Data Breach Affects 3.3m Volkswagen, Audi Customers

Personal data on more than 3.3m Volkswagen and Audi customers in North America compromised after vendor leaves information unsecured for…

1 week ago

Users Warned Over WhatsApp Account Hijack Scams

Users are continuing to fall for scams that allow hackers to take over their WhatsApp accounts or trick them into…

2 weeks ago

US Proposes $750m For Federal SolarWinds Response

Budget proposed by US president Joe Biden includes $750m for federal agencies affected by SolarWinds attack to improve cybersecurity infrastructure

3 weeks ago

Experts Call For Coordinated Response To Cyber-Attacks

International law-enforcement and cyber-security groups call lack of coordination a 'ticking time-bomb' affecting globalised supply chains

4 weeks ago

Android ‘Exposes’ Covid-19 Contact Tracing Data

Android devices expose contact tracing data to hundreds of third-party apps, finds analysis of 'privacy-first' Apple-Google framework

2 months ago

Action Urged Over Ransomware ‘National Security Threat’

International coalition urges coordinated, government-led strategies for dealing with ransomware as hospitals, public services targeted

2 months ago

Malware From Google Play Store Infects 700,000 Users

Etinu malware bypasses Google's security protections, infects 700,000 Android users to make unauthorised purchases before being removed

2 months ago

Massive ‘Parcel Delivery’ SMS Scam Campaign Hits UK

Millions of scam text messages hit UK mobile phones pretending to be from parcel delivery firms, but in reality spreading…

2 months ago

AI Security Firm Darktrace Plans London IPO

Darktrace, a pioneer in applying artificial intelligence techniques to cyber-security, makes first major London IPO bid following Deliveroo flop

2 months ago

FBI Arrest Man Over ‘Plot To Blow Up Internet’

Texas man allegedly sought to 'kill off about 70 percent of the internet' to deal blow to 'oligarchy' by blowing…

2 months ago

Software Glitch Led To ‘Serious’ Tui Flight Incident

Investigators find 'simple' software problem due to language difference led to flight being more than one tonne heavier than expected

2 months ago

Ransomware Cuts Off 37,000 Students’ Emails

Harris Federation shuts down email access for 50 London academies after ransomware incident, as wave of cyber-attacks hits UK education…

3 months ago

‘Half’ Of Exchange Servers Left Unpatched As Attacks Continue

Only half of Exchange servers have been patched so far, security firm estimates, as it detects tens of thousands of…

3 months ago

Musk Denies Tesla Cars Could Be Used For Spying

Elon Musk reassures China over privacy of data collected by Tesla cars' sensors after vehicles are banned from sensitive military,…

3 months ago

Linux Vulnerable To Fifteen-Year-Old Security Bugs

Linux kernel's support for older hardware means some systems are vulnerable to flaws found in fifteen-year-old SCSI and iSCSI drivers

3 months ago

Government Warns Nurseries Over Elevated Cyber-Risk

Government's NCSC warns early years education and childcare providers of increased cyber-attack risk and provides tips on securing devices and…

3 months ago

Google, Microsoft Feud Over Antitrust, Hacking Issues

Google and Microsoft trade barbs as US House of Representatives antitrust subcommittee reviews measures that would force payments to news…

3 months ago

‘Thousands’ Of UK Firms Hit By Microsoft Exchange Hacks

Thousands of UK firms may have been hacked using recently disclosed Microsoft Exchange security flaws, with many more still vulnerable,…

3 months ago

European Banking Authority Compromised By Exchange Hackers

European Banking Authority takes email servers offline after finding it was targeted in worldwide Microsoft Exchange hacking campaign

3 months ago

Researchers Identify More Malware Used By SolarWinds Hack Group

Microsoft and FireEye identify three custom-made hacking tools deployed onto networks by 'sophisticated' group behind SolarWinds compromise

4 months ago

US Issues Warning Over ‘Far-Reaching’ Microsoft Email Hack

White House signals concern over potentially 'large number of victims' affected by exploitation of Exchange zero-day flaws

4 months ago

Pandemic Sees Surge In Healthcare Ransomware Attacks

Attackers turn to ransomware-as-a-service for easy access as pandemic creates opportunity to pounce on vulnerable healthcare IT

4 months ago

Ex-US Cyber Boss Calls For Military Strikes On Ransomware Hackers

US military should use 'information warfare' to strike back against ransomware gangs, as cyber-attacks threaten to disable state and local…

4 months ago

Google Cloud Offers ‘Zero-Trust’ Security

Google Cloud's BeyondCorp Enterprise eliminates distinction between internal and external users, as enterprises grapple with implications of SolarWinds hack

5 months ago

Cisco Warns Of Critical Flaws In Networking Products

Security bugs in SD-WAN offerings could allow attackers to run malicious code with root privileges or execute malicious CLI commands

5 months ago

Internet’s Biggest Card Theft Marketplace To Shut Down

Joker's Stash, a 'dark web' marketplace estimated to have generated more than $1 billion in sales of stolen payment card…

5 months ago

Microsoft Says SolarWinds Hackers Viewed Its Source Code

Microsoft says SolarWinds hacking group penetrated its internal systems and viewed source code, but downplays security threat

6 months ago

SolarWinds Issues Fix After Massive Hacking Campaign

SolarWinds says two security updates protect against 'Sunburst' attacks as well as more recently discovered 'Supernova' malware

6 months ago

Ransomware Group Threatens To Release Hospital Patient Photos

Hacking group REvil threatens to release 900GB of before-and-after photos of cosmetic surgery patients unless ransom is paid

6 months ago

NCSC Probes UK Fallout Of Massive Hacking Campaign

UK authorities investigate impact on British public and private-sector organisations from allegedly Russian cyber-espionage attack that went on for months

6 months ago