Hundreds Of Google Staff Protest Vaccine Mandate

Staff push back. At least 600 staff at Google sign manifesto opposing firm's widened Covid-19 vaccine mandate on workforce

2 months ago

Twitter Refuses Indian Request To Remove Accounts

Looming showdown. Indian government request for Twitter to remove 1,100 accounts and posts is refused by the micro-blogging platform

11 months ago

Twitter Places Warning On Another Trump Tweet

Platform continues clampdown on certain tweets from US President Donald Trump, with new warning on his Tuesday tweet about protesters…

2 years ago

Facebook Hit By Staff Backlash Over Trump Posts

Facebook's Zuckerberg singled out for criticism by senior-level staff after allowing presidential post that Twitter labelled as 'glorifying violence'

2 years ago

Coronavirus: Amazon Fires Two More Staff Critical Of Warehouse Conditions

E-commerce giant fires two more workers after they criticised working conditions in warehouses amid the Coronavirus pandemic

2 years ago

Google Fires Four Staffers For Data Policy Violations

But staff activists allege that Google fired the four employees in attempt to quash workers attempts to organise protests

2 years ago

Google Allegedly Developing ‘Spy Tool’ To Use On Staff – Report

Relationship between Google staff and management sinks to new low after worker surveillance allegation

2 years ago

Apple Removes Hong Kong Police-Tracking App

App violated rules says Apple, as it allowed protesters in Hong Kong to ambush police

2 years ago

Bluetooth Messaging App Bridgefy Grows Amid Hong Kong Protests

Going offline. Protesters in Hong Kong are reportedly using a Bluetooth-based messaging app to communicate

2 years ago

Russia Issues Election Protest Warning To Google

As protests continue in Moscow, Russian regulator warns to Google stop 'advertising' protests on YouTube

2 years ago

US Hosting Firm Hails ‘Win’ On Protest Site User Data

Dreamhost said it plans to hand over data on users of a protest organisation website to the US government, after…

4 years ago

Anonymous Shuts Down Japanese Airport Website In Dolphin Protest

The DDoS attack on Narita International Airport was in retaliation for Japan's barring of a prominent animal welfare activist

6 years ago

Julian Assange Assault Probe Dropped, As UK Protests

Investigation into sexual assault claims against Julian Assange have been dropped, but the rape accusation still stands

6 years ago

Taxi Drivers’ Uber Protest Backfires As Downloads Surge

European capital cities faced gridlocked traffic conditions yesterday after taxi protest at smartphone app

8 years ago

Google, Apple, Facebook To Pay After Bus Protests

A storm in a bus stop as tech firms agree to contribute after street protests in San Francisco

8 years ago

Google Staff Bus Halted By Angry Protests

Residents in San Francisco stopped a bus carrying Google staff to protest at its contribution to local coffers

8 years ago

YouTube Keeps Anti-Islamic ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Video Online

Blocks access in Egypt and Lybia, but maintains that “Innocence of Muslims” doesn’t violate the site’s policies

9 years ago

Cute Cat Guards Freedom Of The Internet

A cat signal by the Internet Defense League will warn about the next SOPA

10 years ago

US Drafts A Hard ACTA To Follow

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is just another way to satisfy the US corporate overlords now SOPA is gone, argues…

10 years ago

Apple Faces Protests After Manufacturing Revelations

Apple fans are to urged the company to take a more ethical manufacturing stance after recent reports of worker conditions

10 years ago

Opposition To ACTA Grows As UK Braces For Protests

Two European countries have frozen work on ratification, and a day of protests is planned for 11 February

10 years ago

MEP Appointed To Scrutinise ACTA Resigns In Disgust

A key MEP protests the ACTA copyright treaty which could become European law in June

10 years ago

Wikipedia 24-Hour Blackout Protests Anti-Piracy Laws

Wikipedia and others have shut down their Websites in protest against US anti-piracy legislation

10 years ago

Wikipedia Blackout To Go Ahead Despite SOPA Pullout

Wikipedia and other high-profile websites will shut down for 24 hours in protest against 'devastating' anti-piracy bills, while Twitter's CEO…

10 years ago

Google, Amazon And Others May Go Dark Over SOPA

Several big name IT companies are considering overt protests against the proposed US Stop Online Piracy Act

10 years ago

Syria Bans iPhones To Stop Protestors Talking

Apple's iPhone banned to silence reports of violence against protestors in Syria's Arab Spring revolt

10 years ago

Anonymous Targets San Francisco Rail Passengers

In support of anti-police protests in San Francisco, Anonymous has leaked the personal data of BART customers

10 years ago

Police Software May Track Innocent, Say Privacy Groups

The Metropolitan Police's purchase of GeoTime tracking software will be misused, warn privacy groups

11 years ago

Libya Cuts Off Internet Service

Arbor Networks has reported that Libya's Internet connection has gone offline, with Bahrain also throttled

11 years ago