Meta Declines On Heavy AI Spending Plans, Despite Strong Q1

Share price hit after Meta admits heavy AI spending plans, after posting strong first quarter financial results

3 months ago

Cruise Faces $1bn Spending Cut By Parent GM

Robotaxi firm Cruise faces tough 2024, after parent General Motors says it will halve spending on self-driving cars

6 months ago

Meta Shareholder Urges Job Cuts, Metaverse Spending Reduction

Investor says Meta has too many staff, and must reduce its hefty investment in metaverse tech in order to regain…

2 years ago

Banking Sector Leads UK To Top Five In Security Spending This Year

Meanwhile, worldwide security staff shortages are set to drive spending on managed security services to £10.7bn in 2019

5 years ago

Gartner: Cloud Fuels Enterprise Software Spending Surge

Brexit and US-China trade tensions pose less of a threat than skills shortages, as businesses buy into the cloud and…

5 years ago

Enterprise Cloud Spending Boom Crowds Out Non-Cloud Tech Budgets

Research finds cloud spending surpassed £190bn last year, fuelled by cloud providers' heavy infrastructure investments

6 years ago

Public Ranks Digital NHS Services Last In Spending Study

Cancer care, staff retention and mental health considered most important for budget increase spending, with access to digital services at…

6 years ago

Facebook’s Sandberg Admits ‘A Few’ Advertisers Have Paused Spending

Social network is 'systematically' looking at how people's data is used by others, and aims to be 'more restrictive'

6 years ago

Government Digital Service Saves £339m Of £3.3bn In 2015/16

GDS helped departments reduce costs by implementing spending controls and managing strategic ICT implementation, the government said

7 years ago

Gartner: Brexit Threatens Improved IT Spending Outlook

IT spending forecast to be flat this year according to Gartner, but that prediction assumes the UK will not exit…

8 years ago

Global IT Spending Set To Decline To £2.5 Trillion

Belt tightening? Data centre spending remains stable, but overall IT spending forecast to drop 0.5 percent according to Gartner

8 years ago

IT Security Spending To Reach £50bn, But Human Error Is Still Main Cause Of Data Loss

Spending on security set to grow, but pesky humans still main reason for data losses in organisations

9 years ago

Global IT Spending To Grow 3 Percent In 2014 – Gartner

Business software spending will grow faster than gadgets, says analyst

11 years ago

Global Security Market Worth £43Bn This Year

Security vendors are to benefit from the big growth in the security technology market going forward

11 years ago

Poll: Is Your IT Spending Going Up Or Down?

Is IT spending going up or down? We want to know!

12 years ago

IT Spending To Grow 4% In 2013

IT spending is set to grow this year, as business shift to the cloud, says Gartner

12 years ago

Gartner Raises Forecast For Public Cloud Services

The market for subscription web services is now expected to grow 19.6 percent this year to $109bn worldwide, with business…

12 years ago

Gartner Blames US Dollar For Lower IT Spending Forecast

Gartner has lowered its IT spending forecast, but has blamed the strong US dollar rather than a spending slowdown

12 years ago

IDC: Tech Spending To Rise In 2012

IT spending grew by 5 percent in 2011 as businesses invested in infrastructure, new software and mobile devices

12 years ago

Study: Cloud To Drive Major IT Spend

Spending by public cloud service providers will grow at a sharp rate over the next few years, according to IDC

13 years ago

Tech Spending To Grow Despite Economic Worries

Forrester predicts that despite economic worries, tech spending will grow in 2011 but then slow in 2012

13 years ago

Government Recipe For IT Rip Offs Laid Bare

"Obscene" spending on government IT projects coined fortunes for a handful of IT suppliers, says PASC

13 years ago

Home Office To Create Police ICT Procurement Company

Home Secretary Theresa May is to create a company that specialises in IT procurement for the police

13 years ago

IBM: Medium-Sized Firms To Spend More On Cloud

An IBM report has found that medium-sized companies are planning to increase IT spending in 2011, with cloud technology to…

14 years ago

IT Spending Will Double To More Than £6bn by 2016

Hardware replacement, mobile devices, cyber-threats and cloud spending will exceed $10 billion in five years

14 years ago

UK Firms Maintain R&D Spend In Economic Downturn

The UK has cut research, but far less than other countries, says a government report

14 years ago