Google Staff Refusing Vaccine Will Be Fired

Staff at Google who refuse to be vaccinated will first lose their salary, and eventually will be fired, according to…

1 month ago

Trade Union Evidence Could Overturn Amazon Vote, Labor Board Says

US Labor Board warns evidence submitted by a trade union after historic vote at Amazon Alabama warehouse, could see it…

9 months ago

Jeff Bezos Urges Amazon Staff Focus In Final Shareholder Letter

World's richest man Jeff Bezos urges Amazon to focus on its 1.3 million staff in his final letter as CEO…

9 months ago

Amazon Faces Union Challenge In Alabama

Workers at Amazon fulfilment centre in Alabama are to be balloted over joining union, which would be a first for…

1 year ago

IBM Warns Global Business Services Staff Of Redundancies

More job cuts are looming at Big Blue as employees of Global Business Services division are warned of headcount reduction

1 year ago

Apple Issues Warning To Key iPhone Supplier

Amid talk of iPhone 12 supply shortages, Apple puts key supplier Pegatron on probation for breaking supply chain rules about…

1 year ago

Nokia Creates Automated Covid-19 Thermal Detection System

In-house analytics solution now offered worldwide, will allow firms to scan employee temperature and whether a mask is being worn

1 year ago

Amazon Withdraws Job Listing For Union ‘Analyst’ – Report

Did Amazon attempt to hire people to spy on union activity within workforce? E-commerce giant says wording for position was…

1 year ago

Bletchley Park Faces Funding Crisis, Prepares To Axe Staff

World war 2 code breaking centre is facing a funding crisis due to Coronavirus pandemic, with third of workforce being…

1 year ago

Tesla Cuts Staff Wages, Furloughs Workforce

All non-essential workers at Tesla have been placed on furlough, and wages cut, amid the production shutdown due to pandemic

2 years ago

Google Staff Stage Mass Walkout Over Harassment Payouts

Google staff around the world stage mass walkout to protest payouts for those accused of sexual harassment

3 years ago

Report Alleges IBM Age Discrimination With Layoffs

Big Blue allegedly flouts rules against age bias, axing mostly older staff and moving jobs overseas

4 years ago

Dell EMC World 2017: Your Workforce Is Changing Whether You Like It Or Not

Dell EMC World 2017: The needs of employees are changing and they're not afraid to let you know about it

5 years ago

Intel Seeing Some Internal Resistance To Diversity Efforts, CEO Says

At an event last week, CEO Brian Krzanich said there has been pushback from some employees to Intel's program for…

6 years ago

Technology Is A Man’s World…But It Doesn’t Have To Be

Hannah Pym, head of marketing at app developer Apadmi, suggests how we can get more women into tech - and…

6 years ago

Does This Deleted Twitter Photo Highlight Microsoft’s Gender Diversity Problem?

BLOG: Illustration of stereotypical male software developer immediately removed from Twitter by Microsoft Azure, but what does it say about…

7 years ago