Smartphone Scheme Aims To Track Coronavirus While Protecting Privacy

Boston University proposal would involve tracking randomly generated IDs via short-range broadcasts as means to contain coronavirus infections

22 hours ago

Europol: Coronavirus Crisis Spurs Rise In Ransomware, DDoS Attacks

Cyber-criminals increasingly targeting organsiations' computing and online infrastructure for extortion attempts as huge numbers of staff work remotely

23 hours ago

Researchers Find ‘Weaknesses’ In Zoom Encryption

Videoconferencing app employs custom encryption scheme and uses servers based in Beijing, researchers find as Zoom popularity soars

23 hours ago

UK Spearheads Quantum Key Distribution Breakthrough

Team headed by University of Glasgow develops technique for generating and detecting entangled photons at wavelength less susceptible to solar…

1 week ago

Coronavirus: Experts Urge Caution Over Zoom Teleconference Security

As popularity of Zoom app spikes due to coronavirus pandemic, security experts urge users to pay attention to privacy and…

1 week ago

Intel Hardware-Based Cryptography ‘At Risk’ From New Flaw

Flaw in Converged Security Management Engine could allow attackers to remotely extract root cryptographic key, leading to 'utter chaos', researchers…

4 weeks ago

Virgin Media Breach ‘Disclosed Sensitive Data’

Exposed Virgin Media database links user details to requests to unblock pornographic and gambling sites, exposing customers to extortion attempts

4 weeks ago

Scammers Use Coronavirus Map To Spread Malware

Scammers are using fear around the coronavirus epidemic to spread malware via malicious email attachments, phishing messages and even a…

4 weeks ago

Council Staff Revert To Pen And Paper Following ‘Cyber-Attack’

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council online services offline for more than a week following incident that experts call a likely…

2 months ago

Microsoft Kills Glitchy Security Update Due To Reboot Problems

Update aimed to fix security issue with UEFI boot managers, but some users said they were left unable to reboot…

2 months ago