months ago

Epic And Google Go To Court Over App Store Fees

Epic Games takes Google to court with antitrust claims over Play Store fees, arguing company faces 'no meaningful competition'

8 months ago

Alphabet Tentatively Settles US Google Play Store Antitrust Probe – Report

Tentative settlement reached between US states and Alphabet over Google Play Store domination of Android market

10 months ago

Judge Rules Google Deleted Chats In Antitrust Case

US federal judge rules Google intentionally sought to “hide the ball” in high profile antitrust case by automatically deleting evidence

1 year ago

DoJ Alleges Google Deleted Evidence In Antitrust Case

Serious allegation of misconduct made against Google by US Department of Justice, in its antitrust case against the firm

1 year ago

Fornite’s Epic Games To Pay $520m In FTC Settlement

Epic Games agrees record-breaking $520m fine with FTC, to settle allegations it misled millions of young Fornite players

2 years ago

Apple Wins Court Delay To App Store Payment Change

Appeals court grants stay, meaning the Apple doesn't have to implement alternative payment methods just yet, to its App Store

3 years ago

Fortnite To Withdraw From China Amid Gaming Crackdown

Chinese version of Fortnite will be closed down on 15 November, after Beijing introduced tough new laws limiting online gaming

3 years ago

Apple Seeks Pause On Epic Games Antitrust Ruling

As appeal against ruling on Epic Games lawsuit begins, Apple asks US judge to put on hold orders to change…

3 years ago

Apple Bans Fornite Indefinitely, Amid Ongoing Legal Battle

CEO of Epic Games condemns ‘extraordinary anticompetitive move by Apple’ after it bans Fornite from App Store indefinitely

3 years ago

Judge Orders Apple To Change App Store Payment Rules

California judge orders Apple to allow app developers to include links to outside forms of payment in major shake-up, but…

3 years ago

Apple Rejects Epic Games Fortnite Request In South Korea

Not having it. Despite South Korea ban on payment commission charges, Apple has refused to reinstate Epic Games account in…

3 years ago

Elon Musk Sides With Epic In Apple App Store Fees Dispute

Entrepreneur Elon Musk sides with Epic Games in legal dispute with Apple over App Store fees, calling charges 'de facto…

3 years ago

Apple Chief Tim Cook Takes Stand In Epic Games Trial

Apple chief executive Tim Cook takes stand in legal dispute with Epic Games over whether App Store constitutes an illegal…

3 years ago

Apple Executive Admits Mac Malware Problem

Software boss Craig Federighi admits Apple Mac computers have an unacceptable amount of malware, unlike the iPhone platform

3 years ago

Apple Vs Epic Games Court Battle Continues

Second day of courtroom showdown in the US reveals Epic Games management would have accepted a special commission deal with…

3 years ago

Apple App Store Security ‘Like Bringing Butter Knife To Gunfight’

Apple senior engineer compared App Store security to 'butter knife in a gunfight', says Epic Games as companies square off…

3 years ago

Google Cuts Play Store Fee For Developer’s First $1 Million

App developers will only pay 15 percent on Play app store fees from 1 July on their first $1 million…

3 years ago

Epic Games Refused Permission To Sue Apple In London

Fornite maker Epic Games refused permission to sue Apple in London over App Store commission charges, but Google can be…

3 years ago

Epic Games Files Apple Antitrust Complaint With EU

Epic Games presses nuclear option and files an antitrust complaint against Apple with the European Commission

3 years ago

Fortnite Maker Expands Apple Dispute To UK

Fortnite developer Epic Games launches legal action against Apple and Google in the UK, as it seeks changes to 'unfair'…

3 years ago