LogRhythm: Cyber Security Offers Strong Careers For Women In Tech

Despite the progress that has been made over the past few years, there is still a lack of women in the technology industry.

Having a diverse workforce and one that has a more equal balance of male and female workers in necessary for the future success of the technology world as it equips companies with the knowledge and scope to target products at wider demographics.

And given how technology touches pretty much everything in modern daily life, having that scope could be the difference between an enterprise succeeding or being left in the dust by its rivals.

While coding is now enshrined in the curriculum of English schools, thereby helping bolster the pipe line of digital skills in Britain, there is a trend of women leaving technical subject behind when the reach higher education.

Then there are also factors such as women leaving the theology world earlier than men, and not just due to the desire to raise a family.

Women in cyber security

As such, getting more women into technology is still a challenging prospect. The cyber security world and the exciting and lucrative careers it can offer, could be one way of addressing the current imbalance.

At Infosecurity 2017, Chris Brazdziunas, vice president of products at security intelligence company LogRhythm, joined Silicon on our stand to discuss her experience as a women in cyber security and highlight what is needed to encourage more women to seek out cyber security careers.

Brazdziunas noted that there is a need for more female role models in higher positions in the technology industry to act as figureheads to encourage more women enter a male dominated industry.

“I think what really solves the problem is having more women in leadership positions so people see what the opportunities are,” she said.

For the full interview check out the video above.

There was plenty more going on at the Silicon stand, including a discussion with Lastline on machine learning in cyber security, and insight from ESET on tackling ransomware and botnets.

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Roland Moore-Colyer

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