Facebook Code Changes Crashes Dozens Of iOS Apps – Again

Popular iPhone and iPad apps such as Spotify, Tinder, TikTok and Waze offline for hours after Facebook makes changes to…

2 years ago

SAP Uses Apple Machine Learning To Expand App Family

Apple in the enterprise. SAP expands app portfolio with deal to use Apple's machine learning tech

3 years ago

Apple, Salesforce Team On Mobile Business Apps

Dreamforce 2018: The companies are to jointly redesign Salesforce's mobile app and provide business developer tools for apps running on…

4 years ago

Google Previews ‘Android-Scale’ Augumented Reality Engine

The ARCore technology builds on the earlier 'Tango' AR project - but needs no additional hardware and can run on…

5 years ago

Google Gives All Developers Access To Android Instant Apps SDK

Developers will now be able to create Android apps that do not need to be downloaded and installed onto smartphones…

5 years ago

Microsoft To Start Shipping Acer Mixed Reality Headset

Acer's new Windows 10-based mixed reality headset will start shipping this month as part of Microsoft's development kits

5 years ago

BlackBerry Enters Cloud Communications Market With Secure Messaging SDK

BlackBerry's BBM Enterprise SDK introduces secure file sharing and communication capabilities

6 years ago

Microsoft Opens Cortana To OEM Kit, Hints At Amazon Echo Rival

Expect to see Microsoft's digital assistant appearing in new hardware soon with launch of developer and OEM tools

6 years ago

Google Daydream VR Platform Opens To Android Developers

Developers now have access to the Google VR SDK to create Daydream-based Android apps

6 years ago

PayPal Signs Up First UK Customers For Mobile Payments

Users of PayPal Here SDK look to power up their businesses with better mobile payment functions

6 years ago

Baidu Browser Still Leaks Personal Data, Researchers Warn

Look Mum, no encryption! Baidu Browser transmits personal data in the clear, warns Citizen Lab researchers

6 years ago

MediaTek Reveals Tie-Up With Apple HomeKit

New MediaTek software tools will allow iOS devices to control smart appliances

7 years ago

IBM Joins Ionic For Mobile Business App Development

Businesses to get simple mobile app development tool with IBM's Ionic deal

7 years ago

Google Invites Developers To Build Chromecast TV Apps

The amount of media content available on Chromecast is set to increase, but no information on the UK launch yet

9 years ago

Google Offers More Control With Glass Development Kit

Google Glass developers will get more control of their designs with the new Glass Development Kit (GDK)

9 years ago

JavaScript SDK Opens Direct Access To Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services' new SDK for JavaScript allows browser-based applications to make direct calls to AWS services without the need…

9 years ago

Samsung Courts Developers With Device Reach And SDKs

Samsung used an event to offer its range of SDKs to developers interested in the Internet of Everything

9 years ago

Microsoft Updates Windows Phone 7.8 SDK

Developers for Windows Phone 7.8 have received an updated software development kit from Microsoft

10 years ago

Splunk SDKs Ramp Big Data Application Development

Splunk's new software development kits for Java and Python allow development on top of the big data platform

10 years ago

Nokia Launches Budget Phone And New Developer Tools

Nokia has launched the Nokia 109 handset for developing markets, as well as new developer tools

10 years ago

Microsoft Tempts Developers With SDK And Free Gadgets

Microsoft has kicked off its developer conference with a new Phone 8 SDK, plus free smartphones and tablet PCs

10 years ago

Apple Blocks Dropbox Apps

The new Dropbox SDK features mechanics that are against the Apple App Store policy

10 years ago

Free Toolkit For Android App Developers From ARM

Microprocessor maker ARM has introduced a free edition of its ARM Development Studio for Android

11 years ago

Samsung Bada 2.0 SDK Arrives For Developers

Developers can now get their hands on Samsung's SDK for its Bada 2.0 mobile operating system

11 years ago

AMD Offers Up Fusion SDK For Developers

AMD is offering developers a SDK in order to the exploit the capabilities of its Fusion processors

11 years ago

WP7 SDK Beta Ready And Mango Phone Is Announced

Microsoft's WP7 Mango update will feature on the Fujitsu Toshiba IS12T and a refreshed SDK is available now

11 years ago

Nokia Updates Qt Application Developer Kits

Nokia launches a release candidate of the Qt SDK, positioned as the core platform for Symbian and MeeGo apps.

11 years ago

Nokia Sells Qt Licensing And Services

Nokia is selling the commercial licensing and services business for its Qt app development framework to Digia

11 years ago

Nokia Delivers Qt Quick In Line With Roadmap

Developer fears may be quelled by Nokia's release of the Qt Quick framework for rapid app development

11 years ago

Google Updates Developer Tools

Google has released tweaks for its Web Toolkit, Plugin for Eclipse and App Engine SDK

11 years ago