Amazon Cuts Hundreds Of Jobs In Health Units

More layoffs at Amazon as cost-cutting continues, with hundreds of jobs being axed at Pharmacy and One Medical divisions

4 months ago

SpaceX Illegally Fired Staff Critical Of Elon Musk, Says US Agency

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) alleges SpaceX illegally fired staff who in 2022 had denounced Elon Musk's behaviour

5 months ago

Microsoft Confirms More Job Losses

Software giant Microsoft confirms it is axing more staff, in addition to the 10,000 job losses announced in January

11 months ago

Google To Crack Down On Office Attendance

Tech giant Google asks full remote workers to reconsider, amid crackdown on those not adhering to hybrid work schedule

1 year ago

Meta To Layoff Another 10,000 Staff

Mark Zuckerberg's 'year of efficiency' continues after he makes “difficult decision” to axe 10,000 jobs, on top of November's 11,000…

1 year ago

Meta Prepping Fresh Round Of Layoffs – Report

Facebook parent Meta is reportedly planning a fresh round of job cuts, after axing more than 11,000 staff last year

1 year ago

Twitter Ad Spending Fell Over 70 Percent In December – Report

New data suggests advertisers continue to shun Elon Musk's Twitter, as another report states there are now just 550 engineers…

1 year ago

Twitter Plans More Staff Layoffs – Report

Weeks after Elon Musk tells Twitter staff there will be no further layoffs, comes report of more redundancies

1 year ago

Amazon Begins Culling Device Unit Staff, Amid 10,000 Layoffs

Memo from Amazon hardware boss reveals layoffs among its devices and services team have begun, amid company plan to axe…

2 years ago

Elon Musk Demands Twitter Staff Agree To Long Hours In ‘Hardcore’ Email

Twitter staff ordered in Musk ultimatum email to choose to work “long hours at high intensity” or leave. They have…

2 years ago

Meta To Axe More Than 11,000 Staff

Mark Zuckerberg tells Meta staff that he is axing more than 13 percent of the workforce, and will extend hiring…

2 years ago

Elon Musk Begins Mass Lay-Offs At Twitter

Mass layoffs begin Friday morning, amid speculation Elon Musk will axe at least half of platform's 7,000 strong workforce

2 years ago

Meta Shareholder Urges Job Cuts, Metaverse Spending Reduction

Investor says Meta has too many staff, and must reduce its hefty investment in metaverse tech in order to regain…

2 years ago

Elon Musk To Axe 75 Percent Of Twitter Staff – Report

Twitter denies plans for large number of staff layoffs, as Elon Musk tells investors he plans to axe nearly three…

2 years ago

ARM Cuts 40 Percent Of UK Staff Recruited Under Softbank – Report

Global reorganisation at ARM Holdings sees job cuts hit United Kingdom harder than other locations around the world

2 years ago

Amazon Staff In Essex Halt Work Over 3 Percent Pay Rise

GMB Union claims 700 Amazon staff in Tilbury warehouse stopped work in response to a 3 percent (35 pence) pay…

2 years ago

Rivian Confirms It Will Cut 6 Percent Of Staff

Axe is to fall on 600 jobs at the electric truck maker Rivian, as it restructures to “optimise costs” in…

2 years ago

Microsoft Cuts Staff But Insists Hiring Continues

Software giant Microsoft becomes latest tech to trim its workforce headcount, as other tech firms slow hiring plans or reduce…

2 years ago

Amazon Could Run Out of US Workers, Memo Reveals

Internal research at Amazon warns the e-commerce giant could run out of workers in the US in two years, due…

2 years ago

Google Settles Lawsuit With Fired Engineers

Settlement with four former engineers who sued Google over alleged retaliation, because of their staff organising activities

2 years ago

Google Staff Refusing Vaccine Will Be Fired

Staff at Google who refuse to be vaccinated will first lose their salary, and eventually will be fired, according to…

3 years ago

Trade Union Evidence Could Overturn Amazon Vote, Labor Board Says

US Labor Board warns evidence submitted by a trade union after historic vote at Amazon Alabama warehouse, could see it…

3 years ago

Jeff Bezos Urges Amazon Staff Focus In Final Shareholder Letter

World's richest man Jeff Bezos urges Amazon to focus on its 1.3 million staff in his final letter as CEO…

3 years ago

Amazon Faces Union Challenge In Alabama

Workers at Amazon fulfilment centre in Alabama are to be balloted over joining union, which would be a first for…

3 years ago

IBM Warns Global Business Services Staff Of Redundancies

More job cuts are looming at Big Blue as employees of Global Business Services division are warned of headcount reduction

4 years ago

Apple Issues Warning To Key iPhone Supplier

Amid talk of iPhone 12 supply shortages, Apple puts key supplier Pegatron on probation for breaking supply chain rules about…

4 years ago

Nokia Creates Automated Covid-19 Thermal Detection System

In-house analytics solution now offered worldwide, will allow firms to scan employee temperature and whether a mask is being worn

4 years ago

Amazon Withdraws Job Listing For Union ‘Analyst’ – Report

Did Amazon attempt to hire people to spy on union activity within workforce? E-commerce giant says wording for position was…

4 years ago

Bletchley Park Faces Funding Crisis, Prepares To Axe Staff

World war 2 code breaking centre is facing a funding crisis due to Coronavirus pandemic, with third of workforce being…

4 years ago